Trailer for New NBC Drama 'The Blacklist' + Previews for 'Ironside,' 'The Michael J. Fox Show,' 'Sean Saves the World,' and 'Welcome to the Family' (Updated)

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May 12th, 2013


The Blacklist stars James Spader and will air Mondays at 10p after The Voice.

Update: Now with new preview clips via TV Line's ENTV Youtube Channel:


The Michael J. Fox Show:

Sean Saves the World:

Welcome to the Family:

  • HalCapone

    I’m disappointed that NBC didn’t give us a black and gay Ironside.

  • PurpleDrazi

    I am not a fan of James Spader but the preview looks really good. I may have to check this out.

    The rest of the shows….yawn.

  • Cougar Town Forever

    My Thoughts:

    Blacklist: Very interested.

    MJF show: This was the only comedy trailer that had me laughing. I think I would probably watch this.

    Ironside: Not good. Another generic cop show with a twist.

    Welcome to the Family: Yawn. Not funny.

    Sean Saves the World: HORRENDOUS!!!! I thought this was by far the worst of the four. Sean Hayes is trying WAY too hard. And the gags are as lame as they come. My goodness. I would rather watch Whitney than that (and I hated Whitney).

  • Fakeem

    Blacklist: Would be better as a movie. I was more interested before I saw the trailer than after.

    Black Ironside: Will suffer the same fate as the Black Odd Couple and the Black Honeymooners Movie. Just throwing blacks into remakes of white shows almost always fails. In fact, the only white show with a black cast to succeed was The Cosby Show, and that wasn’t even a remake.

    M.J.Fox: Just uncomfortable to watch because of his health.

    SSTW: Another attempt to get Bravo/LOGO viewers to watch NBC. FAIL!

    WTTF: Looks like a rural The New Normal. WHY?

    Looks like NBC has nothing that will not be lead-dependent

  • GuyNamedRachel

    Spader is great.

    In Blacklist, NBC may actually have one scripted show that is able to attract as many 18-49 viewers as the average Family Guy rerun on Adult Swim.

  • M2

    I will definitely be watching Blacklist

  • KG

    I have to say that I’m more excited about many of these NBC shows than I have been about their shows in a while. Hopefully this proves to be a good year for them.

  • JJF

    Alan Shore is back as a criminal who will help the government catch other criminals. Hopefully with less soapbox this time. haha

    But The Blacklist actually looks…okay? Hmmmm. Hate to start watching something else though. haha

  • Becki

    Wow! NBC is really hurting if they are remaking a show that originally aired in 1967. However, the new Ironside looks like it might do better if it were on CBS. It looks like a CBS type show is what I mean. The Michael J Fox show looks boring and dreadful. It amazes me that the suits are comfortable that MJF can carry a show, due to his health problems. I guess that is what insurance is for. I know in the past I have read that MJF has stated he has bad days and good days,so maybe he has found some better meds to help him. I hope so. MJF is a good actor,I just don’t care for his new show. Watching the clip for WTTF I was thinking WTF? It seemed annoying and unfunny from the clip I saw. As for Blacklist, it would make a great TV movie of the week! I know they don’t make those anymore but I’m 40 years old so I remember movies of the week. I’m not sure if Blacklist will be successful, because I think it will be the same storyline every week, ( James Spader helps catch a bad guy) and that can get boring really fast. Blacklist looked the best out of the clips to me but until I see a few episodes, I cannot decide if it will do well or not. As for SSTW, it might do okay, but I dont think it will be the next Modern Family or anything,like the network hopes it will be. I think people may initially tune into SSTW, and then get bored. I just don’t see much of a storyline from the clip,except that a gay man has a daughter. I don’t see how that will be funny after about 5 episodes. I think WTTF and Ironside are going to be the real stinkers here, with the MJF show being third place stinker.

  • Josh

    The Blacklist sounds like it could be a hit
    Ironside looks kinda good but if they notice the wheelchair every episode of the season it will prob fail.
    Not sure about the Micheal J Fox Show or Sean Saves the World
    Welcome to the Family sounds good.

  • frodo

    Will only check out


    None of the comedies grab me but welcome to the family looks like the best bet.

  • Stop-Colin-Me

    Definitely going to check out The Blacklist!

  • ron

    the balcklist looks pretty decent!

  • Jo

    No, no, no, maybe, no.

  • Derreck

    The Blacklist looks amazing, but I fear it will follow the same path as Alcatraz.

    Other than blacklist im not interested in anything new from NBC

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