Updated: 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' First Promo (Video)

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May 12th, 2013

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ABC has released a 7-second teaser for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The full promo for the new series will debut during the Once Upon a Time finale tonight.

Update: now with the full 30 second promo.

  • Dennis

    FLOP??? :D

  • The Cannibal

    This will be a huge success. Mark my words. I don’t really like superhero films or shows but general public love them.

  • Pat

    No, this is going to be a massive hit. LOST massive.

  • CBSviewer

    Superhero Shows work on The CW but not on ABC.

  • I think this one will work out for ABC. It seems like it’d be more of a success than a flop. It’ll be The Walking Dead of broadcast TV dramas.

  • Nick

    Two words, people: Joss Whedon. Have some respect.

  • max


  • landon

    This better be big!

  • Bill

    This could be massive for ABC….. If done right of course

  • DW

    it has 5 years written all over it. it will do big then drop just like everything does now a days but its strength will be in on demand and the internet.

  • Mark Markleson

    It will start out huge then slowly fade . I think people will be expecting too much . How long will it take people to lose interest when Ironman , Thor , The Incredible Hulk , Black Widow and Captain America don’t show up ?

    Nerds will love it , but I don’t see the mainstream public sticking with it .

    Joss Whedon does an excellent job storytelling , but his results on tv ( ratings) have been not quite do good .

  • Ted Craig

    I don’t know how SHIELD will do, but there is a long history of shows like this working on TV: Man from UNCLE, I Spy, Mission:Impossible, Alias, etc. This is an open-ended adventure show, not a limited concept show like Terminator, Last Resort and numerous other failed shows people want to compare it to.

  • Dark Yami

    Do you do know the problem trying to air this MARVEL show on the CW right?

    Well in case you didn’t know CW only shows DC shows comic book wise as their own by WB who own the rights to DC shows/films.

  • llama

    It could be a huge success as ling as abc just put it in the perfect slot, abc has some great shows but not put in the best slot

  • Peter

    @Mark Markleson, it’s mostly Foxs fault for not promoting Firefly and putting it in a bad timeslot and airing it out of order. SHIELD might get a bad timeslot (Thursdays 8 pm), but definitely will get heavily promoted.

  • Peter

    I think that SHIELD looks more like Firefly than Dollhouse and thats a good thing. I think it will premiere well. Why? Marvel tie ins. They will probably promote it on Disney Channel as well. I love Joss Whedon as a writer but even the original Dollhouse pilot was not good. Firefly on the other hand was great despite Fox airing the show out of order.

  • Dave

    I have mixed feelings about this. Either it flops and flops hard or it’ll be next Seasons Breakout drama!

    Timeslot is key. Thursdays at 8p would be perfect but I hear Sundays at 9p is also in contention and that would be a huge mistake to sandwich this show between Once and Revenge.

  • Dave

    I think Thursdays on ABC:
    8/7c: S.H.I.E.L.D
    9/8c: Grey’s
    10/9c: SCANDAL

    would be killer!

  • Peter

    @Dave, the only way I see Agents of SHIELD working on Thursdays at 8 is if its more female centric. Because the last male show Last Resort failed in that time slot.

  • Jim

    Joss Whedon record so far:
    Buffy 7 Seasons
    Angel 5 Seasons
    Firefly 1 Season
    Dollhouse 2 Seasons

    Anyone want to graph that and make a trend line?

    Joss is loved by his fanatics, but to the general public? meh. SHEILD is a coin flip.

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