'Vegas' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Vegas has been officially canceled by CBS after a single season.

  • CJ

    Well, damn. I really enjoyed this show. Seriously, why do so many good shows get canceled while the reality crap stays on? :/

  • Dyanna Roper

    I liked Vegas. I watched it every week. What I hate are the dumb reality shows. Those are what you should be canceling.

  • Dave miller

    Liked the show and cast.

    Please cancel golden boy and all reality show garage Glee sucks and should be cancelled.

  • Bill

    I cannot believe that they cancel good shows that are for entertainment. The reality shows are taking over and are worthless because most of them are B..S.. They are a fake bunch of garbage. Every time a good program comes on and is going ok in the original time slot then the exec’s change it, I guess trying to kill out. I hope some other entity will pick up Vegas. I will certainly change by viewing.

  • Cheryle

    CBS shouldn’t cancel Vegas. This is a great show. When I watch my favorite shows I set aside that time slot to make sure to watch it but then you go and switch days and times. People are busy they can’t change their lives to accommodate your stupid programing changes. If they were to count “on demand” showings and DVR they would see how popular the show is. CBS needs to get a clue. I’m finished with them too. “BRING BACK VEGAS” or we’ll be forced to see B.S. (Get it?)

  • Clinta

    I agree with Drizz. This is just more evidence of the dumbing down of America. This show was creative and smartly written and directed. The cast was a perfect ensemble. There’s so little intelligent television anymore. Thanks goodness there are still books….for those who can actually read.

  • Tim Wardrip

    Why is it a new series is not given the chance to succeed any more. This show had higher numbers than any show on NBC and a good many shows on ABC, Is it possible for another network to pick it up? I for one will watch it , I thought the new friday night time slot was excellent for it.

  • kim

    CBS sabotaged this great show. They didn’t air it for over a month then brought it back in a different day-timeslot. Poor judjement on their part.It did very well when the show was on consistantly. But they want to keep the public dumbed down withe other idiotic shows. Hopefully the creators will look for other venues to air this sophisticated and gripping show. Shame on you CBS!!

  • Martha Gillespie

    It wasn’t a horrible show. But, it could have done a lot better. The characters and plot had no zest.

  • kim

    And by the way, people, don’t give up. Keep posing and posting, and keep hounding CBS till they get the message. Sure hope the cast and creators of VEGAS are reading these comments. Don’t let the network bully you into believing your show wasn’t a hit. It was and it scared them. Either that or they are just plain stupid. I believe it was both. Don’t let the networks dumb you down or they win. POST POST POST !!!!

  • Butche1

    VEGAS Come on it one of the better shows on TV, if they had not moved it to Friday it time for the networks to get their heads out of their butts a quit with all these realities show.

  • kim

    See that, I’m so mad that I’ve mispelled words!!!

  • kim

    Martha,the characters and plot had lots of zest. Keep watching Honey boo boo.

  • Jim

    What a shame. Instead of outright cancellation, I wish CBS would consider this show for a summer series.

  • miltdaniels

    This is a great show that does not appeal to teeny boppers. Unfortunately tv sitcoms are not for adults.

  • Neil

    Vegas was a good show! Stop canceling good shows. And stop moving good shows to different night and you can see how a show actually does for a full season.

  • Blue Spader

    This was a good show. It’s truly a shame that shows like this and Golden Boy are gone while ineptly written and porly acted crap comedies like 2 Broke Girls stays. While I’m not in the 18-49 demo, I spend a lot more money than most of them – advertisers, take note!

  • RGH

    I’m gutted by this cancellation. Not surprised, but incredibly sad. This show was incredibly well-done production wise, and the storylines had so much potential. Not to mention the stellar cast.

    What are the chances of it getting picked up by another network?

  • Joy

    Tell me it ain’t so. My favorite show is being cancelled.

  • Wallaby2012

    Well, I, for one, really enjoyed this show, but I also enjoyed Pan Am.

    I like the stuff set in past decades and look forward to the new season of Magic.

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