FOX Releases Trailers for 'Dads', 'Us & Them', 'Sleepy Hollow', 'Rake', 'Almost Human', 'Enlisted' & 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

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May 13th, 2013

First trailer for Dads:

Us & Them:

Sleepy Hollow:


Almost Human:


Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

  • rob60990

    None of their dramas are interesting to me like at all.

    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to pair Brooklyn Nine-nine with Enlisted and Dads with Raising Hope? Us & Them should be paired with New Girl in midseason and get rid of Mindy Project. None of their comedies were anything great. The one that looked the best was Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

  • tobes


  • Health and Beauty Is My Department


    Almost Human- A-
    Dads: C-
    Us and Them: B-
    Brooklyn 99- B
    Enlisted- B+
    Rake- C+
    Sleepy Hollow- B

    You have to keep in mind that comedy trailers are a lot harder to make enticing than drama trailers. Drama trailers pretty much just condense the plot of the first 75% of the pilot into a few minutes (or, in the case of Blacklisted, literally the entire pilot into a few minutes).

  • Kyle R

    So is ABC’s schedule tomorrow then?

  • AA

    Rake is screaming cable.

  • robin

    sleepy hollow looks good

  • AA

    Omg thats like a real life Consuela (from family guy) in Dads. Haha

  • Ben

    @Kyle R
    ABC tomorrow and CBS on Wednesday.

    Anyone know when NBC and FOX will release the promos for their midseason shows?

  • Ultima

    Does Seth MacFarlane really NEED another show!? Just like Gordon Ramsay! They should just form their own network for their shows!

    Does Chuck Lorre really need another show? He should just take The Big Bang Theory and form his own network! :roll:

    How about Shonda Rhimes? Dick Wolf?

    Maybe the networks keep giving these people shows because it’s good business.

  • Kyle R


    Is it? Seemed to me like a typical network procedural. Mostly reminds me of House.

  • Ultima

    Only those who consider 2.5 Men the pinnacle of comedy would enjoy this crap.

    Seems like a good audience to aim for. Two and a Half Men has consistently been one of the highest rated comedies on TV.

  • Spike

    i still dont get the FOX schedule … it seems all over the place and do they expect half their shows to fail or how is that mid season schedule gonna work out if they intend to air 22 eps of their fall shows

  • Ben

    @Ultima is right. NBC has been unsuccessful with niche comedies like Community and Parks and Rec. Shows with mainstream appeal like Dads is exactly what they need.

  • Samunto

    Brooklyn 9-9 had me LOL.
    The comedies are all quirky. Will mostly skew very young and ofcourse male. Rake is disappointing. This won’t do well. Will probably be like that high profile Monday drama from 2yrs ago whose name I can’t remember
    Sleepy hollow- oh well.
    Almost human is more like Dollhouse.

  • David

    Dads, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rake, Sleepy Hollow and Us & Them look good :D

    Almost Human looks like typical JJ Abrams. Enlisted looks like a flop. No wonder Fox has the least confidence in it out of all the comedies.

  • Spence

    I’m pleasantly surprised by all of Fox’s new series. As did I last year and look how that turned out (R.I.P. Ben & Kate). The sitcoms are definatly better than NBC’s, especially Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Enlisted look really good!

    I would give Sleepy Hollow a watch forsure! The other dramas aren’t really my type of shows, though they do look good.

  • Petar Ivanov

    Man i like them. FOX will be #1 next season. BROOKLYN NINE-NINE will be beast. ALMOST HUMAN, DADS, SLEEPY HOLLOW all good

    rake is good too but more like cable. But fox made house all over world great show can do and this one.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Ben – Dads is on Fox, not NBC.

  • DW

    the fox dramas look good. very entertaining.the entertaining from broadcast has been missing in my opinion , nice to see some of it back. there is nothing wrong with 2 1/2 men type of comedy. for me its not ooh i have to see it but when i come by it on f/x i will stop for a bit. i really enjoyed rules of engagement as comfort food television. i even have it in my netflix Que.

  • Ben

    @r0ckmypants, my mistake, can’t believe I blanked out on that. But my point was NBC tried those niche shows and they didn’t work and Dads should appeal to a broad enough demographic to be successful.

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