Trailers Released for 'Dracula', 'Ironside', 'The Michael J. Fox Show', 'Sean Saves the World' & 'Welcome to the Family' (Video)

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May 13th, 2013

Dracula NBC Trailer


NBC has released trailers for five new shows



The Michael J. Fox Show:

Sean Saves the World:

Welcome to the Family:

  • Alex

    Very different look to the comedies this year. I like what I’ve seen so far. Will be interesting to see if Sean Hayes is still a TV draw. Love that Kurt’s dad from Glee has a leading role on WTTF, always liked his acting though his name escapes me. And MJF still has his comedic timing, I’ll be shocked if that show isn’t a hit.

  • Samunto

    MJF: Trying too hard and i’m not sure i’ll want to laugh at symptoms of Parkinson’s me being in the medical field. It’s cringeworthy.

    I had expected abit more from Dracula but they have to introduce the show somehow.
    This new trailer for Ironside is much better than the earlier on.

    Welcome to the Family looks like a gem to watch. Sean is good.

  • Ben

    Blacklist looks excellent and I liked Ironisde’s trailer too. Sean Saves the World and MJF were very funny. Welcome to the Family wasn’t great. I’ll give Dracula a try too. I really want to see the trailers for Undateables and Crisis.

  • Body of Poof

    Dracula doesn’t really look good. It’ll be like Hannibal.

  • PurpleDrazi

    MJF looks like it could be good. If nothing else, people will tune in for him the first time. They just need to hook everyone during the first couple of shows.

    Welcome to the Family was so formulaic and dull I couldn’t even sit through the preview and that was only 2 minutes long.

    Please tell me they are not turning Dracula into a love story. (D*#@ you Twilight!)

  • Body of Poof

    Ironside looks good.

  • Theseboardssuck

    Someone call the wahbulance, the crying has already started.

  • Keep in mind that these are the trailers for the pilot. Imo, these all look great for a pilot episode. Ironside looks better than it sounds. Also, Sean Saves the World. Dracula looked the best.

  • pink

    I LOVE Dracula and that show is the only one I plan to watch.

  • Alex

    Dracula – I’m in, but don’t trust NBC and high quality, seemingly expensive shows like this…

    Worth mentioning that Dracula isn’t expensive. At least not by regular broadcast drama standards. Its an international co-production which is limited to 10-13 episode runs per season (assuming it gets multiple seasons). The first season will be 10 episodes. Its a pretty cheap scripted hour for NBC which is why they have no qualms about scheduling it for Friday night. The same is true for midseason drama Crossbones (and Hannibal for that matter).

    These co-productions are the future though. They result in much less exposure for any given broadcaster and make it much easier for shows to be profitable with lower numbers.

  • Jax T

    whomever is making decisions about shows at nbc for over a decade sucks. Dracula itself in that time period has always been boring. You have to be modern with it for it to work. (True Blood, Vamp Diaries,etc.)Also, jumping on the vampire craze 5 years late is a recipe for disaster. Just like them doing hannibal after the following and cult. Late to the party.

    Ironside is dead on arrival. Won’t last a month. Sort of like charlies angles reboot on abc. Blair Underwood is old news.

  • Silent Hunter

    Seriously, there are enough NYPD detectives on the box now to fill a bus…

  • Brian

    Big YAWN!

  • Rebecca

    I’m going with Sean and MJF, and I’ll try Dracula. That Welcome to the Family should fail, and then Community or Undateable can take its place. Or try Undateable first and it might fail, then stick with Community.

  • Rebecca

    I think most if not all versions of Dracula have been on the romantic side. Didn’t start with Twilight. Dracula always had a love interest.

  • Oli

    Blacklist looks good although I’m a little dissapointed that it’s a procedural.

    Not sure about Dracula, I’m inclined to think it will do OK for a Friday.

    Iron-side doesn’t seem to add anything new to a way too overcrowded market

    Michael J Fox looks v.good.

    Welcome to the family looks bad, Sean Saves the world only marginally better.
    I hope for NBC’s sake their mid-season comedies are good because I think they’re going to need to bring them in.

  • Mr Mumble

    The MJF Show: surprisingly good and based on the trailer makes sure the comedy acknowledges but doesn’t insult Michael’s handicap. That’ll be very tricky to pull off over a full season but promising, I’ll watch.

    Sean Saves the World: it may just be my dissonance towards laugh tracks but this fell a bit flat, I quite liked the slapstick though. One to DVR and if it gets a lot of buzz half-a-dozen episodes in I’ll start watching otherwise, delete.

    Ironside: I preferred the clip yesterday where Blair Underwood showed off his acting chops. This trailer tried too hard and came off a little over-produced and typical of any other TV cop show. A pass for now.

    Dracula: not my kind of show, don’t really get a good idea of the quality based on the trailer, pass.

    Welcome to the Family: far, far better trailer than the clip released yesterday (that had no laughs whatsoever). A handful of episodes in this could be brilliant or awful. Will DVR and watch dependent on buzz and, of course, whether the ratings mean it’ll stick around.

  • Alexa

    Dracula: It looks great, as in visually, and expensive. I don’t really watch TV on Fridays but Dracula and Crossbones will be shows I catch up on.
    Ironside: Too many cop shows on TV, but I like Underwood and might watch this one.
    The Michael J. Fox Show: Rooting for Fox and there were some good moments on the clip.
    Sean Saves the World: Really meh on this one. Could care less about it.
    Welcome to the Family: Much better video clip than the writeup. Probably won’t watch it but it looks like a decent show.

  • Alex

    I’ll give a chance for Sean Saves the World and Welcome To The Family, but, I don’t like NBC’s shows, so, I’ll just watch the pilots.

  • KG

    I actually think Dracula, Ironside, The MJF Show and Sean Saves the World all look pretty great. Welcome to the Family… not so much.

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