Trailers Released for 'Dracula', 'Ironside', 'The Michael J. Fox Show', 'Sean Saves the World' & 'Welcome to the Family' (Video)

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May 13th, 2013

Dracula NBC Trailer


NBC has released trailers for five new shows



The Michael J. Fox Show:

Sean Saves the World:

Welcome to the Family:

  • Oliver

    This is an incredibly bland lineup and I’m not really a fan of ABC-esque comedies or CBS-esque dramas, so nothing appeals to me.

  • Kavyn

    By new comedy trailers, I meant Sean Saves The World and MJF. Welcome to the Family is very lackluster.

  • Alexa

    @carigis “ironside – cop in a wheelchair.. someone really pitched this and it got chosen? lol..”

    You know there was a show on NBC in the late 60’s to mid 70’s about a detective who was paralyzed and in a wheel chair. Go figure. It’s a remake or reimagining or reboot or whatever they call it these days.

  • tim

    Sean was great on Will & Grace, but his new show looks and sound way too generic. I’ll probably try it, but not expecting much.

  • bjssp


    I agree.

  • Andrew

    They are going to ruin Ironside. Should not mess with a classic.

  • colt13

    Michael J. Fox show looks like a cross between Spin City and Last Man Standing. The Judy Greer type helps too.

    Sean Hayes is playing Will without Grace. Will be typecast forever.

    Mike O’Malley show I will give a shot. As others have mentioned, more like that America Ferrara/Carlos Mencia movie.

  • Jay

    I’m pretty sure he played Jack on the series.

  • GuyNamedRachel

    Someone needs to tell the NBC execs to alter their selection criteria.

    They are not supposed to select the most poorly-written pilots and give them series commitments.

  • Tony JJ

    Blacklist: Best trailer out of NBC this season so far. A

    Ironside: Awful. Could barely get through it. D-

    Michael J Fox Show: Not bad. Could be a good show. B+

    Sean Saves the World: Surprisingly good. NBC’s hoping for a 90s sized hit with this one. B+

    Welcome to the Family: Doesn’t seem “funny”, seems more like a dramedy along the lines of Parenthood. D

    I really want to see the promos for Believe and Crisis. Specifically Crisis!

  • JoshuaCanada

    Dracula looks pretty good. MJF looks like it might be good, don’t know for sure yet. The other 3 look terrible to me.

  • Kyle R

    The MJF Show actually looks really funny, but I will never for the life of me understand what NBC is thinking putting it at 9:30. Welcome to the Family looks surprisingly tolerable, and I like Mike O’Malley, so I might check it out. I can’t help but think how much better Sean Saves The World would look without the laugh track (and without that godawful poster art). Dracula looks well-made, but it’s not my cup of tea. Should be a nice companion to Grimm though.

  • Kyle R

    Oh, and Blacklist sounds moderately interesting, but it seems like it could just end up being another generic crime show with a vague overlapping arc and I’ll find it hard to watch the pilot since the preview was basically a condensed version of it.

  • Tony JJ

    forgot Dracula

    Dracula: Not bad. Wasn’t what I was expecting, but could be good. B+

  • SQ

    The only ones that seemed interesting enough to watch were Dracula and The Michael J. Fox show. (Black list also looked interesting.)

    The rest I couldn’t even finish watching the trailers. They were just a mix of boring, cheesy and annoying.

  • Jazz

    I actually laughed at the comedies so I was surprised. I will give them a shot. There is something about MJF. The trailer did not grab me but he was rocking a sort of Bob Newhart vibe. If he goes in that sort of deadpan direction, it would work. Sometimes less is more in comedy. And reaction is everything. Not feeling the cast around him. This was my issue with Last Man Standing. Tried it once or twice and left. Since Matthew Perry is free I would like him to show up on this show. I love Sean Hayes so I have to watch this even if the concept does not grab me. This guy is funny on his own. Hope they can build around him. I don’t know if he can carry a comedy like Matthew Perry. I think this is where shows go wrong. Place a comedically talented actor in the center and do little to build around them. Love Echo Kellum. Saw him for a few minutes on that awful show, Ben and Kate. So, glad to see him again. I want these shows to work for the above mentioned guys. You can’t just create a canned comedy and stick names in it. You have to write for them. Funny guys saying unfunny things does not work. Boring cast surrounding funny guys does not work. Does NBC have females in their shows?

    Now, as far as drama, Blacklist is a definite but I am going to sample Dracula. Could be my cup of tea. Loved Hannibal but it was too dark/disturbing for me. I wish I could handle it. Wonderful pilot. Love Blair Underwood but I am not sure if this is his cup of tea. A charismatic lead, he will do a lot with less than stellar material. The Event.

  • Nick

    Dracula: Looks surprsingly good, I like the fact that it is in the victorean era, just as the novel. Could give vampires their old glory.

    Ironside: Meh.

    The MJF Show: Looks so terribly bad I can not stand it. I guess God does hate Michael J. Fox.

    Sean Saves the World: Looks average. I think it’ll only last a season, maybe two.

    Welcome to the Family: The premise is good. The most interesting new comedy on NBC to me by far, I will probably give it a shot.

    Blacklist: I think they already posted the trailer so it isn’t here (?). Anyways, the show looks good, kinda has something of the Following on it (and I love the Following), the show I actually am excited about on NBC this season. Hope it does great.

  • Alex

    The MJF Show actually looks really funny, but I will never for the life of me understand what NBC is thinking putting it at 9:30

    You know I’ve been thinking about this a little more today and I’m starting to think this might be a smarter move than we’ve given it credit for. If Michael J Fox is the big draw of that 9PM hour for NBC then putting him at half past scores a bigger lead-in for Parenthood and I think might draw more people into at least sampling Sean Saves The World. If for example you switch Sean and MJF on the schedule aren’t people interested just in MJF going to switch on at 9PM and then disappear come 9:30 and 10PM? Put it at 9:30 and you maybe tempt more people to tune into NBC at 9PM rather than watch the first half an hour of whatever ABC, Fox or CBS are serving up (assuming CBS sticks with an hour long drama) and then switching off?

  • BxActor

    Sean Hayes Hmmmm I’d rather him stay behind the scenes on the shows on Tvland . Who chooses some of these Shows ??? Lord

  • Marius

    Dracula/Ironside seem interesting (Dracula a good pair with Grimm), MJF could go either way, Sean Saves The World seems to be NBC trying to claw and scratch around gathering a following around a gay-centric sitcom (vs. Modern Family, who takes a different approach: “One of the families in this show is gay. So what?”), hopefully Sean Hayes isn’t just acting in this show but also Executive Producing or writing in it too.

    Welcome to the Family seems to be in the “Mike O’Malley Show” territory. I wouldn’t give it two episodes. But then again, it looks like NBC is (wisely) giving up on a Tuesday/Wednesday comedy lineup and pointing at more dramatic series. I think Community ousts the lowest rated show and runs until it’s dry. (Well before the mid-season premieres, pushing a freshman comedy into a delay/early cancellation.)

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