NBC: No Decision Yet on 'Hannibal'

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May 12th, 2013


Hannibal fans, you aren't about to get any answers one way or another just yet. According to NBC's official schedule press release:

Pick-up decisions on “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Hannibal” are still to be made in the next few weeks.

  • Terry

    I’m guessing this show will be canceled soon. I did not the show or it’s content. Deception should have been renewed instead. They pulled 3 million plus a week with no promotion while this show is barely getting 2.6 million a week. Beside Hannibal has been taken off the air on a NBC affiliate in Arizona.

  • Terry

    Oops I meant Utah…

  • Julie

    Hannibal has risen to one of my favorite shows. It’s intelligent, interesting, beautifully shot and the acting is phenomenal. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they renew it.

  • Joseph A

    Why the heck would NBC want two shows based off Silence of the Lambs ?

  • alexjones

    “After the NFL season ends, NBC will have lots of holes to fill on Sunday nights.

    Could we see “Dateline”, “Hannibal”, and “The Apprentice”/”Celebrity Apprentice” fill Sunday nights in mid-season??”

    No, NBC have already announned that they’ll be airing new dramas Believe and Crisis on sundays come midseason.

  • Carl

    If anything, this show kind of reminds me of the late 90’s show “Millennium”. I loved Millennium and this show while not quite as good as that is pretty darn good. The only difference between Frank Black and Will Graham was that Frank’s ability was brought across as at least partially psychic with actual visions while Will’s ability is pure thought process.

    I can’t see how you can compare this to The Following at all as they are totally different. I still watch The Following because the rest of my family enjoys it, but I find the story getting quite ridiculous. The cult thinks of everything, while the police think of nothing. The last episode where they tracked the cult to the shelter was just dumb. The cops went in to the shelter talking about how they were going to stop anyone that looked suspicious and then let a guy in camouflage walk right by them when they already know that the cult has connections to a militia group. Then the camo dude ends up killing at least two people when the lights go out and the cult attacks. Quite annoying.

  • Mike M

    I was a militant member of the “Nuts for Jericho” campaign to save Jericho from an early demise. We flooded CBS with nuts (food) of all kinds for weeks until they relented and gave us a somewhat shortened but satisfying reprise……Please NBC I would rather not have to send organ meats in protest if Hannibal is terminated. Its messy. Best da** show on network TV, give it time.

  • Mary

    They should have done what Greenblatt suggested (I think he was the one) and made it a summer show. It did well in the ratings when Scandal & Elementary were in reruns, that would suggest it’d fare better without regualar season competition. Maybe if it does better after this week, they’ll renew it but won’t premiere it until June 2014.

  • Cru

    To those saying its obvious its dead because it hasnt been picked up yet. Keep in mind ALL the other shows are ending there seasons right now. Hannibal just started.

  • julix

    @Joseph A
    Actually, it is based on the Red Dragon not Silence of the Lambs ;)

  • Chelle

    Why is it every show that I love on NBC is either cancelled early or they completely revamp it so it is not recognizable. Hannibal is excellent, it reminds me of the books and Mads Mikkelsen is amazing. Mads makes that show. Please NBC let Bryan Fuller have a how that lasts, his writing is brilliant. Pushing Daises was amazing and they stopped it too soon, NBC needs to give Hannibal a real chance. Otherwise give it to cable or better yet HBO or Showtime.

  • Alice

    Is there ny chance of it being give to cable? How often does that happen? I’m thinking of cougar town and southland but no others….

  • BrieK

    I hope that they wrap Hannibal up by the end of the season and then call it a mini-series like ABC did with Missing. That’s all I can hope for at this point.

  • KMS

    Hannibal is a smart show in so many ways, but it messes with the viewer psychologically as much as Lechter messes with the other characters, which may not appeal to many. To enjoy it seems rather morbid at times, especially when it does something funny, but that just makes me think about what has just happened in the show and my reaction to it. which I like. As I said, it’s smart.

  • Nomdeplume

    Hannibal is a clever, brilliant, and extremely intelligent show. It leaves you wanting more. It’s also one of the best shows I’ve seen on television. NBC chairman of entertainment Bob Greenblatt and the rest of NBC would be idiots not to pick Hannibal up for another season. In other words, NBC (though I doubt anyone at NBC will actually read this), renew Hannibal.

  • Cheryl

    I hopw they renew it, it is actually a really engaging show. got my fingers crossed!

  • TBH

    This scares me, I was really looking forward to seeing how this show evolves for seasons to come. Since Dexter is ending I viewed this as the show to take its place. I HOPE to God it doesn’t get cancelled or at the very least let someone pick up the show. This is one of the great new shows on tv and needs to be continued, Please people check it out tomorrow is do or die and if it doesn’t do it’ll die.

  • Sixteenvolt420

    Hopefully it’ll get renewed. Too many cancellations every year, anymore.

  • S.H. Dingo

    I hope with all my heart for a Renew ! for me is one of the best tv series in history ! very deep and smart like anyone else, is one of the best series ever made like series made history, like friends, or game of thrones, this series, this creators, and this wonderful actors deserve to live with HANNIBAL again for a season 2 and beyond ! i hope !

  • Jill

    I really hope it’s renewed! I’m SOO into show! Would really really hate to see it end!

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