Drama 'Reckless' Picked up By CBS

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May 12th, 2013


CBS has ordered legal drama Reckless starring Cam Gigandet and Anna Wood.

  • bob

    Legal dramas at best get a 2 in the demo! Why even bother?

  • Petar Ivanov

    Leagl drama, serialized drama and single cams……..boy CBS really puch hard for 3 spot next season.

    NBC with 2 the voice cycles and winter olympics and fox with afc championschip and super bowl plus male crime shows and dads…..not look good for cbs.

  • Petar Ivanov

    ps all will bomp. i meal all non-cbs shows.

  • John A

    Is that NCIS spin off dead?

  • Charmed

    NCIS: Red next, maybe? Please :D

  • Cyrax86

    Hope this won’t do a Made In Jersey.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @Is that NCIS spin off dead?

    NOPE its not dead….yet. Althou cbs already order 7 new shows. Last season order 6 new shows.

    ps deadline report that its SOAPY drama. wow.

  • Jos

    I was more interested in the Mandy Moore pilot ”The Advocates”, oh well.

  • Jason

    Will at least check this out b/c it has Georgina Haig (Etta on Fringe).

  • r0ckmypants

    This makes things look bleaker for NCIS: Red.

    I’m assuming this will be the show that gets the Friday night slot, unless CSI gets moved there.

  • rehabber

    I will give it a try, just because Cam Gigandet is in it. He is the ONLY good looking vampire in Twilight and they killed him off early, movie went downhill from there. lol

  • David

    Ugh, c’mon NBC! Release your schedule?

  • r0ckmypants

    @David – It’s expected around 2:00 PST.

  • DenverDean

    I expect NCIS: Red as a mid-season. Based on the tepid feedback, it probably needs some retooling.

  • Illinois

    So no 2-Hour Comedy block on Thursday ?

    8:00 – How I Met Your Mother
    8:30 – Mom
    9:00 – 2 Broke Girls
    9:30 – Mike & Molly
    10:00 – Intelligence

    Premiere Intelligence at 10 to fix the slot.

    8:00 – NCIS
    9:00 – NCIS: Los Angeles
    10:00 – Criminal Minds

    Criminal Minds shoud move to Tuesday at 10 because of its decreasing ratings and it will fix the hour where every new Shows flop.

    8:00 – Survivor
    9:00 – Hostages
    10:00 – CSI

    Survivor stays where it is. Hostages premieres at 9 with CSI at 10 (because it’s doing good in this slot). Both Shows are produced by Jerry Buckeimer so they could be good.

    8:00 – The Big Bang Theory
    8:30 – Two and a Half Men
    9:00 – Person of Interest
    10:00 – Elementary

    Nothing to change here.

    8:00 – Reckless / Undercover Boss
    9:00 – Hawaii Five-0
    10:00 – Blue Bloods

    Reckless premieres (flops ?) at 8 with Hawaii Five-0 taking CSI: NY slot. Blue Bloods stays at 10.

    8:00 – The Amazing Race
    9:00 – The Good Wife
    10:00 – The Mentalist

    Nothing change on Sunday.

  • Petar Ivanov


    I think Intelligence is the most compitable with POI so will be after POI and Elementary on Monday.

    And i think first cbs will try single cam block on friday when failed reckless when failed than will be UB time.

    hostages tuesday at 10.

  • CBSviewer

    After all if CBS picked up Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour they will pick up NCIS: Red for, at least, 13 episodes.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Illinois – They don’t have to (and probably won’t) debut all three dramas already ordered in the fall. Comedy expansion is still possible, and even likely at this point.

  • Raykov

    8-9 – The Amazing Race
    9-10 – The Good Wife
    10-11 – The Mentalist

    8-8:30 – HIMYM
    8:30-9 – Mom
    9-9:30 – 2 Broke Girls
    9:30-10 – Mike & Molly
    10 – 11 – Elementary

    8-9 – NCIS
    9-10 – NCIS:LA
    10-11 – Intelligence

    8-9 – Survivor
    9-10 – Criminal Mids
    10-11 – CSI

    8-8:30 – The Big Bang Theory
    8:30-9 – Two and a Half Men
    9-9:30 – Crazy Ones
    9:30-10 – We Are Men
    10-11 – Persons of Interest

    8-9 – Hostages
    9-10 – Hawaii Five-0
    10-11 – Blue Bloods

    The Millers left for mid-season replacing We Are Men (if it flops) or Mike & Molly (if WAM doesn’t flop). Reckless also left for mid-season replacing a failed new drama or in Sunday/Wednesday filling-in between TAR/Survivor cycles and leaving the other spot for Undercover Boss

  • Jlopie1

    Cam Gigandet from the movie Burlesque? Very sexy man – he’ll be bringing in the the older segment of the 18-49 demo! But how come I’ve never even heard of this one? Not sorry NCIS: Red is losing steam – thoroughly boring show.

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