Trailer for New NBC Drama 'The Blacklist' + Previews for 'Ironside,' 'The Michael J. Fox Show,' 'Sean Saves the World,' and 'Welcome to the Family' (Updated)

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May 12th, 2013


The Blacklist stars James Spader and will air Mondays at 10p after The Voice.

Update: Now with new preview clips via TV Line's ENTV Youtube Channel:


The Michael J. Fox Show:

Sean Saves the World:

Welcome to the Family:

  • Bookworm

    This looks pretty good! A more formal version of Breakout Kings?

    I hope it doesn’t get too procedural but it looks like the cases are solved in an episodes time.

  • SJ

    I see NBC is ripping off The Following… Hard pass.

  • Simon

    Spader looks so different to when i last saw him on tv – must have been along time ago!

    First trailer of the new season looks ok, can’t wait to see more trailers!

  • josh2770

    i think this might be a swing and miss for NBC ;)

  • dazza

    this looks really good ill give it a look

  • Peter

    Why did you take down the links? They were trailers and is related to this subject. Oh well.

  • Holly


    Why did you take down the links?

    Due to problems they set the spam filter to block any and all hyperlinks.

  • DonJ1973

    That looking nothing at all like The Following.

    If anything it has some similarities to White Collar, which is a weekly action crime caper show. There aren’t no serial killers mentioned.

  • Petar Ivanov

    Looks so simple he is her father. But i will try it. Looks like procedural.

  • Ricky

    @SJ: Yeah, how exactly does this compare to The Following, other than the FBI and the infamous criminal (who isn’t a serial killer)? It looks totally different in tone anyway. I’m expecting not a bleak gorno but a dark dramedy in the vein of The Mentalist or Elementary.

    Speaking of which, who else thinks this looks like it would work well on CBS too? In which case I’m really hoping this one becomes a big hit for NBC, ’cause they seem to be really banking on this one.

  • DonJ1973

    It’s definitely a weekly action procedural. But unlike a lot of shows, I don’t think the premise is limited and this seems like it has decent long-term potential.

    Anyone notice Spader’s massive receding hairline? He had a full head of hair on Boston Legal. Aging hasn’t been kind to him.

  • bluejays

    Personally I can’t stand James Spader. One of the few actors I really hate to watch. But…the show premise looks good and its much more procedural in tone so it might finally work after The Voice and stick. Rather than them keeping having these over hyped genre shows that then plummet.

    They need to start building a more solid schedule and Blacklist on Mondays after The Voice and Chicago Fire on Tuesdays makes me think they might be finally getting some things right.

  • JJ

    I’ll give all three comedies a shot. They have potential.

  • Kyle R

    Did any of those comedy clips have any jokes in them? If they did, I appear to have missed them entirely.

  • MJ

    I know it might be unfair to base an assessment on one short clip, but my God, does Welcome to the Family look dreadful. Assuming the rest of the show is like that clip, I predict a swift cancellation. I have to admit I chuckled at the Sean Saves the World clip, though I’m not sure how well the show will do generally. MJF looks fine, but nothing special.

  • Andrea

    Blacklist in NBC’s new Revolution, The Event, yada yada. Follow the bread crumbs.

  • bluejays

    @Sj – it looks more like White Collar but with James Spader instead of Matt Boehmer (thereby being, in all likelihood, a poor man’s version of White Collar because Matt is sooo so so pretty and very likeable as an actor and James Spader is just always creepy and wrong in everything he does, although probably a lovely guy in real life etc etc…).

  • Peter

    @bluejays, and that’s why it got a huge test score. That’s why James Spader was popular in movies and Boston Legal.

  • Joe Smith

    laugh track/coerced audience shows get an automatic ‘no’ from me. i’ll give Fox the benefit of the doubt. ironside might be a decent crime show. blacklist looks like it has the most potential.

  • bluejays

    @Petar. As I said it looks like a good premise. But forgive me for not being overly optimistic here. I mean Smash was going to be the biggest TV show ever. I remember the hype very well and it wasn’t, it ultimately flopped. Then we had Revolution, huge never going to be a bigger show. Over seven million you tube hits yada yada yada. Look where we are now.

    I’m not saying it won’t be a hit, and actually I think it has more potential to be a solid show for NBC than anything else they’ve put in that slot for three years. But it getting the supposedly highest test scoring for ten years doesn’t make be want to bet cold hard cash on NBC having found a big hit. Been burned too many times with their inability to make any drama really stick and do well (compared to other nets).

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