Will 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Promo Lift 'Once Upon a Time' Finale? (Poll)

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May 12th, 2013


Tonight's Once Upon a Time isn't just notable because its the finale, but also because the first official promo for the much-hyped Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.will be airing at some point during the broadcast. You can check out the teaser here. Could Once Upon a Time get a bump as a result? Or will those interested just wait until the promo hits the Internet? Make your ratings predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • Dennis



  • rob60990

    I highly doubt enough people will know that ABC will air a 7 second promo for SHIELD tonight during OUAT.

    I’ll go with a 2.5.

  • Dennis



  • Cyrax86

    I’ll go with a cautious 2.4…

    On the other hand, I’m sure Breaking Amish will destroy the finale of Revenge.

  • Tim

    @rob the 7-second clip is not what will air tonight…they will air a full promo.

    And for that reason, I WILL be tuning in instead of DVR-ing it because I. Cannot. Wait.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Amanda Kondolojy


    I highly doubt enough people will know that ABC will air a 7 second promo for SHIELD tonight during OUAT.

    The full promo is airing tonight. The teaser we have now is like the preview to the preview. Unfortunately, that’s a thing now.

  • CBSviewer

    2.4 People will not watch the Show because of a promo.

  • Liam

    2.3 to 2.5, i’m playing it safe. I would love of the show could hit a 2.7 or even a 3.0 but that wont happen.

  • Liam

    Where are the Saturday overnights???

  • rob60990

    ok thanks for clarifying.

  • Kyle

    It’s the finale so I can see it ending at 2.6-2.7. Revenge will probably end at 2.1-2.2.

    ABC has GOT to fix the 10pm slot though.

  • Stop-Colin-Me

    Has anyone called a doctor for Dennis?

  • Craig

    No, hell no. No way it will help it. Im not watching. I will wait a few hours or til tomorrow to watch it on youtube.
    As for how I think the show will do on ABC. Not good. It may not even get a high premier. ABC programming is just all girly shows now days. The vast majority of Avenger fans that do not follow these things online will probably not know that it is even on or a thing. ABC is the wrong channel for it, CBS isnt the right channel either. NBC.. no one watches NBC, and FOX… ehh, that might be the right network for it. But yes I understand Marvel is owned by Disney who owns ABC and since its a lot cheaper to do everything in house there is zero chance it would run on any other network.
    In the past ABC was the perfect spot for a show like this. Ala Lois and Clark, but since they have changed focus to female catered shows it wont work.
    Also something to note, ABC shows these days have a terrible habit of using a minimal amount of physical sets. There is waaaaay to much green screen 3D sets. Its a huge turn off for me. I really really hope that doesnt happen to this show. I wish the show luck, I will be watching live every week. Lets just hope others will be too.

  • Bill

    I don’t think it will get a bump if any, most people myself included will just find it on the web either later tonight or tomorrow

  • Shepherd

    No, 2.1-2.2

  • NBC Fan

    America’s Funniest Home Videos-1.7
    Once Upon a Time-2.5

    60 Minutes-1.5
    Survivor Reunion-2.6

    The Cleveland Show-1.1
    The Simpsons-1.8
    Bob’s Burgers-1.7
    Family Guy-2.2
    American Dad!-2.0

    The Celebrity Apprentice-1.5

  • were123

    My gueses are:
    OUAT: 2.5 (maybe 2.6)
    Revenge: 2.2 (for both hours)
    It’ll be the best Sunday (rating wise) that ABC has seen in a long time. Both OAUT and Revenge finales should be up, but not insanely up. Revenge will be near of what it did last year (off just by two tenths), while OUAT will be down sharply from last year. ABC needs to find a way to fix them both for next season

  • CBSviewer

    No Saturday ratings ?

  • Alan

    I don’t think so. People can look for it on YouTube later and not watch a show just for a 30-seconds promo! It might go up, but just a tenth or two.

  • frodo

    There is a lot of buzz for both shows this week so I expect both to go up.

    Once Upon a Time 2.5
    Revenge 2.2

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