'Suburgatory' 'The Neighbors' 'Last Man Standing' 'The Middle' & 'Modern Family' Renewed by ABC (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013



UPDATE:Last Man Standing has been renewed for a third season.

The Middle has been renewed for a fifth season

The Neighbors has been renewed for a second season.

Modern Family has been renewed for a fifth season.

Suburgatory has been renewed for a third season.

  • forg

    I think Neighbors is going to get canceled now and ABC suits changed their mind. They must have love their comedy pilots picking up 5. Oh sucks for us The Neighbors fans. Now I feel what The Secret Circle fans felt last year ;)

  • Sarah

    LOVE Suburgatory!!! So glad it’s coming back!!!!!

  • Jeff R

    @TVMcGee: Er. Why don’t they know? RT @televisionary: From ABC: “We’ll update you on the status of #TheNeighbors as soon as we can.”

  • Keith

    Simon Templeman tweeted just half an hour ago that he just found out that they had been renewed, so it appears they did. Also. the actress that plays Jackie tweeted a few mins ago that it was official. To the people that hate the show, watch more than the first ep. I hated the show and did not watch it the entire first half of the season, decided to give it another try in January and its great! So don’t knock it by first impressions.

  • Dan

    I’m sure The Neighbors will be officially renewed

    Why ABC recalled the renewal is surprising

  • forg

    ABC messed up with this The Neighbors renewal or not. I already accepted long ago that it’s done but the renewal news made me happy then this ON HOLD news came in. Argh, the uncertainty is annoying me

  • Dan

    @Forg – I doubt it, the show is probably coming back. If not then ABC would have cancelled their entire freshman class of comedies and only renewed The Middle, Modern Family, Suburgatory and Last Man Standing which were the 4 shows I have said for months, would be renewed no matter what.

    Last Man Standing and Suburgatory will probanly get 22 episodes which basically guarantees full fourth seasons.

    Last Man Standings renewal means that its the first Multi cam comedy outside of CBS to get a third season. The last was Til Death in 2008 and we all know how that turned out.

  • Drizz

    Don’t forget that The Neighbors is also an ABC studios production, so that puts a lot in it’s favor. If it goes the distance, it’s ABC that gets the syndication money.

  • forg


    So far only The Mindy Project survived the entire freshman sitcom from all networks.The Neighbors, if it gets renewed, will be the second one. I really hope ABC renews The Neighbors now but them picking up 5 new sitcoms is making me think it might not make it

  • David

    ABC’s comedy pilots must not be very good to renew Suburgatory and The Neighbors. It reminds me of the days when NBC kept renewal weak sitcoms like Caroline in the City and Suddenly Susan. Filler shows that don’t live up to the other comedies on the schedule.

  • HV

    The Neighbors renewed? Crazy!

  • Chris

    @David I can easily see them making a 2 hour block on Fridays with LMS, Suburgatory and The Neighbors. The real question though is what will be the other sitcom? If they stay with just an hour on Fridays then what will be the other show after LMS seeing as how they passed on both of their multi cams and cancelled Malibu Country.

  • Dan

    @Forg – It’s funny that The Mindy Project was the only show that survived and it’s still terribly low rated, that just shows the state of the networks comedies this season. FOX renewed it definitely to save face. CBS only aired 1 new comedy this season which failed, ABC renewed The Neighbors to save face but I guess now its not actually renewed and NBC is starting from scratch. I really thought NBC would renew Go On but apparently none of their shows could last

    NBC, ABC and FOX seem happy with their current crops of shows but they said the same last season and look what happened. Networks have a better chance for a comedy success next season CBS especially because they are probably expanding their comedy block.

    @David – Actually Suburgatory’s renewal was expected as it’s ratings are consistent and better than all the cancelled series. I always knew ABC would renew The Middle, Modern Family, Suburgatory and Last Man Standing. I was skeptical about The Neighbors because it felt like Better With You all over again but apparently thats not the case. I really though ABC would give How to Live another chance but unfortunately they wanted to focus on new pilots. I fully expected Malibu Country to be cancelled as well as Happy Endings which will hopefully find a new home on USA.

  • Dan

    @Chris – Maybe since LMS doesnt have a comedy companion, ABC will move it to Wed at 8:30, air a new comedy at 9:30, and air The Neighbors and Suburgatory at 8:00 and 8:30 and 2 new comedies when Dancing ends. Or Air the two on Fridays at 8. Who knows but SHIELD will probably air Thursdays at 8, Nashville will move to Sundays at 10 and Castle, Scandal, Grey’s, OUAT, and Revenge will remain in their slots.

    I was surprised ABC didnt give BOP another chance, granted the show wasnt doing great, it was an improvement in the timeslot and ABC could use if if a drama fails in the slot next season, which I believe it will.

  • Evan


  • Black_Heart

    Yay!! Love this show!!!

  • bob

    yay for last man standing and ftw for tim allen!

  • frodo

    Congrats to all the fans of all the shows!!!
    Modern and Suburgatory will be back so I am happy!

  • Cyrax86

    Deadline writes “The deal is not quite done for the Dan Fogelman comedy The Neighbors but is expected to close.” so I really hope ABC doesn’t change its mind about it!!!

  • Jeff R

    Looks like it’s official! @Dan_Fogelman: 22 more episodes for The Neighbors. Congrats to the best looking cast and crew on television as well as the 19th best looking writing staff.

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