Trailer for New NBC Drama 'The Blacklist' + Previews for 'Ironside,' 'The Michael J. Fox Show,' 'Sean Saves the World,' and 'Welcome to the Family' (Updated)

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May 12th, 2013


The Blacklist stars James Spader and will air Mondays at 10p after The Voice.

Update: Now with new preview clips via TV Line's ENTV Youtube Channel:


The Michael J. Fox Show:

Sean Saves the World:

Welcome to the Family:

  • Chris J

    Comedies look pretty weak. I think MJF and WTTF will be cancelled with Community and Undateable taking their places.

    From the initial press release it seems that NBC has more faith in the quality of About a Boy and Family Guide than in these comedies.

  • Penny

    Welcome to the Family looks like it belongs on The CW.

  • Nick

    The Blacklist looks GREAT. I’ll definetely give it a try. And even if I don’t end up hooked, I think it is going to survive several seasons.

    As for the other shows, I MAY watch Ironside and WTTF, but they don’t really look as good as blacklist. This shows may survive a couple of seasons. The rest of the shows, MJF Show and SSTW, look terrible, specially MJF Show. I think they are only going to last a season, because as someone on Charlie Sheen’s roast said, God Hates Michale J. Fox.

  • Craig

    Oh man, these are all so bland and boring looking. Blacklist, has Spader and im surprised he took the role. The plot would be fine as a movie but not a tv show. We keep saying the same thing over and over again each year. These kinds of shows never work and always end up canceled in a season or two. Why do they not get it????

  • tim_m

    Blacklist looks good but the comedies are just too short to really know.

  • JeffATL

    Ironside looks terrible. It’s not clear how these shows ever get greeenlighted.

  • ToXiX

    Impressed with Ironside, Blacklist & Welcome To The Family.

    Those are the 3 I will be checking next season.

    I wasn’t a fan of Go On, but NBC was stupid for cancelling it for 3 new comedies. 2 of which look awful and WTTF doesn’t look like much of a winner either I just like mike o malley

  • capslocke

    Spader, while a great actor, appears to have been horribly miscast. This show needs a hot young actor with just enough acting skills to carry the show, a Matt Bomer-type. there goes the younger female demographic right there.

  • grgx

    Blacklist looks good except for Megan Boone, idk.
    Ironside eh the clip looks terribly boring to me.

    And OMG all the comedies look so plain and boring. -_-

  • Rebecca

    The clips are too short to really judge the shows yet, but of all the comedies I think I’ll probably only like the Sean Hayes one….mainly because I like Sean Hayes. I’ll give MJF a chance because I adored him in Family Ties. I won’t bother with new dramas except for OUAT:Wonderland and maybe Dracula, so far.

  • Shepherd

    The Blacklist looks decent, although I’m not sure if I’m thinking that because I just finished s1-4 of Boston Legal.

    The Ironside clip feels like it’s missing the second half.

    I didn’t watch any of the comedy clips.

  • Rebecca

    Yeah, I know…I got the Wonderland title wrong. I’m only going to call it Wonderland anyway, in future posts, lol. Just like how I call The Mindy Project just Mindy. I’ll miss How To Live (WYPFTROYL), which was just HTL to me.

  • Shepherd

    Reminds me more of Alcatraz than White Collar.


  • Feedback

    So I’m supposed to watch her hunt down bad guys every single week and save the day? What is this, CBS? I hope this show flops hard. It’s going to get ridiculously repetitive to see this procedural end with another “save the day” moment every week.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    Blacklist looks good now that i saw the trailer. the other shows are just short clips so no way to tell more about them. I hope they release trailers for them too.

  • DonJ1973


    What the hell is your deal? Procedurals have been around decades. They aren’t going anywhere. They make money since they can be repeated in no set order and are easier to sell overseas. The Blacklist being a procedural gives it an advantage for success.

  • DonJ1973

    It’s unfair to judge a show based on those clips and random scenes. You don’t really have a context on what the show is about or how the scene is set up.

    I wonder why the networks cut these enormous 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 minute trailers to promote their shows? Sometimes they give away too much.

  • tim_m

    I don’t see how anyone can say those comedies look awful off of 30 second clips. How much can you possibly see in 30 seconds!


    The trailer for Blacklist didn’t really exite me that much. Nothing ground breaking that got me anxious for it based off trailer. I’m already invested in The Following & this seems like a tamed down version of it with a female lead. Ill give it a try tho (unlike Revolution which screamed Soapy plots base of trailer).

  • tvfan2013

    N.othing B.ut C.rap…. more lame procedurals. crap so – called reality. . and Donald Trump .. NO THANKS I’LL PASS !!!!

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