NBC: No Decision Yet on 'Hannibal'

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May 12th, 2013


Hannibal fans, you aren't about to get any answers one way or another just yet. According to NBC's official schedule press release:

Pick-up decisions on “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Hannibal” are still to be made in the next few weeks.

  • cimmer

    NBC doesn’t know what to do with this show. I think like with Southland, that it needs to move to cable. It’s too edgy for NBC, they’re completely uncomfortable with the show.

  • gerry

    i think no decision is the decision….

    they don’t want to formally announce with so many eps left to air, but my wager is that hannibal is done for.

  • Stacy

    I agree that they’re not likely to announce the cancellation with a few episodes still queued up. And if they did, fans (like me) would just complain that “It might have done better after Scandal/Elementary ended if you hadn’t announced it was cancelled! WTF NBC!?!?!” :) I thought the show was strongly promoted, so if people aren’t tuning in there’s not much else that NBC can do. Only so many shows can be propped up by The Voice, and even that may not have helped Hannibal considering the subject matter.

    If it is renewed I’ll be very happy. But, I’m certainly not holding my breath.

  • MichaelChickless

    Go Hannibal!

  • joel

    I’d say their minds are close to being made up, but if they already decided they wouldn’t be airing it commercial free after The Office finale when that valuable spot could otherwise be given to something with a potential future.

  • KarenM

    I saw NBC’s new season schedule and no sign of Hannibal.

  • Joseph

    After the NFL season ends, NBC will have lots of holes to fill on Sunday nights.

    Could we see “Dateline”, “Hannibal”, and “The Apprentice”/”Celebrity Apprentice” fill Sunday nights in mid-season??

  • Kyle

    @Vanstone, are you kidding? The Following ended up being one of Foxs top shows, and its top newest show. I highly doubt it will be canceled after next season, comparing Hanibal to it is an insult, plus they are completly different shows, you need to take a look at The Following ratings, because clearly you have not.

  • Marius

    @Kyle, The Following: Much like Lost was nowhere near an accurate depiction of people stranded on a desert island, The Following is not a procedural drama about the FBI — They would have to follow any kind of REAL-LIFE procedure in the first place.

    If it does make it to Season 3, I already know the season opener: Joe Carroll ousts the President, then takes over Federal Government. Meanwhile Ryan Hardy is now being pursued by every Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement officer as he wakes up naked in the middle of the West Virginia woods with a nothing except a broomstick, a towel, 25 cents and a paperclip. (It’s like MacGuyver in reverse: it doesn’t matter how many backup officers and strike teams he has, or how well or badly Ryan is provisioned, he is completely helpless anyway.)

    Between the two shows, I find Hannibal to be slightly better grounded in reality (not completely realistic, mind you, but better).

  • Opinador Objetivo

    I hope they cancel Hannibal, it’s just too violent, graphic, horrorific. The same goes for the other cr@p of The Following that, despite low ratings they renewed!?… I think we have enough with the real news and real tragedies.

    What we need is legal dramas!!!! Or shows with suspense, mystery, espionage, thriller, etc.

  • rehabber

    I stopped watching it last week.

  • Wright

    Renew Hannibal!!!!

  • M2

    Best show on Broadcast TV

  • Bertolucci

    The worst insult possible is calling him Lector, a proof that the book wasn´t even touched. The show is an adaptation intended to not repeat the former movies that supposed to be identical to the books. Who have read the books can find a lot of cool references. NBC will be unspeakably stupid if cancel this masterpiece.

  • lostboy

    Put Hannibal on after Revolution on Wednesday night. Since everyone on this site believes Revolution will crash in the time slot. I am optimistic about Revolution it s still NBC highest rated scripted drama. You can hate on all you want the numbers do not lie. Did anyone really think Revolution would keep the Voice lead in, and has any show kept the Voice’s lead in consistently. Let me know if I am wrong.

  • Pjholiday

    Hannibal is brilliant! The story lines are written well and it makes all the comedic garbage look like frat house gags! Finally Thursday has a replacement for ER. I’m personally tired of the Chicago Fire (aka: drug addiction/sex) Scandal (more sex, T&A). If NBC cancels Hannibal perhaps cable channels can find a place for it. There is a reason Homeland and other premium cable networks win all the emmy’s!

  • Ray

    I really hope they consider renewing this show its one of the few shows on par with game of thrones and breaking bad in terms of quality of story and production. They have done an exceptionally good job paying homage to the original works and maintaining a level of general but dark curiosity into the psyche of Lector. Would be a real shame to see this show fall apart.

  • Marc

    Hannibal is a great show,period. It deserves a second season and Mads Mikkelson is the best thing about this series.

  • Marc

    @opinador too violent? Seriously? This show is about a cannibal,what did you expect?!? If you want legal dramas and procedurals then just watch CBS. Hannibal is awesome and portrays the character perfectly.

  • jane

    Why not move it to AMC they sure could use some good shows with Breaking Bad ending this year not to mention Mad Men next year, It makes more sense then to keep renewing medicore stuff like Hell on Wheels or the Killing.

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