NBC: No Decision Yet on 'Hannibal'

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May 12th, 2013


Hannibal fans, you aren't about to get any answers one way or another just yet. According to NBC's official schedule press release:

Pick-up decisions on “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Hannibal” are still to be made in the next few weeks.

  • Lena

    Hannibal is an amazing show! it has to get renewed! why americans insist on not watching great tv shows?? :(

  • Mark

    I have a feeling hannibal will be renewed……only 13 episodes of a cheap show that seems to be holding steady (even though the ratings aren’t amazing, it has held steady the past couple weeks) isn’t a bad formula for renewal on NBC standards.

  • NBC should move Hannibal to Tuesdays when Grimm will end. Give it some boost and attention. :)

  • CBSviewer

    @ Alice

    Thanks ! So Hannibal is produced by French and Japonese companies and none is able to bring it back ?

  • SJ

    Cancel them both.

  • Alice

    @Cbs viewer
    I think if they were gonna renew it based on it being cheap, they probably would’ve done so already. Perhaps they’re waiting to see if the ratings get a boost after scandal and elementary have aired their finales?

  • CBSviewer

    @ Alice

    I agree with you. For me the Show has still 50% chances to be Renewed :)

  • Anthony M

    Hannibal had FX or AMC written all over it. I won’t be the least bit shocked if NBC cancels it. I hate the networks, I want the whole system to go down the tubes. Everyone knows the Nielsen ratings are outdated and inaccurate.

  • Sara


  • Sara


  • Ultima


    8 O = 8O

  • josh2770

    i think they might move hannibal to AMC

  • Alex


    “It’s toast but we see no practical advantage in announcing its cancellation at this point – not while it has more episodes to run”

    Usually I’d agree.

    On this occasion given the production and financing model its entirely possible they haven’t yet decided on season two because they don’t know how much it’ll cost. Until the various other international broadcasters weigh in NBC aren’t going to know how good a deal they can get. Unfortunately I’d still lean toward cancelled rather than renewed but I can at least buy this decision being kicked down the road a little.

  • gregg

    Well the nked honest truth here is, Hannibal won’t preform well against The red-hot Scandal. Maybe after Scandal ends, it might, but it will be too late.

  • Anthony M

    If it gets renewed it will be a mid-season show with 13 episodes according to Bryan Fuller. What a waste though, can’t believe the crap that gets renewed while good shows struggle.

  • joel

    The final decision could be made as soon as Friday. If it doesn’t get a big bump running commercial free after The Office series finale then it’s six feet under.

  • Dan

    It will probably be cancelled at this point, there’s no room on NBC’s midseason schedule and with all there new series in place, there’s really no point to renew it.

  • Joe Smith

    if a show like this can’t be renewed then no crime related show deserves to be renewed

  • Hugh

    Schedule spacle?

    Awards hopeful?

  • Chuck_T

    Waiting to see how it does after the much touted final episode of The Office.

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