Trailers Released for 'Dracula', 'Ironside', 'The Michael J. Fox Show', 'Sean Saves the World' & 'Welcome to the Family' (Video)

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May 13th, 2013

Dracula NBC Trailer


NBC has released trailers for five new shows



The Michael J. Fox Show:

Sean Saves the World:

Welcome to the Family:

  • Anthony M

    Your username says it all Bigbrotherfan. Hannibal may be a flop ratings wise but it is a real good show. Dracula comes from the people who made Downton Abbey, to just simply wave it off and say it will tank is hilarious at best.

  • mando

    The only thing that I can assure you is that these all dramas and comedies look better than GO ON, TNN and the other bunch of crappy shows except Guys with Kids.

  • mmogaddict

    Both Dracula and Blacklist look good. Though Dracula would ideally be better on Cable – I’d imagine a US broadcast Dracula will certainly have to hold back a fair bit on the Sex and Blood – which is kinda what Dracula is all about.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    The Dracula trailer was boring but i’m still gonna try to watch it. I’ll be checking the MJF show and Welcome to the Family too.

  • yo

    Oh dear

  • me

    Geesh I would even take another year of Smash over this crap.

  • Jay-Z

    So far NBC is kind of disappointing.

    Ironside: B+ Looks interesting. Will definitely check this one out.

    Dracula: C+ … not sure how to feel about this one. Since it will be airing after Grimm I will probably check it out.

    Welcome To .. B- Looks like the best new comedy for NBC. Might check it out.

    Sean Saves… C Will not be looking at this one .. does not seem funny.

    MJF Show: D the worst comedy trailer thus far. I feel like he is trying too hard to be funny … but hes not.

  • james

    welcome to the family looks like the sort of show thatll be cancelled in its first season, regardless it looks entertaining until it does.

  • Charlie

    Dracula looks okay

    the rest all look horrible and unfunny good job NBC

  • frodo

    So far I think I will only check out


  • alexjones

    no trailer for believe?

  • JJ

    Dracula looks like it should air on Showtime or HBO so that it could reach its full potential, but OF COURSE its airing on NBC where it will flop.

  • Rebecca

    I agree with you about Sean Hayes being funny on his own – I think the same of Matthew Perry (and really, I’d watch any comedy/dramedy Perry appears on – haven’t seen The Good Wife but I saw him in West Wing and Studio 60). Both actors are great on talk shows, being themselves – the only one I’ve really kept up with is Ellen’s daily talk show, and both guys are great whenever they’re on. Perry could be a writer, as I’ve suggested before (different thread) since he’s often funnier than material given to him. The same could probably be said of Sean Hayes, but I still enjoy seeing them both onscreen. I didn’t make it to the end of Will & Grace but I liked “Jack” when I DID watch.
    I think the trailer here for MJF’s show is a lot better than the short clip they posted earlier. Makes me feel better about the show now. I still don’t think much of WTTF thus far.

  • sarah nz

    Dracula and MJF looked fairly good for me to give them a try, think they could make it to the end of the season and maybe even have a chance of a 2nd season pickup if they are lucky. Of the two enjoyed MJF trailer more.

    Ironside might have a chance to complete a season – but not that interesting to me, put I did watch the whole trailer so that’s a point in it’s favour.

    Welcome to the Family just might (might) make it for a season – but only watched half the trailer before deciding it wasn’t for me.

    Sean Saves the World – stopped watching the trailer after roughly 40 seconds (the mother ? arrives at the door scene is when I checked out). Definatly not to my taste, I think this is going to get pulled probably before it finish’s the first 6 episodes – not sure if it will even last that long.

  • sarah nz

    Just saw The Blacklist trailer – that looks the best in the drama department so far for NBC. Liked it more than Dracula. Got a tad of Silence of the Lamb repeat scene that was about to turn me off, but they made the Jodie Foster agent more kick ass and broker her out of the Clarise (weak imo) mould.

    So will be checking out The Blacklist, MJF and Dracula pilots, just hope the dramas are much better written then Last Resort/Zero Hour/Revolution and/or get a full season.

  • sarah nz

    Still want to see some trailers before jumping into the pilot but these other 3 shows seem that they may be interesting to me: Believe, Crisis and Crossbones.

  • Brian

    NBC is pretty desperate if they’re going to vampires at this point.

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