'Celebrity Apprentice' Has Been Renewed, Says Donald Trump

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May 12th, 2013

The Celebrity Apprentice

There was no announcement about Celebrity Apprentice in NBC's 2013-14 schedule announcement earlier today, but the Donald himself says (apparently with a broken caps lock key) it has been renewed.


  • The End

    Money really can buy renewals.

  • David

    And to think we nearly got rid of Trump….

  • kriket

    I saw that coming!

  • Guy

    Not surprising. Just don’t do another all-star season and the ratings will likely bump back up.

  • The End


    Nope, with his money, he’l stick around for as long he wants sadly.

  • TV Addict

    So much for original Sundays…

  • Chris

    Yes! I love this show. Is it absurd? Yep. Does the Donald have an ego? Sure. But this show is addicting fun and I look forward to it every year. I was so nervous when I saw NBC’s schedule and it wasnt there.

  • JaredK

    Damn it all.

  • Androme

    Maybe NBC is planning this dhow for once a year to rid of scrutiny and being bloated.

  • josh2770

    well i don’t think people will ever get bored of reality shows get ready for the 2019-2020 years i bet survivor and the amazing race will still be around!

  • The End


    No, more a case of Donald Trump getting what Donald Trump wants and nothing more. I do believe this show will end when he wants it to end, and on his terms, which implies basically, unless you hear otherwise, he’l be on the air yearly.

  • Stinky Feet Lover

    Yay! I’m a fan, so glad!

  • BJG

    It’s not on the fall OR spring schedule, so where is it renewed at?? Bravo?? summertime??

  • Alex

    If they’ve renewed it (never take Trump on his word) then I can see NBC holding off on scheduling it for a while until they work out where they stand. If they don’t need it midseason maybe they’ll push it to summer and it’ll slowly die.

  • Square

    pfft never watched before, never going to bother with it now.

  • Chris

    For those who hate Trump, he’s only ever present for maybe 10 minutes a show. A few at the beginning and then in the boardroom at the end.

    And I very much doubt he would make a statement like this lying about renewal, since that would be horribly bad for him if he was giving false info. My guess is that NBC was in contract negotiations and couldn’t renew it until those were over.

  • tvfan2013

    N.o B.ody C.ares… this network is so lacking in originality .. (.Ironside , Celebrity Apprentice ) haven’t watched N.o B.ody C.ares in years & with this excuse for programming .. I will continue to avoid this mess of a network. . THANKS COMCAST !!!

  • Alex

    And I very much doubt he would make a statement like this lying about renewal, since that would be horribly bad for him if he was giving false info.

    Did you miss him spending a year telling anyone who would listen that he was running for President?

  • Chris

    He said he might run for president, he never said definitively that he would. And either way, that’s speaking for himself. This tweet would be speaking for NBC and says he’ll be at the upfronts.

    I get why some want to doubt him, but this is a case where it’d be pretty hard for him to lie.

  • Mumbo

    NBC is probably holding off on scheduling Celebrity Apprentice for next season to see how their schedule does.

    When 80 percent of their lineup inevitably crashes and burns, NBC will probably reschedule and give Celebrity Apprentice its old slot. It’s a cheap and steady performer for NBC, it’s basically hole-plugger now (and God knows NBC’s schedule will be full of holes).

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