ABC Releases Trailers for 'Betrayal', 'Trophy Wife', 'Mixology', 'Killer Women' 'Mind Games', 'Resurrection' + Extended S.H.I.E.L.D. Trailer

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May 14th, 2013

Betrayal Trailer

ABC has released trailers for:


Trophy wife:


Killer Women:


Mind Games:

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Extended Trailer)

  • Simon Jester

    “She follows the law, but not the rules.”

    Did someone say this out loud and still think it was a good tag line? :-o

  • tobes

    Betrayal: (B+) Looks really good and I will definitely watch, only worries for it is that its in a death slot
    Trophy wife: (C) It’s only meh but it could definitely have potential
    Mixology: (D) I really can’t see with the plot how it could survive a full season,the only way this will work if it runs as a limited series
    Killer women: (C) It seems really cheesy but could have potential
    Resurrection: (B+) It looks really good
    Influence: (F) I can’t see this working out on broadcast, maybe on cable
    S.H.E.I.L.D (A-) This will definitely be a hit for ABC

  • Andersonreds

    As a Marvel Comics fan i’m excited for Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.

    The rest look like shows my Girlfriend may be interested in.

  • Katie

    I actually think all the trailers were good besides two that I might not care about which is the SHIELD one and Mind Games.

  • BrieK

    S.H.I.E.L.D. looks awesome. And, Resurrection is the first trailer I have watched in its entirety. Not bad, ABC. This upcoming season should be a lot better than this last one.

  • Jazz

    Surprised. I liked a lot of the trailers. But will have to watch the actual pilots.

    Of the bunch on this page was Betrayal caught my eye and I had no interest in this one. I like the chemistry between the leads. It could keep me watching. I also love that it is set in Chicago. I hope they take advantage of that. It’s my favorite thing about Nashville. They do a wonderful job of capturing the flavor and feel.

    Killer Women is also one I had no intention of checking out. Looks crazy. Sort of like Good Guys meets Desperado with Charlie’s Angels or Kill Bill. Weird but I will check it out…for laughs.

    I also liked Mind Games. Feels sort of USA to me. Psych???

    The others look good too. Strong strong trailers. The ABC ones have to be among the best I have seen so far. They are going to give NBC and FOX a run for their comedy money.

    Oh the other hand I have sampled enough pilots on ABC to know what happens. Either they go away or I do. Everything on ABC always looks so good. Shiny.

    I am rooting for NBC first and then ABC with their new pilots. Best of luck to both.

  • JJF

    SHIELD looks very forgettable. Is it wrong that I chuckled at the jokes more than I was intrigued by the plot? C-

    Trophy Wife – I get it a B just because it looks better than it’s name suggested.

    Mixology – F – I couldn’t even get through the trailer. Ouch.

    Betrayal – D – Okay wow, that was boring.

    Resurrection – A- – Color me intrigued. Will have it’s work cut out for it but there is at least something here to work with.

    Killer Women – C – Okay, what was that?

    Mind Games – B- – I actually liked it and I COULD see it working, maybe. We’ll see. It was a little boring but it had some actual heart.

  • Bran

    C+ Betrayel (if the ratings are good ill check it out but seemed like they showed the whole plot in the trailer)
    A- Trophy Wife (Laughed a lot and has a lot of potential to be funnier)
    C+ Mixology (Is it going to be like 24? Might check it out)
    D Killer Women (Stupid show that will get cancelled)
    B+ Resurrection (Surprisingly really interesting)
    D+ Mind Games (seems very strange and will be cancelled)
    A SHIELD (EVen though the trailer wasnt great i HAVE to watch it)

  • Jay-Z

    Killer Women: C- .. just does not look interesting. WILL NOT be watching.

    Mixology: C- .. looks eh. will probably check out one or two episodes.

    Trophy Wife B+ has great potential. Looks funny. Will def be watching this.

    Betrayal: D+ BORING !!

    Ressurection: A .. looks GREAT.

    Mind Games: B- .. not sure how to feel about this one. seems very interesting will tune in to see more.

    Shield: A+ LOOKS AMAZING !!!!!!!

  • RonDigi

    Shield looks like Alphas from syfy channel with better music. This is gonna die out bad against NCIS unless they move it. The male demo they want watches NCIS unless they r counting on the 6-16 year olds to bring them through. Even with that, in true abc fashion the characters and actors look boring. The film grade looks too bright. With no major super heros and the big forehead guy as the lead character I cna see this being moved to monday at 8pm or die a slow death on friday 8pm.

  • MikeInLA

    S.H.I.E.L.D looks absolutely awful

  • colt13

    Trophy Wife-I don’t know how they got Marcia Gay Harden, but this looks fun. Ironically, the way Malin was dressed in the first scene with Phyllis looks like Cameron Diaz and Phyllis in Bad Teacher. With similar humor.

  • charmedcraft

    Betrayal (Fail) (BTW, hate that on TV & in real life. Problems in your marriage? Divorce & move on; an affair will not help the situation.)
    Trophy Wife (Fail)
    Mixology (Fail)
    Killer Woman (Fail)
    Resurrection (Will Try)
    Mind Games (Fail)
    S.H.I.E.L.D (Will Try)

    I’m sticking with mostly ABCs comedies

  • HalCapone

    ABC has the best pilots overall–nice mixture. My least favorite one is Mind Games. I wasn’t sure what to think about Alice in Wonderland but the pilot looks pretty awesome, too. Now we have to wait for the nursing home pilots from CBS and the teenage girl ones from The CW.

  • Joe Smith

    Betrayal seems like a failure. The message I get is if a man cheats it’s his fault. If a woman cheats it’s still his fault. C’mon…being a little rude isn’t grounds for cheating. If someone feels that neglected then divorce. Her character is extremely unlikable right from the start.

    Killer women seems goofy. Maybe it’s because all I can see is Six in a cowboy hat.

    The others seem to have potential. For Slater, maybe 20th time is the charm.

  • Nick

    My annual grades for new show trailers: 

    Betrayal: C-
    Not my kind of thing.

    Trophy Wife: C+
    I like Malin Akerman, so I was hoping for better. It’s just a little silly for me.

    Mixology: B-
    Totally not my kind of thing. It was a little better than I expected, though.

    Killer Women: B-
    Looks OK, not sure if it’s good enough for a commitment.

    Mind Games: B
    To me this has vibes of Touch. Looks like something I can get into.

    Resurrection: A
    Sci-fi bordering on fantasy. Just my kind of thing! :D Can’t wait. Probably my second favorite so far (behind Blacklist)

    Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.: A-
    Looks good. I never watched The Avengers, but it looks completely separate.

  • HalCapone

    Just a reminder to everyone is that the likelihood of your favorite new shows being canceled on any network is extremely high. Kudos to ABC for putting the SHIELD up against NCIS, instead of putting up their lightweight performers or reality programming. NCIS can’t stay number one forever.

  • networkman

    I’m really anticipating Resurrection. It looks really intriguing. I feel ABC is putting to much faith in Shield to have it lead off a night of all new programming. I was not enthused with the trailer. I liked No Ordinary Family, it would be great paired with Shield

  • Bee

    SHIELD – DUH, yes please. def. watching it. as will the world cus it has over 300,000 facebook likes already. i don’t even know how. ABC’s new shows this season had that many like when they premiered. at this rate, it’ll reach several million before its premiere. this could seriously be really huge. don’t eff it up writers! make this a GOOD show.

    trophy wife – maybe. not hilarious, but not a dud. i like malin a lot.

    mixology – love it! not sure why some people here hate it. it has fresh, current humor. no idea how it’ll work out with one night over a whole season or if it’ll get tiring or boring, but i’m in. laughed out loud several times, esp. the opening.

    mind games – looks 100% like a USA or TNT show. doubt i’ll watch, but maybe.

    killer women – oh ABC. no. and as a future reference to all networks, shows being cop dramas already lowers interest to 50%. using a tag line about how the main cop doesn’t play by the rules lowers it to -50%.

    ressurrection – risky, but i’ll def try it.

    betrayal – giving me red widow 2.0 vibes. i’ll see how the reviews are.

  • Katherine

    Yes Bee, because CBS is doing so badly with all their cop based dramas. Just because you might not like proceedurals doesn’t mean ABC is stupid for making them.

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