FOX Releases Trailers for 'Dads', 'Us & Them', 'Sleepy Hollow', 'Rake', 'Almost Human', 'Enlisted' & 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

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May 13th, 2013

First trailer for Dads:

Us & Them:

Sleepy Hollow:


Almost Human:


Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

  • AA

    Dads looks pretty bad. Brooklyn nine-nine looks funny. Looks like an NBC comedy though.

  • Ollie

    PREDICTED FLOP – 13/05/2013

  • pedro

    seems funny, maybe i’ll check it out in the fall

  • DW

    yeah it seems funny. worth a look.

  • Phil

    Does Seth MacFarlane really NEED another show!? Just like Gordon Ramsay! They should just form their own network for their shows!

  • Ben

    Critics will hate this show but I think it looks hilarious. I’ll definitely watch this and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

  • David

    Erm…it’s growing on me.

  • Christian

    That was atrocious. Looked like a generic TBS comedy. Only those who consider 2.5 Men the pinnacle of comedy would enjoy this crap.

  • Jazz

    Guy show. Reminds me of Men at Work or Sullivan and Sons.

  • JoshuaCanada

    Doesn’t look very good, but I’ve never been a fan of Seth’s animated shows so it wasn’t made for me. I wish Raising Hope would get it’s 8pm slot back but I think this might be popular.

    Anyway, my grade: D

    Now we wait for the Brooklyn nine nine and sleepy hollow trailers.

  • rob60990

    all trailers uploaded on youtube

  • Alex

    Erm… Yeah…

    I don’t hate the look of Dads. Its not Work It the low standard by which all sitcoms must now be measured. But equally I don’t think I like the look of it either although I really want to because I really like the cast…

  • Tony JJ

    I’ve seen this trailer and the sleepy hollow trailer. Dads could be hilarious or a big flop. But it has a great cast. I love brenda song. And Giovanni ribsi and Seth green are great as well. I’ll hope for the best.

    Sleepy hallow wasn’t what I expected. Again could be a hit like the following or die quick like Alcatraz.

  • Shepherd

    I also think that the critics will probably hate it, but whatever the premier numbers are, I think it will remain fairly steady and gain a bit of a cult following.

  • MichaelChickless

    Ha, I thought at first the article title said Duds.

  • robin

    this looks floptastic

  • Paulo PT

    I agree with @Ben, this was pretty funny. But a trailer doesn’t tell the all story.

    Fox should bet on a comedy live-action block appealing young males. Right Move in my opinion!

  • Kyle R

    Ugh, Dads looks awful. Easily the worst trailer released so far on all the networks. Brooklyn 99 and Enlisted look pretty good, so I’ll check those out. Wasn’t too interested in Almost Human, but based on the trailer, it seems like it’ll be worth watching. Sleepy Hollow and Us and Them are meh. Could go either way. Rake just looks really generic.

  • josh2770

    ok when is CBS going to release their 2013-2014 fall scedule?

  • robin


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