'Vegas' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Vegas has been officially canceled by CBS after a single season.

  • Gatchaman

    This is a shame. The show was great and the writers were really good at what they did. I loved all the characters. I guess it’s not gory enough or dirty enough for most viewers or CBS’ filthy standards.

  • Speed

    This network has disappointed me once too often by canceling the wrong shows.

  • sarabee

    I had seen this was predicted and hoped it would be renewed. The season finale was pretty good and at least didn’t stick us with a cliff hanger.

  • dreamy

    why, because it is not a reality show!!!! very disappointed!!!!

  • Blake Williams

    I loved Vegas…..and I will miss it along with CSI:NY and Rules of Engagement…..Hopefully Vegas will get picked up by AMC or Netflix

  • larry levine

    Simply the best drama on tv great period music Outstanding period cinema tograhy gripping action great understated performances all around the best beng Michael Chiklis who deserves an emmy

  • Jeff

    One of the reasons I don’t watch CBS is because of them
    Canceling shows like this one. Vegas was an excellent show. I too hope TNT picks it up. I will watch it just as I watch Southland. Heck, who needs the 4 major networks, I’d watch this on TNT along with Southland, the Walking Dead and Vikings. My favorite shows and none on a major network.

  • Shirley

    I rarely watch network TV shows. However, I really enjoyed Vegas. I hate to see it cancelled. I guess it wasn’t silly enough. Stupid shows seem to go on for long periods of time.

  • Steve

    CBS , you are idiots ! Vegas had high viewer numbers but since it wasnt in the 18 -49 age bracket you cancel it . Don’t you realize there are more of us in numbers outside the 18 – 49 age bracket and we also have MORE buying power ? It was a good show & my wife & I enjoyed it ….we think you dropped the ball on this decision but you have people making big dollars to make these screw ups dont you ?

  • Drizz

    So, did anyone watch tonight’s finale? Did it provide any closure? Want to know before I bother to watch it. Can’t stand when shows end without at least a halfway decent ending.

  • J & G

    I can’t tell you how devestated we are. The final tonight of Vegas was fantastic!!! We will miss this show very much!!!

  • Charlie

    I loved Vegas. Now it’s taken the same road as Harry’s Law. 2 shows I truly liked. Many of us tried so hard to bring Harry and the gang back to court, but to no avail. Once the networks decide shows don’t attract the 18-49 crowd, it’s canceled. I still miss HL and now will miss Vegas. It was a darn good show. What a shame …

  • HateCBS

    Vegas was the only show I liked this season. This show needs to go to cable so I can watch it on a real station.

  • Barry

    Really sad to see that the show was canceled. Great characters good story line. Enjoyed the time period it was set in.
    Wish the cast and crew good luck on future projects.

  • todd35

    You can watch it… They wrapped some things up and don’t leave you with anything major… I looked at some of the drama’s that they are putting on in place and neither of them look as good. Other then that cbs is adding like 4 new comedies… I don’t watch those or “reality” tv… Guess I’ll join netflix and watch some quality shows… A-Team anybody?

  • Vietnam veteran

    Not much on tv that is worth watching, but I did enjoy “Vegas,” and then CBS removes it. No wonder I spend more of my time on the internet than watch tv.

  • NPittmon

    The only CBS show I watched! Awesome show! Great cast, customes etc. Stupid idiotic shows seem to be the only ones that survive I guess!

  • Ed

    This is a great show… I am done with CBS… This was my favorite show. Idiots don’t know what good TV is.

  • Edward

    This is a great show… CBS is insane to cancel this show

  • Drizz

    Thanks todd35!

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