'Vegas' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Vegas has been officially canceled by CBS after a single season.

  • TV Viewer

    Vegas was a great show with terrible ratings (18 – 49 demo and total viewers). No surprise that it was cancelled, (along with CSI: NY, Golden Boy, and Rules of Engagement). I suppose the handwriting was on the wall, when it moved to Fridays And did not get renewed in March along with all the other CBS programs. At least the series ending was a good one, that wrapped up all the loose ends.

    I am confident that all of the talented people, (in front and in back of the camera), from all the cancelled television programs will find work doing something else. Television is frequently a rotating door, and there’s movies and the theater. I am sure we will see them all again doing something in the near future.

    Thank you very much to the cast of Vegas, and to CBS for giving it a chance, before cancelling it due to poor ratings. CBS renewed about 97% of their shows, they had to cancel something, in order to have some new programs in September.

  • terri

    Sorry to see it go. Well-written, good period piece, great acting. I am outside 18-49 so they don’t care but as someone mentioned we have much more buying power. Speaking of buying power I decided to use mine elsewhere, cancelled cable and watch a few things online because they usually cancel what I like and why pay for all of the junk.

  • Deano

    Shame. Decent show, enjoyed it thoroughly & worse stuff runs & runs..

  • Rich

    I do not watch much network TV anymore with all the good cable channels and prenium channels I have. I do or did watch 3 and now 2 weekly programs. Person of Interest Elementary and Vegas. Too bad because I did like the Vegas show but did I mention I also have Roku streaming player.

  • Loachy

    Wife and I are both 43 and make over $100,000 a year. Nice move cancelling one of the three shows we watch on CBS.

  • Ginny

    one of my favorite shows this season, I loved it, left you thinking of could have been.

  • Mark

    Let me get this straight. They want the 18-49 age group, so they switch it to Friday night? Someone at CBS needs to be replaced.
    Come on TNT and A&E. Step up and grap a winner for your next season.

  • Sue

    I love this show! Please bring it back.

  • Maggie Was here

    I actually loved Vegas and loved the actors, especially Dennis Quaid. I think it was not on a good evening. Feel bad, really enjoyed this show!

  • mike from chatsworth

    I don’t see why another network wouldn’t pick Vegas up. NBC could use more good shows. Even Showtime could use more scripted shows??

  • John

    this is 1 show that is as good as NCIS, NCISLA, Person of Interest and it should be given a lifeline and renewed

  • joe

    Why does CBS hype up all of their programs during commercials to claim the network is #1, and include Vegas as one of the programs. After spending an entire season giving these shows their props, and then cancel them. I liked the show. I feel the networks are out of touch with technology as far as it relates to watching tv shows. I DVR allot of programs, and watch them later. I believe the days of Neilson have passed. If you base your ratings on 18 to 49 year old’s you are set for disaster. Most people in that age group are out on Friday’s. Networks need to find a way to measure DVR recordings to help them see who is really watching the show. Also does the age groups above 50 not count when deciding to keep or cancel a show. Why not include those demographics. In regards to Vegas; I was hoping to see the dynamic between Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis develop. Cable networks need to look at all Broadcast network shows that were cancelled, and pick some of them up. I like how TNT does mini seasons. Vegas could fit into that style of programming.

  • MishfromOhio


    I agree with the other commentators, this was a well written, brilliantly acted network show. It never pandered, seemed to be written for an adult audience, without depending on gratuitous sex and violence scenes to try to generate interest.

    My family and I loved every single thing about Vegas. Hope someone else picks it up.

  • Charlie

    Kim … I wish post, post, post would help, but changing a networks mind is next to impossible. Like I stated in an earlier post, we tried so very hard to save Harry’s Law and to no avail. We even sent shoes to the network in an attempt to revive Harry. That was also a terrific show with an excellent cast. Vegas certainly falls into the same category. A fantastic show, but one that also doesn’t seem to appeal to the 18-49 age group and unfairly, that seems to be what counts with the networks. For me, 2 of my favorite shows are now gone and only a miracle will bring back the latter. For Harry’s Law, there were no miracles. Can there be one for Vegas? Very unlikely, but here’s hoping…

  • Paul


    A great show, awesome actors (all of them), fascinating stories, visually beautiful, fantastic songs — in other words, one of the best shows ever on TV, and it gets cancelled?

    Again, just unbelievable….

    Has the freaking 18-49 demographic lost their last shred of good taste, for God’s sake?

    And all the while, the crappy reality shows keep being picked up again and again.

  • Robert

    Vegas is a awesome show, please don’t cancel this series. Let it come back for season two, three, four etc. The entire cast is perfect for this show don’t mess up a good thing. So many shows are canceled prematurely don’t let this be one of them.

  • vegasfan

    I loved this show most original show ever

  • bob

    and i was so happy because i got to see dennis quad in a show and now its axed):

  • Zoltan

    I’m really disappointed. Shows that I consider great, quality shows with great acting, and that I enjoy watching the most get cancelled after their first season.
    Here is a list of my most recent examples:
    Fast Forward
    The Finder
    Prime Suspect
    What do you, guys, think about these series?

  • Rhino

    Very heart-broken to hear this show has been cancelled. This one and Blue Bloods are by far my most favorite shows on TV, and having them on back to back was a great idea. But like previous commenters, I DVR both of them rather than watch at their regularly scheduled times. I just simply do not stay up that late at night, but anxiously look forward to watching them over the course of the weekend. Nice job CBS for canceling one of the best shows I’ve watched in years. I suppose Blue Bloods is next. Someone please pick this show up!

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