'Celebrity Apprentice' Has Been Renewed, Says Donald Trump

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May 12th, 2013

The Celebrity Apprentice

There was no announcement about Celebrity Apprentice in NBC's 2013-14 schedule announcement earlier today, but the Donald himself says (apparently with a broken caps lock key) it has been renewed.


  • Tom Shaw

    On one hand, this makes sense – it seems like the show requires some lead time.

    On the other hand, it doesn’t. NBC already has two dramas without homes, which means that unless Ironside implodes AND Revolution AND Parenthood both do so terribly they have to be burned off on Saturdays, the cycle wouldn’t start in February. Unless Believe and Crisis implode instantly, it won’t even start until April or later.

    So basically, it’s now a summer series. Can they make a profit running it in summer?

  • 3terms4obama

    Never forget that this man urged armed revolt after the reelection of our President. The latest tweet is probably more strong arm tactics from a schoolyard bully.

  • Justin

    This is not something Trump would lie about over twitter as he could get in trouble and he knows NBC could always deny it. It would look bad on him. He and Mark Burnett must have been in negotiations and no deal was in place when NBC announced the schedule and that’s why the show was not scheduled.

  • Feedback

    Obviously, Apprentice will go to Sundays as always. Believe and Crisis will replace Revolution and Ironside when they flop.

  • K

    Celebrity Apprentice will be around for a while, just like The Biggest Loser. Besides these 2 shows, what else does NBC have that does pretty well except for Law and Order SVU

  • Dr. I.P.Dailey, DVM


    TO: NBC
    From: American Veterinary Association

    Subject: Celebrity Apprentice

    We are morally obliged to warn you that when you lie down with dogs you’re going to get fleas.

    Dr. I.P.Dailey, DVM

    PS: ymmv

  • Nick

    With a good, interesting, entertaining crop of celebrities, the ratings will go right back up. No one is interested in this all-star season because a) the celebrities are boring, and b) we’ve seen them all before.

  • Chuck_T

    Too bad. They should can that big mouth.

  • Notime

    All Reality Shows = Losers……

  • Andrew

    They probably renewed it because next year ‘The Apprentice’ franchise celebrates its 10th Anniversary. The program’s ratings for this year have been abysmal. I also do not watch Miss USA or Miss Universe anymore.

  • Chris

    The ratings haven’t really been abysmal, they’ve stayed right around the 1.7-1.9 range except for a few episodes that started later and were shorter. It’s no worse than keeping Biggest Loser around.

  • sitcomlover

    I HATE reality shows almost as much as …..Trump the &%#$&@# windbag. A real embarassment to New Yorkers. He’s got to put his lousy name on everything. Actually, an embarassment to most Americans. NBC should be ashamed to be in bed with him. Makes the weasel Leno look good!

  • Sam

    Semi-reliable, semi-cheap, semi-entertaining, and even semi-relevant spackle—especially by NBC standards!

  • boogke

    The show is relatively cheap to produce because each episode is a big product placement ad….and each ep can be and generally is stretched to 2 hrs long. Add decent and consistent ratings and fact that this is NBC and this show is around for a while.

  • bob

    no one cares

  • Samunto

    @ Tom Shaw
    I like your reasoning.
    I too see it premiering earliest in April for a summer run. January doesn’t make sense as it would run for just 4wks till the olympics meaning unlike this year NBC doesn’t alot of bridging to do between Seasons of The Voice. It’ll probably be a summer show.

    I admit to enjoy watching this guilty pleasure.

  • Daniel Schwartz

    Yeah! Good for the Donald. There are certain shows that I look forward to and celebrity apprentice is one of them.

  • NE1

    wow NBC you just don’t get it. you wonder why nobody watches your network and everytime we see a promo with Donald Trump we throw up a a little and switch to CBS.

  • gerry

    @ sitcomlover

    i couldn’t agree more. i actually like apprentice enough, but i had to stop watching because i didn’t want to support something created by somebody so gross. truly, he ‘gives’ all this money to charity and then surely his accountants write it all off. he is a horrible human.

    unfortunately, quitting it doesn’t seem to be doing any good, nbc’s ratings are so horrible, this show will have to sink to the depths (ratings-wise) to not get a renewal.

  • tomsman

    I’m glad for fans, I never wish a cancellation on anyone else’s show. That said, this is proof positive there is hell on earth. Will Gary Busey be his sidekick? Gag. The commercials for his eps make my flesh crawl.

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