'Vegas' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Vegas has been officially canceled by CBS after a single season.

  • eric

    Every one Send a… JUST 1 playing card to CBS in protest like people did with peanut when they screwed us out of Jericho now Vegas, The playing cards represent gambling in VEGAS.
    Flood their HQ with playing cards!!!!!

    VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patsy

    What a bunch of idiots! Cancel the good shows and leave the stupid ones. Vegas is one of the best shows on tv right now. I can’t believe it has been cancelled.

  • Betty

    It’s a shame that all the good series like vegas are on just long enough to get people interested in them and then get cancelled but all the reality junk stays on… What happened to watching a show, enjoying it without having to check to see if it is going to get cancelled. I guess we will be back to satelitte, not everyone enjoys all the singing, dancing, etc etc etc night after night, THAT is what is getting old. Leave some of the good shows on would you please.. Cancelling Vegas is a big disappointment.

  • NorCal

    Sorry to see it go. It seems like the networks are too quick to give up on their new series! It isn’t worth it these days getting into the new shows.

  • AndiBandi

    Do these people, who make the decisions about cancelling a program, know that there are people outside the 18-49 age bracket??? I HATE reality shows and there are very few TV shows that I watched. This one I enjoyed.

  • Norcal1

    Really sorry to see it go!

  • Paula

    Really enjoyed Vegas. I think CBS is making a big mistake. Wish one of the other networks would pick it up. I’d change stations to watch it.

  • JAM

    I was expecting it, but it is disappointing. The show was really good, and had a lot of potential. A great cast, some really good sets, and a good storyline.

    The finale tonight was good, although I was disappointed to see Jack and Mia split. It would be nice if another network would pick it up.

  • Matt

    Beyond pissed! Done with CBS, have no idea what kind of ratings it was pulling, but my favorite show. CBS you have really screwed up in canceling Vegas!

  • JoanMN

    I knew it was too good for network t.v.

  • Judy

    Pleasea cbs don’t cancel Vegas. It’s a good show without cuting into dead people and stupid reality shows that don’t make sense. There’s more than enough of those. KEEP VEGAS

  • MamamimiX2

    Sorry to see it canceled. Enjoyed the retro and the good vs bad guys! But CBS is whacking off its nose—needed to give this show a year to establish an audience, even on Friday nights.

  • Ray

    I hope TNT picks this show up like they did with Southland, Southland was cancelled by CBS after just a few episodes and TNT picked it up. The biggest problem the four TV networks have is the way they look at ratings, TV networks ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC only look at the people who watch the show at it’s scheduled air time and they don’t look at the people that DVR and episode and watch the show later. The Cable Networks TNT, TBS, USA FX, AMC, BBC etc… look at both. Here is an example of how flawed the TV networks rating system is Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and TBS Conan, NBC fired Conan halfway through the first season because of ratings but TBS hired Conan because of the ratings TBS was looking at the same thing as NBC but TBS also was looking at the viewers who DVR’ed the show and watched it the next day TBS also looked at how many people watched Tonight Show with Conan on HULU, by doing this TBS learned Conan has 2x the viewers as Jay Leno and Conan still does making Conan the King of Late Night

  • Carol miller

    Loved Vegas!! Why cancel it?

  • todd35

    well i’m done watching tv altogether.

  • Lee

    I wish I was as smart as tv executives If no one watches Friday nights than leave it there Maybe ABC or NBC would be happy with CBS rejects

  • courteney

    I loved the show it was a nice change from all the normal crap cop shows

  • Carole48

    Loved this show! Looked forward to watching it each week. So few shows left that I care to watch. CBS wake up!!!!! This was a quality show with great actors. Hope it gets picked up somewhere.

  • L.

    TV execs (but CBS and Fox ones in particular) can go to hell.

    This is (was) one of the best shows in the last 5 yrs… and now they’ve taken it out back an executed it… Figures.

    Sure hope TBS, TNT… or SOMEONE will pick this show up and give the people what they want… MORE.

    Screw you CBS… every time you cancel a show I like… that’s less time I’m spending on YOUR frigging network!

  • Larry

    I hope this show is picked up by a cable network.

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