'Vegas' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Vegas has been officially canceled by CBS after a single season.

  • Joe

    Are you crazy it was one of the shows this year also so is golden boy

  • Vegas Fan

    This just figures. I loved the show Vegas. As a matte of fact, that was the only television show that I watched (other than HBO and Starz movies). I do not understand how Vegas did not catch on? Probably the age factor as the baby boomers are the only ones that could relate to Vegas in the 60’s (other than the seniors still alive who parented us). A real shame as the cast was great. Mis is hot and what can I say, a real pity.

  • Laura

    REALLY disappointed! I loved the show. Compared to all the CSI, Criminal Minds, etc it was different: beautiful and talented actors, great location & time period, romance, etc… Let’s hope HBO picks it up! And by the way, if they could pick up “Ringer” too I’d be forever thankful.
    Keep my fingers crossed…

  • john

    CBS every time we get in to a new show you cancel it. I think we should just stop watching CBS shows !!!

  • RickBooker

    once again they prove why it’s called cBS

  • Th Goof

    It seems all the good shows get cancelled while so many of the stupid reality shows go on forever.

  • Al Gore

    Sorry to hear the show was canceled. It was one of the few good shows on TV and on Channel 7. Maybe TBS or FX will pick it up? It could really be a great cable tv show.

  • Bob

    With all the detective/investigation shows and reality “garbage” out there, CBS had to cancel one of the few “good” non-investigative/non-reality show? With moves like this CBS will be the new NBC.

  • marcus

    Don,t understand why the ratings for this show didn,t add up. I personally found the theme quite original compared to the cliche of shows floodi ng the screen nowadays . I also found the script engaging. As far as series go, this is a show I enjoyed watching. after a gruelling day at work. I guess I belong to the minority who expected a season 2. Lastly, loved the cast and the characters.

  • Collin

    Vegas was a great show! One of the few on television that didn’t rely purely on sex to create its comedy or drama. The writers of this show actually put thought into each episode rather than just fill the time with the same old over played scenarios.

  • DAVE


  • DAVE


  • Vivian

    I am truly saddened to hear the Vegas series has been cancelled. This was a good show regardless of the demographics of 18-49 group not appreciating the show. The TV nowadays mostly consist of reality crap, non-talented people and a whole lot of bull crap. What the executives need to do is perform inventory of the less talented executives get rid of them and ask bring back the more experiences and talented. Seeing how the 18-49 is not working for you you need to try the more reliable age group.

  • Vallerie Smith Creswick

    My faverate show

  • Mike

    Crap. That show had something special about it. Tired of the same old shows on noadays.

  • Jay

    As usual, they leave the garbage and cancel a good interesting show. One of the few shows we would go so far as recording if we were out of the house when it was on. Hopefully another network will have enough sense to pick it up. Just one reason to watch CBS now, Blue Bloods. Surprised they didn’t take it off too, but it’s early yet………..what planet are these people on???

  • Bill

    Vegas was a great show: good writing, wonderful acting. Huge mistake, CBS.

  • Ann Thrope

    NO!! ‘Vegas’ was the best show I’d seen in years. CBS always kills off the best stuff. I knew they were plotting this when they took Vegas off for 6 weeks to show that insipid ‘Golden Boy’. Remember ‘Due South’? They were probably jealous because it was produced in Canada, so they kept moving it around the schedule. Remember ‘Moonlight’? BEST vampire show ever, and they canceled it right before the ‘Twilight’ craze hit. CBS is a corporate idiot.

  • KJ

    My husband really loved this show. It was a lot of fun and we hope someone else picks it up. We never watch reality shows but I love NCIS and the CSIs. We also really like the Good Wife. Those are about the only prime time shows we watch.

    Why are they so focused on the 18-49 year-olds? The ones we know (including our grown children) watch these kinds of shows through their iPads or PCs. Personally we record and fast-forward. I bet the only viewers who watch those darned commercials are the elderly who don’t have the latest technology!

  • Sheila

    Loved Vegas…one of my favorite shows…hope someone else picks it up…CBS what are you thinking??

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