'Vegas' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Vegas has been officially canceled by CBS after a single season.

  • russell peach

    And it seems like again that american TV is really going down the toilet. What is is about great american TV drama’s and others that seem to get cancelled between half a season and two seasons. And then we get loads of avarage to poor tv shows that seem to go on for years and years. Americans must really be turning into the most stupid people on earth.

  • wayne

    Not watching anything else on CBS JUNK TV!!!

  • wayne

    Not watching anything else on CBS JUNKTV!!!

  • BlueTacoGod

    Too bad about Vegas. Good show. Great period piece with nice attention to the details of the era.

  • Cindy

    It was one of my favorites!

  • Per

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!! VEGAS WAS THE BEST TV-PROGRAME EVER!!!!!!! Just ONE season, it’s only disgraceful! CBS have made a very huge HUGE mistake! The show is one of the best tv-programe I have ever seen. A pefect period drama, with interesting stories and a fantastic cast, with both Dennis Quaid and Michale Chiklis! Please rethink……., it deserves at least one season to!

  • Maureen Petersen

    Plz do not cancel Vegas. Vegas is a good show with good actors. U have cancelled a lot of good shows n replace them with garbage. Listen to your viewers. A lot of us r championing for Vegas.

  • Maureen Petersen

    I am glad u r keeping on Persons of interest, Hawaii five-o and Blue Bloods. At least there will b some good ones left.I hope u keep Csi n Csi NY also. A show needs at least 2 seasons to know how it is going to go. Plz reconsider.

  • Dawn Bigelow-Ingram

    My favorite show! I am about ready to stop watching television. Books are better. No one else can decide for me what I will read. I am not in the 18-49 age group so I guess I am not the catered to part of society. PHTTT to the powers that be.

  • Dawn Bigelow-Ingram

    I just had an idea. What if someone started a network and picked up all the shows which have been dropped because they “didn’t do well in the 18-49 age group?” We are not all dead yet and I am guessing there would be a whole bunch of viewers. I know this won’t happen but I had to say it.

  • tim

    Stupid. I liked vegas what are they thinking ?

  • Luane Watkins

    CBS has made a big mistake taking Vegas off.
    With all the crap that is on TV, Vegas was like a breath of fresh air.


    So sad, this was a great show, well written, beautiful camera work, period costumes and cars. M. Chiklas and D. Quaid produced it and it was much much better than the other junk that’s on TV now. who can we write to to ask them to reconsider? I just hope Vegas will appear on another channel, even in reruns.

  • D. Feathercrest

    I liked EVERYTHING about VEGAS…the ONLY show that I have ever watched with any regularity or anticipation. It was one of the few shows that offered quality entertainment without relying on crude humor, shocking behavior or laugh tracks. With all the reality shows and junk TV that stays on the air, I think it’s a sad testament of what the American public wants to see.

  • mardus

    no not Vegas!!!! We finally get some good actors in our age group
    and they cancel it ….. for what??? more war or more space….
    its not all about the young

  • Jack

    Vegas and golden Boy were both decent shows

  • B.Ebbitt

    Vegas canceled. Why?

  • donna

    I am sorry to see Vegas to go. I like Michael Chiklis. He was good in Shield and the fantastic four. They are adding shows that I don’t like.

  • Jeff wigg

    This F-en Sux LOVE THE SHOW

  • Lance

    If it’s true that this series is cancelled, it’s a crying shame. Finally a show with excellent acting and thank God not another reality show. This show showed you all what Vegas was like in the early years. Perhaps I like it because of it’s nostalgia value because I’m not in the 20-40 group, but folks there is an amazing cast here with great writing. Let’s get it back on the air.

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