'Vegas' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Vegas has been officially canceled by CBS after a single season.

  • Lorraine

    Is there something wrong with me?I really enjoyed this show and it’s cast. Sorry to see it go. Some of the new shows coming are stupid.

  • Ron

    I’m pissed!!!! I love that show. Way better then watching reality. Finally a show for people in there sixties.

  • IndyBurton

    I cannot believe this was cancelled. Great Show!!! I cannot remember the last show I looked forward to an episode.


  • Tom from UK

    Vegas is nearing the end here in the UK. What a great show it has been. Really disappointing that CBS over there is not going to run with a second series. Like one of the other comment posters (Sharon from NJ), I too hope another network picks it up. Big mistake CBS!

  • Fran Flynn

    Why are you cancelling this show? It is excellent we have really enjoyed it from the beginning the acting is excellent and all of the cast do a really good Job very convincing. Please have a rethink about this oneI know a lot of poeple in the UK that watch this and enjoy.

  • pappymoore

    Its a shame u took off Vegas and left shows that have no redeeming value .A show that disrespected Vet on PearlHarbor day a reality show just what the mindless sheep need to make them Even more mindless .How about those of us who like good entrainment Who actually can still think for ourselvesand have money to blow on these things ur advertisers Advertise! ;-)

  • Kieran

    Best show on tv in uk at the moment and not doing another series, shocking!

  • Martin

    Why oh why do American tv stations make programmes for their own countrymen….Americans never appreciate a programme unless it is full of explosions and does not involve a story line that requires their small brains to keep up! Vegas…another excellent programme, gone like studio 60, and nearly Nashville!!! You make some of the best programmes in the world….screw the home market..export them to us!!!

  • Bonnie

    OMG!!!! I just found out one of my favorite shows has been canceled!!! I can’t believe it did not get better ratings!! I am really bummed by this one!!!

  • Graham JR Matthews

    I am disappointed that Vegas has gone, there is so much that is really awful from the US especially Revolution and Blue Bloods,that very few shows are worth watching for my age group (65+) When Banshee and especially Boardwalk Empire go then i can give up on the long running series from the USA.

  • Julie

    Why can’t you just leave the good shows on more than one season. How in the world can you tell if we like it if you don’t give us more than one season. We loved it and will miss it.

  • Jez


  • TeeTee

    Crap ..why do they always cancel the good ones!!! Come one guys, bring it back and get rid of some of those reality show.

  • James

    Thought it was class, raging its cancelled

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