TV by the Numbers On NPR's 'Morning Edition': How Does NBC Plan To Climb Back Up Rating's Ladder?

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May 10th, 2013

A  story from today's NPR Morning Edition featuring yours truly on NBC's current ratings situation, a favorite topic of the media these days.

You can listen to the interview, and read the transcript here.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Cancel that flop Hannibal
    It needs to go and is one of their biggest failures and problems!

  • BigBrotherFan

    more people where watching DECEPTION and that got cut!

  • Shiro

    i don’t know why, but you seems to be a Hannibal hater?

  • Drizz

    It’s a good question. After today’s Go On cancel, I will not be trying NBC’s new fall shows. I will wait to see what gets a second season before I try anything.

  • Lance B.

    i think more people have been interested in nbc renewals/cancellations than they have for that actual shows..lots of haters out

  • Phillip

    If I catch Jesse Skeen/8traxrule falsely accusing that NBC’s use of a logo bug is the reason why their ratings are in the toilet, I’m gonna kick his ass. It is not the reason cause there’s no proof. Don’t you dare do it, Jesee, don’t you dare!

  • were123

    Interesting, also caught my atention to hear Bill, just like last year!
    NBC must focus on dramas, that’s what is working.

  • Wright

    Renew Hannibal!!!

  • Elan

    They won’t climb back up the ratings ladder. A network that has ABSOLUTELY NO consistency will not convince anyone to watch their new shows year after year! If NBC is just going to keep cancelling everything shortly after they arrive, what’s the incentive for someone to tune in and become invested in a show? NBC of the past had it right – give shows a chance before pulling the hook. Both Cheers and Seinfeld had AWFUL ratings back when they first premiered, only to be kept on the air by NBC and become the legendary shows they are today. NBC needs to stop with the constant shuffling of their schedule and cancellations of their shows.

  • Drizz

    I so agree. the lack of consistency is killing them, especially with viewers like me, who watch no “reality” programming, just scripted shows.

  • SJ

    @Lance B.

    EVERYONE is more interested in renewals and cancellations of existing shows than they are in new pickups, as we don’t even have sneak peeks from the upcoming shows. It’s only natural to be more invested in the shows you actually watched for a season or two…

  • Holly


    Everyone loves the Seinfeld/Cheers thing, but the vast majority of shows do no build season to season. And in case you missed it, NBC had been renewing low rated shows, and it didn’t help them any.

  • RTV

    SOMEBODY give one example of a comedy in the last decade pulling itself out of the ratings basement to be a hit.

  • Bob Burd

    RTV – Seinfield and Cheers.

  • Bob Burd

    Let’s face it people, networks cannot compete like they use to in such a fragmented TV market.

  • david

    good and interesting report by NPR. So if they had a brand they might do better.

  • Fiery

    Well he hasn’t stop making sure everyone on every page knows he hates it. So I’d say yes. I just find it amusing he would spend so much time and effort on a show he finds a flop and a waste of time.

  • Hillbilly

    Bill will have the super models chasing him now. ;)

  • The End

    Good listen, however 5 minutes is far too short. Would love to see a decent length discussion lol

  • Guardian Owl

    They now only have one arrow left in their quiver to get lots of potential eyeballs on new scripted series, The Voice, so there really isn’t that much they can do but strike it rich with a couple of lucky breakout hits.

    Revolution has a neat premise but is a narrative mess that is being propped up by the Voice (barely) and unless they clean up shop something fierce narratively there is no way it will make it beyond Season 2. The only reason it probabl survived season 1 is because of the early renewal.

    Chicago Fire, Grimm, and Parenthood are a little like Bones, moderate performing work horses that aren’t quite bit hits, but that the audience will follow them wherever they are placed. They are followers, not strong enough for lead-ins.

    SVU is getting pretty long in the tooth and with the main actors leaving probably won’t be around more than a season or two.

    Community is on its last legs (even if it is renewed, and it certainly won’t be for 22 episodes) that just leaves Parks and Rec of the returning Thursday shows which again, has never been a breakout performer either so it can’t be used as a strong lead-in to a new comedy.

    @RTV it depends on your definition of “basement,” Season 1 of the office ended its short 6 episode run with a 2.2 (and that was back in 2005) which was likely pretty dreadful 8 years ago.

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