'Vegas' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Vegas has been officially canceled by CBS after a single season.

  • Donna O

    Sorry to lose Vegas. Loved the cast. Who doesn’t like a good mobster show. Would love to see CBS change their minds on this one and remove a reality show. Any reality show will do.

  • Jim P

    Please get rid of all those damn reality shows. I can’t believe there are so many empty headed people out there that watch them.

  • Jim P

    And someone tell that idiot Blackclouds he is going to get old too. Unless he OD’s on something.

  • Diana Hurley

    One of the best shows in a long time. I think with the money Mike and Dennis have they need to offer it to another station it was just getting good but lets keep all the other trash on TV.

  • Gabby

    WHY, WHY,WHY? Great show should have left it on Tuesdays!!!! Only good show on your network. You keep GLEE on and actually renewed it for not one but TWO MORE YEARS? Lets keep some adult shows on.No wonder your network stinks you keep all the garbage on and get rid of good shows.

  • Steve S

    CBS sucks. First they moved it to Friday nights. Then they cancel it. In advertising they used to mention it was the #1 new show. I will never watch a new show on CBS for at least two years.

  • Mary

    So disappointed. Love the show. Too bad people just eat up those reality shows. Golden Boy should go next.

  • carol jersey girl

    Very disappointed Vegas is being cancelled. Thought it was a good vehicle to show 2 great actors from different venues. Love Chiclis & Quaid. Very convincing characters. Will really miss this show.

  • BDW

    I am SO disappointed in CBS who must have been on a mission to not allow VEGAS to succeed…we had to chase it around time slots week after week wondering where it was or if would be on…so much for a new type of series to watch that is actually based on a living character…oh well we always have prime time thrash like Three and a Half Men to watch year after year!

  • tam

    CBS, why didn’t you give VEGAS a chance…great music, great memories. I guess us baby boomers are doomed to watch all of the crap left on TV, dictated by a younger audience.
    Reality shows stink, and I am getting very tired of shows about cops and drugs…we see enough of that everyday; we want to be entertained!

  • Jamess

    Too bad, it didn’t have enough action for young viewers. Don’t blame the actors,they did their best. Blame the producers nd writers.

  • Ashley

    This was a great show with a great cast, but unless you get crazy high numbers on Network tv, you are finished. I wish they would have sold their idea to cable instead of a Network, they would have probably gotten at least five season out of them. All Networks show anymore is reality shows which I am sick to death of, I am not even going to waste my time next fall watching any new Network shows, it’s either cable, Netflix or books for me, I am done with Networks and their impatience with building an audience for a show :(

  • C

    Too bad. The changes they made in the last half have been really good. I’ve enjoyed the last part of the season. It was spiced up nicely.

  • Michael

    Sad, but not surprised. I kind of lost interest around the 7th episode. It did have great potential though, nice period piece, but like with “Pan Am” setting a show in the 60’s just isn’t enough.

  • Joe

    Vegas was a very good show. Deserved a little support.

  • Becky

    Bring it back!!! We enjoyed it at our house, there’s def lots worse out there! Loved the cars and clothes of the time period. Come on, bring it back please!!

  • raymel

    I cannot believe this wonderful show is canceled to make way for some really stupid concepts in shows that anybody that can comprehend English would know by reading the upcoming new shows will definately be short lived

    This is an opportunity to highlight the interesting history of a great American city in a very interesting dramatic presentation.

    Booooooo to CBS what a dumb decision.

    I love this show, talented cast, great period sets

    Hope it gets a repreive from this give it another chance

  • TV Viewer


    You do know that Fox, (Not CBS), airs Glee don’t you?

    CBS is the network that showed Vegas and cancelled it because of poor ratings. I did not like the cancellation of Vegas, CSI: NY, Golden Boy, and Rules of Engagement, but, their ratings were lousy, especially when held up to CBS standards.

  • DarlaJean

    I loved this show and everyone in it, great acting and funny also. I will no longer be watching CBS shows! Like 666 Park Avenue, you don’t give these shows a chance, with great actors and all.

    I truly will miss Vegas, this cancellation makes me sick, CBS makes me sick!

  • Montecore

    Why does a show have to be popular with every age group? Does anyone at the nielsen ratings consider that people over 49 would like to have some say? Vegas was a good show, TV has become nothing but corny sitcoms and stupid reality shows. Thank God for cable!

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