FOX Releases Trailers for 'Dads', 'Us & Them', 'Sleepy Hollow', 'Rake', 'Almost Human', 'Enlisted' & 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

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May 13th, 2013

First trailer for Dads:

Us & Them:

Sleepy Hollow:


Almost Human:


Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

  • brian

    Dads B—More laughs than any other Fox sitcom
    Rake D—Looks like it should pair with Shameless. It will flop.
    Enlisted C-…Looks like something Fox would air a few years ago. Not a ringing endorsement.
    Us and Them C-…Another weak translation of a foreign comedy.
    Brooklyn 9-9 B-…Not quite sold yet, but casting is intriguing enough to give another chance.
    Sleepy Hollow A—This looks good.
    Almost Human C—Not sold, but could be alright.

  • Ultima

    FOX has uploaded their trailes for Gang Related and Surviving Jack.

  • Rebecca

    They all look great except Dads. Brooklyn Nine Nine feels like an NBC show, but to me that’s not a bad thing. I’ll check out all of them and see what sticks.

  • mulscu

    the only thing i really car about on FOX is an time is all i need.

  • Rebecca

    Granted, I haven’t watched Parenthood for the past 2-3 seasons, but I remember Jason Ritter played a guy who dated Lauren Graham’s character for a while (at least back when I was watching). And now he’ll date the other “Gilmore Girl” Alexis Bledel in Us & Them, lol. Weird. I’ll get past it, though, because the show looks good.

    Sleepy Hollow looks good and seems to have a little Castle in it (looks like Ichabod is along for the ride to help the girl solve crimes?), and it looks like it has some humor and that’s a requirement for any dramas I watch (must be funny sometimes). I’ll check out Rake because I like Greg Kinnear, and I might check out Almost Human because of my fave guy from the Star Trek re-boot Karl Urban.

  • Nick

    Almost Human: Looks good, but I’m not completely sold. It’s still a maybe for me.
    Sleepy Hollow: The best of all the trailers, it definetely looks interesting. I’ll be watching on fall.
    Rake: Actually like the whole gambling problem, it could definetely go some unexplored places on tv. It deserves a chance.
    Dads: Meh. I was actually expecting a lot more. May give it a chance, just because of MacFarlane.
    Us and Them: Looks acceptable enough.
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Looks OK. It has a good cast, may get interesting with time.
    Enlisted: Original premise at least.A big Meh.

  • colt13

    Dads-I love Brenda Song, but i’m not sure I can sit through this.

    Gavin and Stacey-Never saw the Brit version, but I would watch. Seems like Ben and Kate meets New Girl.

    Brooklyn 9-9-My type of stupid humor. Police Squad meets Sledge Hammer.

  • jessica


    House as a lawyer in a comedy if House weren’t really so respected in his profession.

    From what i did watch of House M.D. i didn’t see a character that was all that interested in sex at all. A celibate rake is just a bit of a contradiction. Gregory House is much like Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is about as opposite the qualities of a rake as i can think of. FOX’s treatment tries to piggy-back on a previous success while seeming to destroy what made the Australian series so great. That looks to be the recipe for the typical American remake that people will come to say should never have been made.

    If you have never seen the original, have no idea what a rake is, and don’t mind an American style over-the-top comedy then of course the remake of Rake can look unique and promising.

  • joel

    @Kyle R,
    “Yes, but the way you used it. Other people used it like “X Show looks good!” You said “Looks like Married With Children has some competition for the best sitcom in FOX history.” That’s a ridiculous statement to make based on a trailer. Not to mention, it came after you said “Dads IS great”.”

    Yeah, based on the trailer. FOX live action sitcom history really isn’t all that extensive, which mitigates any ridiculousness. Dads looks like similar humor to Married With Children, which I believe got a lot of similar responses to it’s initial clip(s) as from you and from the negative agenda-toting haters.

  • Colin

    Brooklyn Nine Nine and Enlisted looks terrible.

  • charmedcraft

    Dad’s is bad (I was into it until the half naked China girl showed up).
    Us & Them is bad.
    Sleepy Hollow I’ll try.
    Rake is bad.
    Almost Human I’ll try.
    Enlisted is bad.
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine I’ll try.

  • BxActor

    Who the hell approved those ???

  • sarah nz

    1st. Almost Human – the one I’m most interested in. Go Karl !

    2nd. equal. Gang Related – the trailer won me over

    2nd. equal. Sleepy Hollow – the trailer looks really interesting, more enthusiastic then from reading the blurb.

    3rd. Wayward Pines – M. Night Shyamalan, 2 edged sword for me. Could be really good or really bad.

    Dads – trailer was better than I thought it would be, not my type of humor but will probably do well and get a 2nd season pick up.

    Us & Them – another trailer is better than the blurb, could maybe make it the season.

    Rake – not bad for a remake of Aussie show, probably do well but seemed a bit familiar to me perhaps in tone to Californication and a bit of Shark. Odds are it will get a full season pickup.

    Enlisted – made it 56 seconds (that might have been generous) into the trailer before pressing stop, so who know’s how it will go…

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Andre Braugher ! Surprised I watched the whole trailer and smiled a couple of times, will check it out but not sure what it’s chances are, will keep on watching if it entertains me and enjoy for however long it lasts.

  • david

    I am looking forward to watching Us and Them because the star Alexis Bledow.

  • James

    Us & Them is just a cheap imitation of Gavin & Stacey. It will never work in America it was such a huge success in Britain due to the English/Welsh divide between the families.

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