Thursday Final Ratings: 'Big Bang Theory', 'Grey's Anatomy', 'American Idol', 'Vampire Diaries', 'Two and a Half Men', 'Wipeout', & 'Elementary' Adjusted Up; 'Glee' Adjusted Down

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May 10th, 2013

The Closure Alternative

The Big Bang Theory was adjusted up three tenths, Grey's Anatomy was adjusted up two tenths, American Idol, the Vampire Diaries, Two and a Half Men, Wipeout, & Elementary were each adjusted up one tenth among adults 18-49, while Glee was adjusted down a single tenth versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, May 9:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 4.9 17 16.30
FOX American Idol 2.9 9 11.57
NBC Community 1.3 5 3.08
ABC Wipeout -P 1.3 4 4.35
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.0 3 2.28
8:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 3.5 11 12.83
NBC The Office -R 1.1 3 2.35
9:00PM ABC Grey's Anatomy 3.1 9 8.97
CBS Person of Interest 2.4 7 13.16
NBC The Office (9-10) 2.3 6 4.56
FOX Glee 2.0 6 5.92
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.5 1 1.29
10:00 PM ABC Scandal 3.2 9 8.87
CBS Elementary 1.9 5 9.29
NBC Hannibal 1.1 3 2.62

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  • kevin

    wow, Scandal deserves its great rating. As for the person weho says that African americans are only watching Scandal is wrong. Im Hispanic and love it.

  • methix0r

    SPn fans do not have the right to say there show is #1 with TVD it isnt based week by week it is based overall and where the shows stand when there seasons are finished so lets take a look at that.

    The CW
    TV shows 18-49 demo
    rating (actual) Viewers
    in millions Ratings
    The Vampire Diaries (renewed) 1.3 (1.26) 2.68 season 4 ratings
    Arrow (renewed) 1.1 (1.07) 3.25 season 1 ratings
    Supernatural (renewed) 0.9 (0.91) 2.12 season 8 ratings

    Oh gee look who is on top TVD is #1 arrow is #2 and SPN is #3 so they have no right to say its #1 tied with TVD

  • Nik

    “wow, Scandal deserves its great rating. As for the person weho says that African americans are only watching Scandal is wrong. Im Hispanic and love it.”

    I don’t think the person says that only AAs are watching–just that a large number of us are. It’s the highest rated show in AA households. AAs are also given lots of credit for the huge social media (twitter) push for scandal.

  • Josh

    Overall no but weekly sure. I will say if TVD don’t perk up a bit It may lose that crown soon enough.

  • ROLY


  • ROLY


  • JR35

    Three programs with higher overall viewership than Idol, and four programs with higher demos. Who would have thunk it?

  • josh2770


    “Three programs with higher overall viewership than Idol, and four programs with higher demos. Who would have thunk it?”

    currently this season just about everybody

  • TheFrenchGuy

    Person of Interest is very low. I was the season finale ?

  • Kendra

    Ugh Elementary. I was hoping your numbers would go up higher. Oh well, glad it’s already been renewed or I would be very worried. Hoping that next fall has it back in the game. Congrats to all Scandal fans, that’s some great numbers.

  • Ateofi

    Congratulations for Scandal for keeping the insane ratings in the finals. Glad to see Elementary to be adjusted up (it tied H50 this week), it was excellent episode. POI finale was a bit disappointing, I was expecting bigger cliffhanger, but still it was a solid episode.

  • qrwanda

    YAY for Person of Interest!

    So glad to see it adjusted up in viewers. 13 million +

  • diana

    love “The Office”, it’s the only Thursday show I watch

  • qrwanda

    Why does everyone mention Greys along with POI?

    I have seen bits & pieces of Greys and to me it is nothing like POI. Seems like a completly diff style show.

  • Hannah

    I may cry if Hannibal isn’t renewed :L

  • jules

    Melissa and Shawn P you and yours are guilty of 2.4 being absolutely wonderful for a show that you like and crap for a show you don’t. When Scandal got 2.4 ya’ll peed in your pants with glee and said POI was crap with a 2.8. Do you know how stupid you sound?

  • JS

    SCANDAL was on at 8pm on FOX- because the REAL Scandal was Angie Miller getting voted off :(

  • POIFanatic

    I loved that finale – God Mode!
    It was refreshing to see that it didn’t have a bigger cliffhanger and had an amazing resolution. Its like one chapter ended and now we can look forward to the next season with greater anticipation. I so wish the ratings would improve for POI in the spring. It happened like this last year as well. POI is on the same level as Game of Thrones in its complexity, writing and acting.


    I know I’m in the minority here but IMO,those demo ratings don’t matter as much as overall total veiwership in the longrun for the networks or the fans,IMO it matters little if a show gets a high 2 or 3.0 rating if it’s getting about 7 or 8 miilion total veiwers compared to a show like Person of Interest that REGULARLY gets between 13 to 14 million veiwers EVERY week,so really it seems to me these Grey’s Anatomy,Scandal vs.POI arguments are just plain ridiculous…IMO of course,I’m not trying to offend anyone,I’m just saying.


    Oh,and by the way,I case you all did’nt know I’m a Person of Interest fan…:) #SAVETHEMACHINE.

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