NBC: No Decision Yet on 'Hannibal'

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May 12th, 2013


Hannibal fans, you aren't about to get any answers one way or another just yet. According to NBC's official schedule press release:

Pick-up decisions on “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Hannibal” are still to be made in the next few weeks.

  • Alienware

    It was obvious, let’s see how it performs the rest of the season.

  • Nerdbot

    I really hope it gets picked up for a second season. I’d be sad to see another Bryan Fuller show being canceled after a few episodes.

  • were123

    So it’s like RoE last season.
    I believe it will get picked up. Hannibal is cheap for them, I read in deadline that NBC has to pay just a small fee for the show, so it’s not a bad deal. I hope it rises in the next few weeks; if it does it’ll come back surely. If it doesn’t, it will still be a toss up. If it falls, even a little, it may be a goner

  • Douglas from Brazil

    It’s clearly for all of us that Hannibal is dead.It all dramas been renewed and Hannibal ratings steady at 1.1, there’s no way that will be renewed.Most of dramas has been renewed ratings are above 1.5.

  • Alan

    I hope they do it! Come on NBC, grow some b*lls! They basically cancelled all their new shows.

  • Survivor Fan

    What do you think about The Celebrity Apprentice?

  • Evan

    Not really surprised by Hannibal. I don’t think it has a chance though. They just released their schedule and they still have a few shows not even scheduled for midseason yet. Plus only place I could see this show going is Friday after Grimm and they’ve already scheduled Dracula there. I am surprised by celebrity apprentice. Their prob waiting for the finale ratings to make a decision. The show doesn’t pull in great ratings but still not bad. I’m guessing their budget is too big with having to pay Donald trump and all the “celebrities”

  • Cyrax86

    They couldn’t even schedule all of their new dramas. Of course it’s dead, unless they plan to air it on Wednesdays at 8 pm after Revolution is destroyed there.

  • The Cannibal

    Hannibal will survive because of international funding. Go Hannibal! Go quality television!

  • The Cannibal


    Actually Crossbones is after Grimm, not Dracula. If Hannibal is renewed it will premier mid-season.

  • JAA

    I can’t help but wonder if Hannibal was more suited for Cable

  • Observer

    @The Cannibal
    Crossbones and Dracula are limited series, they both will air after Grimm (if the posted schedule holds).

  • Alice

    I don’t think they’re expecting its ratings to climb significantly, probably just seeing how far they drop in order to have more data for the shows profitability. I’m hoping it’ll get renewed as its cheap, but if its ratings drop, or fail to rise whatsoever… I sincerely doubt it’ll get renewed.

    Really wish a cable channel would just pick it up!

  • Lisa

    They should dump Hannibal. The show might be cheap for them, but the numbers are horrific. I like how they cleaned out a bunch of poorly performing comedies. Keeping Hannibal would be a step in the wrong direction. Celebrity Apprentice should stay for now, since it’s still doing okay by NBC standards.

  • Kenny

    It`s a pure and simple fit for the IDIOTS at NBC to put it on fridays at 10, and make Friday “Supernatural Friday” Dracula 8, Grimm at 9 and Hannibal at 10..If i`m thinking that why isn`t NBC? Hannibal was simply a smart and GOOD show something NBC other than Grimm don`t have.

  • CBSviewer

    I know Hannibal is an International production but which networks produce it ?

  • bob

    if they remove mads it can work

  • bob

    nbc produce it

  • Carmen

    NBC; No Decision Yet on Hannibal


    “It’s toast but we see no practical advantage in announcing its cancellation at this point – not while it has more episodes to run”

  • Alice

    @cbs viewer
    Sony, axn and gaumnot international.

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