'Southland' & 'Monday Mornings' Canceled by TNT

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May 10th, 2013

Southland S5

UPDATE: Monday Mornings has also been canceled.

TNT has cancelled Southland after five seasons, issuing the following statement:

TNT has made the difficult decision not to renew Southland for another season. We are enormously proud of Southland, which stands as one of the best police dramas ever made. Executive producers John Wells, Chris Chulack and Jonathan Lisco, along with creator Ann Biderman and our partners at Warner Bros. Television, have given us five seasons of powerful, unforgettable storytelling, for which we are deeply grateful. We also want to thank the amazing cast for their impassioned, no-holds-barred performances, and the production team for their tenacity shooting on the streets of real-world Los Angeles. We wish everyone associated with Southland the very best.

  • Very sad fan

    Why couldn’t this show just get an ending. I am very sad to hear this news was hoping to find out what happens to the characters but not anymore. Still this show was very well written and I will miss it a lot.

  • JC

    I freakin LOVED Monday Mornings. Obviously I was in the minority

  • moshane58

    Why even get invested in shows anymore.Wht is going on…Is there a way to get different ratings.You look at a shows facebook and alot love the show.But then Nielsen ratings say we don’t.So tired of this crap..


    Damn…both Southland and Monday Mornings were quality television…guess you can’t compete with silly reality shows and boring procedural cop programs

  • BxActor

    Monday Mornings :(

  • KJ Styles

    SMFH, They renewed that horrible Dallas remake and Boston’s Finest but cancelled Southland? That’s pathetic! Southland had better ratings than both those shows.

    I will not be watching TNT for anything other than basketball from here on out.

  • Eileen

    What a horrible end to a terrific show. This season was messy. I had wanted to collect the series but if this is the downbeat end, it feels as if there’s no point. Cooper was destroyed. Ben lost his way. Etc. The end wasn’t poetic and planned like The Shield. Maybe they didn’t get the answers they were looking for in the TNT survey. Meh.

  • The End

    The show not having an ending is not the fault of TNT though. The creators should of closed the season off and not had a cliffhanger. That’s the problem with the industry these days, too many writers/producers thinking their show will come back regardless of how well/badly, especially badly, it’s doing and don’t conclude that seasons storyline.

  • Eric

    They renewed Boston;s Finest just because of the bombings that happened.

    No one gives a crap about Boston.

    Southland is a great show that didn’t deserve to be cancelled.

    I’m so angry right now that I can barely type this.

  • Shepherd

    Given the budget cuts this year, and the subsequent ratings; I could see this coming since the season five premier. At least they gave it a press release though.

    I kind of liked Monday Mornings too. Too bad, so sad! ;-)

  • The End

    @I’m so angry right now that I can barely type this.

    You did a good job with what you did write anyway. Sorry to hear your show wasn’t renewed, I can’t say I’ve ever seen it, or heard of it even before today.

  • Sara Jean

    Please bring Southland back. Do not cancel it. We watch it at home, I go to work TV. Please bring it back. :)

  • JC

    For fans of the show, I’m sorry about Southland.

  • KJ Styles

    @Eric- “They renewed Boston;s Finest just because of the bombings that happened.”

    I think so too! But that’s still no valid excuse to cancel a show with better ratings. Boston’s Finest’s numbers will never be any better than what they are.

  • Bob Jones

    I knew Monday Mornings was going to be cancelled; However, I watched every episode and enjoyed it. I like Jamie & Jennifer, Ving Rhames, and of course, I got a kick out of Dr. Octavius firing Mr. Fantastic :)

  • FDB

    I wish the networks would stop with the “cliff hangers”. We don’t watch for the cliff hangers. We watch for the quality of the show from episode to episode. The last show can leave a little edge – good or bad; but we don’t come back the cliff hanger, we come back for the show.

  • Jay Jay

    This news really sucks. Southland was the only reason I watched TNT. It was probably the best and most realistic police drama in TV history. RIP.

  • SarahL

    At least at this end, Lydia was happy with her baby and Russell. The rest of the show as a hot mess this season.

  • John A

    Southland didnt have better ratings than Dallas. Stop making this up.

  • Mark3

    Wtf! Southland tge best show on tnt. Screw u tnt

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