Trailers Released for 'Dracula', 'Ironside', 'The Michael J. Fox Show', 'Sean Saves the World' & 'Welcome to the Family' (Video)

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May 13th, 2013

Dracula NBC Trailer


NBC has released trailers for five new shows



The Michael J. Fox Show:

Sean Saves the World:

Welcome to the Family:

  • BigBrotherFan


  • Diego

    Dracula sounds really good.

  • EatMorePez

    I think the over/under on Welcome to the Family getting pulled off the air is six episodes. I’m going under.

  • cindy

    I actually liked SSTW and MJS. The other ones do not look good. I cant even et trhouh the trailers

  • Shiro

    doesn’t it looks like MJF trying too hard to be funny even though there’s nothing funny at all?

  • Dude

    I think Welcome to the family has a premise of becoming a successful show, although NBC doesn’t have a good history with rookie shows lately..

  • cindy

    Does anyone know when the rest releases their trailers?

  • Alex

    I really like the look of Michael J Fox and Sean Saves The World doesn’t look as terrible as I’d expected.

  • Simon

    The Michael J Fox show is the only show which will survive, the rest look poor.

  • zth

    Hmm these trailers are a vast improvement over the clips from yesterday. If I were to grade them:

    Dracula B-
    Ironside C
    The Michael J. Fox Show B+
    Sean Saves the World B
    Welcome to the Family C+

  • Holly


    Does anyone know when the rest releases their trailers?

    When they have their upfront presentations.

  • Hatim

    MJF’s looks brilliant, can’t wait!
    Dracula and Blacklist looked really good too, but not sure if ill watch them.

    When will they send out the undateables and about a boy trailers

  • hammard

    Dracula: Looks stylish but it may not hold viewers
    Ironside: Just… no…
    MJF: Hard to judge from that trailer, it seemed to not know if it wanted to be a sitcom, drama or dramedy but that may be bad editing
    SSTW: One season then out. Looks like something from the late 90s.
    WTTF: Has a good premise but I’m not sure how long it will last. It feels more like a feel-good movie than a TV series.

  • Spence

    Dracula! It doesn’t look as interesting as I had hoped, but I’m still going to give it a watch.

    Ironside’s trailer bored me. Not my kind of show and I don’t think it will last long.

    The Michael J. Fox Show is going to flop! Sad for him though. NBC made a big mistake giving it a full 22-episode season order.

    I kinda liked the trailers for Sean Saves the World and Welcome to the Family. At least, they showed some funny moments, unlike the MJF show. I might give both of them a watch.

  • Shepherd

    The trailers make the shows look much better than the clips did!!

    I actually found Sean Saves funny. I wonder if that means nobody else will. (I don’t find any of the current sitcoms on TV all that funny).

    The Dracula trailer seemed like it cut out early.

  • tomsman

    These trailers do a far better job than the snippets we got earlier.

    Dracula – I’m in, but don’t trust NBC and high quality, seemingly expensive shows like this (HANNIBAL comes to mind).

    MJF show – I’ll be watching. There were several things that got me – the whole slo-mo thing and the line at the end of the trailer, “Can we not have a personal victory right now? We are starving.” Cracked me up.

    Ironside – Opinion has not changed. Pass.

    Sean Saves The World – Love Sean. Reaaaally had that laugh track. The slapstick is a bit excessive. LOVE Linda Lavin – she clenched it for me. We’ll see how this rolls. I won’t be forgiving.

    Welcome to the Family – I love Mary McCormack, but it’s still a meh for me.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Dracula looks like a piece of crap and will FLOP HARD like Hannibal this season

    NBC will never learn plus this abusive woman hitting IDIOT has been out of the spotlight since THE TUDORS ended

  • tomsman

    *hate* not *had”

  • zerg

    I hope for NBC these are their worst pilots…(excluding Blacklist)..

  • SJ

    I LOVED the MJF trailer. Hopefully NBC rearranges its Thursday comedies if/when CBS announces that Person of Interest is staying put.

    I think they should put SSTW – which looks horrible, by the way – at 8:30 so that when it inevitably flops, Parks can slide to 8:30 with Community retaking 8. Then MJF and Welcome to the Family from 9-10. They’re both family comedies, both single-cam, and they both look like they’ll fit right in with Parenthood.

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