ABC Releases Trailers for 'Betrayal', 'Trophy Wife', 'Mixology', 'Killer Women' 'Mind Games', 'Resurrection' + Extended S.H.I.E.L.D. Trailer

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May 14th, 2013

Betrayal Trailer

ABC has released trailers for:


Trophy wife:


Killer Women:


Mind Games:

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Extended Trailer)

  • zerg

    SHIELD MUST watch!

    OUAT spin-off trailer is out too…Better than I expected

  • Matt

    I’m surprised nobody posted the Wonderland trailer here, as that has been released too. I didn’t see another article for it.

  • Jax T

    @Seth, I agree. It’s Alphas with a bigger budget. None of the movie super heroes and the actors look bland as can be.

    Joss Whedon’s TV magic died 10 years ago in 2003.

  • Jenny

    Betrayal: Looks like a movie, but still seems interesting enough.

    Trophy Wife: Love the cast and looks funny.

    Mixology- Looks decent. Not something I’m super excited about though.

    Killer Woman- Pass Pass Pass. Not my type of show at all.

    Resurrection- Very odd premise, but seems very interesting.Love the acting as well.

    Mind Games- Flop… that is all.

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- I have to say with all the hype surrounding this show I expected to be wowed by the trailer, but I felt let down. Really disappointed.

  • Rebecca

    The clips I tried played okay here but some continued on into other shows and THEN Castle (at least with one that I let run too long).

    Looking forward to Trophy Wife. Not interested in the others, not even SHIELD (I liked the Avengers movie and the hero movies that led up to it, but I’m not interested in seeing the theme continue except in the movies).

  • Michael

    (D) Betrayel
    (B) Trophy Wife
    (C) Mixology
    (D) Killer Women (looks like a bootleg quentin tarantino move)
    (B) Resurrection (i was surprised it looked good)
    (B-) Mind Games
    (A-) SHIELD (The trailer didnt blow me away it actually made me want to watch it less

  • AA

    I love me some ABC but all these shows look pretty bad.

  • Maximillian

    Betrayal will pair well with Revenge, probably not a hit in the making by any means with the time slot it has been given, but maybe ABC will give it a chance.

    S.H.I.E.L.D should do fine. The show should be strong with Men 18-49, so it has a real chance to thrive since that is the hardest demographic for advertisers to target if I am not mistaken.

    Trophy Wife seems blah, Mind Games seems like a version of Lie to Me that is trying to put too many strange plots together. Killer Women will fall flat.

    Resurrection seems a little bit like Touch, am I alone in feeling that? Wondering how that will pan out.

    Mixology is interesting. Seems like it could be good, but I am trying to see how ABC will get women to watch this show. It isn’t catered to men at all, but it doesnt seem to be attractive to women either.

  • Shepherd

    I think Betrayal will get better ratings than Revenge; which isn’t saying much I know. I can see a lot of arguments over which show is more deserving of the 9 o’clock spot next season.

    Otherwise, ABC’s drama department is in real trouble next year. While some of these look interesting, I think most will drop more than the typical 20% for episode 2.

    I feel sorry for C.Slater. This will make what, 3 or 4 failed series in a row?

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    The first 3 seem very soapy/not funny.

    Though, I kinda like the idea of Mixology, 1 night at a bar that lasts the whole season…if this gets pulled w/o episodes burned off/even online, expect pissed off fans.

    Killer Woman could flop or do solid, but a crime of the week drama is what ABC needs to get them out of 4th place, eventually. I’m a fan of the female lead aka of BSG fame.

    Ressurection looks like a different than most shows concept, with a lot of actor/tress that I’m a fan of. This probably won’t do well on Network tv, though I’m most excited about it, if it does sold enough to flesh out the storyline/characters.

    Mind Games looks to be the easiest show that could hit 100+ episodes & be a lot of fun watching it. It’s a Crime of the week with a not normal take at all filled with humor.

  • SJ

    SHIELD – Actually looks interesting. I’m still skeptical about its supposed ratings prowess but I’ll give it a try. I like Clark Gregg and the rest of the cast seems OK as well.

    Betrayal – What’s the over/under on when this gets pulled? Or is ABC just going to stick with it for 12 episodes thanks to the new split-season model? Honestly, how bad was Westside if THIS got picked up (I understand it was an either/or situation)?! Westside at least had a marketable star in Jennifer Beals. This is just a bunch of nobodies. Though I recognized one of the lead guys, he guest starred on last Tuesday’s Body of Proof.

    Mind Games – Christian Slater + Kyle Killen + the flimsiest and most unrealistic premise in the history of television = cancelled after two episodes (please god!). Horrible, terrible, awful.

    Killer Women – Is this a joke? Did someone pick up this show as a practical joke? From the title (why is it plural when it’s just one woman) to the hammy dialogue (she actually utters the words “I’m a lone ranger”! WTF) to the cheesy background music, this has failure written all over it. So naturally, watch this one premiere on the first Sunday after the Oscars.

    Resurrection – Oh god, is it too late to bring back Body of Proof? Because I already see four drama cancellations happening here…

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (trailer posted on Facebook): Why is everybody British? But other than that, it looks good. I’ll give it a try.

    Overall, unless the Lucky 7 trailer wows me, it looks like a bleak year for rookie dramas. The only survivors I spot are Shield and Wonderland, and even for them I’m not entirely sure… The split season plan better work out, because ABC is gonna need Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal in fall 2014…

    Trophy Wife – Looks good, should probably be leading off the hour and getting direct lead-in from Shield. Malin Akerman is great in the role, I’m glad one of her pilots finally got picked up.

    Mixology – It looks really interesting and it got a few big laughs out of me. It’s definitely something different and I’d like to see it succeed, but it would probably work better as an edgy cable show with only a handful of episodes a season. And even if we’re talking broadcast, ABC is the LAST network for this kind of a show. I do kinda wish it gets paired up with Suburgatory so that we can have sort of a “made-up word comedy hour”. Coming this winter on ABC!

  • Alex

    Resurrection looks good in a wtf sort of way, I’ll watch it to see where it goes.

    The comedies really didn’t jump out at me. Trophy Wife looks like Bad Teacher: The Series complete with Phyllis from the Office as part of the cast. Mixology looks like another “Bro” comedy, no thanks.

    Everything else was just meh for me.

  • frodo

    ABC looks like they are not messing around this year as they have some really good trailers.

    I will watch:

    Shield – this actually looks really good and I think it will be a hit for ABC.

    Wonderland – This looks better than Once Upon a Time, great trailer. Loved it!

    Resurrection – Best trailer I have seen so far on any of the networks, this looks bad ass.

    Mixology – This looks like an interesting concept and I will give it a try.

    Betrayal – not a bad trailer so I will check out the premiere.

    I pass on the rest of the shows, Killer Women looks horrible, Super 7 looks cheesy and the rest of the comedies look plain bad.

    Mind Games I would wait for the reviews, it could be good but I did not love the trailer.

    All in all Good Job ABC!!!

  • frodo

    You can check out all of the trailer on Spoiler TV(non US viewers as well).

  • rob60990

    Wow I must be like the only 1 who hated Mixology.

    Saw the rest of the trailers on deadline.

    The Goldbergs: I can see why ABC is high on this. It looks great. I would rather it in between The Middle & Modern Family but if it gets a huge lead-in from SHIELD, then good.

    Back in the Game: Trailer was decent. Nothing hysterical but I cracked a smile. Since it’s in between The Middle & Modern Family, it will definitely get sampled.

    Super Fun Night: This show really isn’t for me even though the trailer had me lmao. Maybe I’ll still sample it.

    Lucky 7: Pretty boring and I don’t see how it can last long term.

  • JC

    Betrayal: kept waiting for a “Fatal Attraction” twist, but the twist they offered looked good. Im in.

    Trophy Wife: This looks cute. I’ll watch

    Mixology: Did I understand this is an entire season centered around one night? They had me until that point.

    Killer Women: This stries me as a better version of “Chase” (which I also liked). In on this one too.

    Resurrection: I just dont know on this one. (the wife will probably love it)

    Mind Games: Seems like it could be painful

  • Alex

    Some thoughts then.

    The SHIELD trailer isn’t going to win around anyone who wasn’t already interested in it but I suspect the number of people already interested is fairly high. Also the trailer suggests that they haven’t made the mistake of setting the action bar too high in the pilot setting up unrealistic expectations for what the series will actually be.

    Wonderland looks more or less as expected.

    Betrayal looks incredibly dull but I’m not its target market. I’m unsure this is even going to be able to sustain 13 episodes though.

    Killer Women reminds me of Chase which aired on NBC a few seasons ago. We all know how that ended…

    Lucky 7 is exactly what I expected given that I’ve seen the original BBC series upon which its based. I think it has potential to surprise particularly in that Tuesday night slot which is pretty wide open at this point. There’s a dodgy accent or two though.

    Mind Games looks interesting. I expect it to follow every other Christian Slater and Kyle Killan show’s fate though.

    Resurrection looks OK although the trailer seems to have basically given away the entire pilot. As with Betrayal I’m not sure how this show even manages to sustain 13 episodes. Are they going to do a different person back from the dead every week? Feels like that would become incredibly old incredibly quickly.

    Back in the Game looks OK and the cast is enough for me to give it the benefit of the doubt.

    The Goldbergs will either be utter brilliance or a complete trainwreck. The trailer had glimpses of both.

    Mixology looks terrible. I’m going to go ahead and single it out as one of this years picked up shows that doesn’t see the light of day/regular season.

    From that trailer its incredibly obvious that Super Fun Night started life as a multi-cam. I honestly watched the whole thing expecting the laugh track to kick-in. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

    I really want to like Trophy Wife because I really like the cast but that trailer is making my desire to like the show difficult.

  • AA

    I dont know why but as basic as it looks, Betrayal caught my interest. Its kind of like ‘unfaithful’ (that movie with Diane Lee). But i can see it getting canned lol.

  • zth

    Betrayal: B
    Solid trailer, good casting, will pair well with Revenge.

    Trophy Wife: B-
    Is this the ‘Bad Teacher’ pilot floating around CBS?

    Mixology: B-
    Interesting premise, but I’m not sure how could they stretch one night into a whole season.

    Killer Women: B
    Good trailer, solid casting for the main but ratings won’t be too good.

    Mind Games: C+
    The premise is intriguing, but the execution and the cast seems off.

    Resurrection: A-
    One of the most intriguing trailers this season.

    SHIELD: A-
    Very solid, but a bit unspectacular. Will still be the highest rated premiere on broadcast.

  • zth

    ABC seems to have the best pilots so far overall. even though Lucky 7 is probably one of the worst trailers out-there – and a bad concept as well.

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