Trailer for New NBC Drama 'The Blacklist' + Previews for 'Ironside,' 'The Michael J. Fox Show,' 'Sean Saves the World,' and 'Welcome to the Family' (Updated)

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May 12th, 2013


The Blacklist stars James Spader and will air Mondays at 10p after The Voice.

Update: Now with new preview clips via TV Line's ENTV Youtube Channel:


The Michael J. Fox Show:

Sean Saves the World:

Welcome to the Family:

  • Ricky

    @bluejays: I dunno about the whole “poor man’s White Collar” thing…I didn’t like White Collar at all when I first tried it out, because I thought Bomer was too much of a smarmosaur. Spader doesn’t come across that way in this trailer, but who knows? What I hope for is Spader’s character to be a little more of a Sophisticated-As-Hell type, something really befitting a notorious criminal IMHO.

  • Ulf

    I think they all look bad. I hope the MJF one turns out to be good.

    I like the movie About a Boy, so that’s the NBC show I’m interested in. Although I believe this series is based on the book rather than the British movie, which’d prob be a good thing, since the Americans haven’t done well with redoing British shows (Office, Shameless, Skins, Inbetweeners). Speaking of those shows, I’m also skeptical of Gavin & Stacey’s fortunes on FOX.

    I care a little bit about each NBC show not shown here, except for the multi-cam sitcom that isn’t scheduled (Undateable) and the generically named police procedural (Chicago PD).

  • Anderson

    These comedies going by the Clips are dreadful.

    I would need to see more of Ironside before i made a decision

    I think only show that will get a pilot watch from me going off the first lot of Clips is Blacklist.

  • k:Alex

    I like ‘The Blacklist’ because it looks like ’24?, I miss that kind of shows.
    And I like the villain.

  • joel

    All these Blacklist comparisons are WAAAAAY off the mark. Even though Hannibal is about to get cancelled this another show that is clearly derivative from Silence of the Lambs. The ominous criminal takes the newbie female crime-fighter under his wing to take down other criminals.

  • Shiro

    i’m not a-single-cam-comedy-type-of-guy, but MJF looks dreadful and nothing special in it. same goes to WTTF. Sean Saves the World looks more fun to watch (even people hope it will bomb).lol

    i will give it Blacklist a try. and not sure about Ironside though.

  • joel

    None of it looks good to me except Blacklist.

  • 3terms4obama

    I know it’s hard to make a comedy seem funny in less than a minute, but…

  • Tony JJ

    The Blacklist was surprisingly good. Should premiere huge.

    Ironside looked awful, but I will wait for an actual “trailer” to decide, but I see quick cancellation in it’s future.

    The comedies were meh. Sean Saves the World looks the best which is probably why it got the 9:00 anchor slot. MJF show could be good. Welcome to the Family looks meh. But again these “clips” are just an awful idea, networks should not release these clips and just release a full trailer, because all of those clips have me saying meh.

  • Melissa


    Going by the trailer one can understand why it was NBC highest testing show in 10yrs.

    High test ratings don’t really mean much. According to CBS, Person of Interest received the highest test ratings of any drama pilot in 15 years, and then it ended up with only a 3.1 premiere.

  • Nick

    Now for my annual grades for new show trailers: :D

    The Blacklist: A+
    This show looks TERRIFIC. If anything, it reminds me of Person of Interest, the best procedural on TV. I am sure that this will find a way to be completely unique, however.

    Ironside: C+
    This was not enough to tell me anything.

    The Michael J. Fox Show: B-
    Again, not enough to decide, but I’m slightly optimistic.

    Sean Saves the World: F
    Looks absolutely horrid. I HATE family comedies that try to be racy. This year’s The Neighbors?

    Welcome to the Family: B+
    I am intrigued, it’s the kind of family comedy I love. While the “hating in-laws” storyline is quite common nowadays, I do not think it has been used to base an entire series. It could work.

    Where is Dracula? Hasn’t it been in production for, like, a year now?

  • JeffATL

    As long as they don’t turn the female agent on Blacklist into a superwoman or make her want to end the partnership every episode, I think the show will be very good.

    Unfortuately, many shows like this with a great premise tend to quickly devolve.

  • Austin

    I don’t really judge by trailers, I like to give each show a try because some shows initially have terrible trailers but have really good first episodes. So, I’ll have fun with/suffer with all of the shows like always. I’m a TV Fanatic.

  • Charlie

    none of these appeal to me at all

    how many more shows from NBC are we expecting for them to release the trailers?

  • jason50

    As someone said, Blacklist looks a little like White Collar. I would say maybe a mix of White Collar and The Following. NBC does look like it has some interesting dramas on the way with Crossing Lines, Crisis, and Belive all set to appear sometime this year.

  • Drizz

    The comedies look horrendous. The MJF show looks as bland as the Tim Allen sitcom. Can’t believe NBC killed “Go On” with it’s personality-filled cast for such absolute dreck. Blacklist looks excellent, and I would be willing to give Ironside a try since Underwood is a good actor.

  • johnhelvete

    Gonna guess that Spader was once in love with the female agent’s mother and he sees her as the daughter he never had. Both of her parents probably died mysteriously years ago and she will find out that it wasn’t an accident.

  • Boiler

    Glad Ironside will be opposite Nashville. This should help Nashville’s ratings!!!!!!!

  • TV Addict

    Blacklist looks good, Ironside looks ok too, and all the comedies are sorta eh.
    Even though I like some of these shows, I won’t be watching any. I’ll be too busy hoping for the demise of the comedies so Community can claim it’s spot on the schedule.

  • Peter

    “Glad Ironside will be opposite Nashville. This should help Nashville’s ratings!!!!!!!” This!!! Ironside looks like it will be canceled in 2 weeks. But, Blacklist looks terrific.

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