ABC Releases Trailers for 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland', 'Back in the Game', 'Super Fun Night', 'The Goldbergs' & 'Lucky 7'

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May 14th, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Title Card

(Note: these may not play correctly for those outside the US)

ABC has new trailers for:

Once Upon a Time in wonderland:

Back in the Game:

Super Fun Night:

The Goldbergs:

Lucky 7:

  • cbs sucks

    the only one that looks even remotely interesting is the goldbergs

  • Dr. TV

    Thank goodness for Netflix

  • Abigail

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland looks so good, OMG! I loved the trailer and I can’t wait to see more of it, I’m super stoked about this one!

    The other dramas didn’t really peak my interest and the only two sitcoms I think could have a chance on succeeding to become a “hit” are The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife. The others probably won’t last long.

  • SarahL

    OUAT in Wonderland looks pretty good.

  • zth

    I don;’t really understand why did they put the Goldsberg after SHIELD. Goldbergs seems terrible and it is a misfit after SHIELD as well. Lucky 7 will be cancelled pretty soon too, looks horrid. ABC has a lot of promising pilots based on trailers, but I don’t understand the choices for the Tuesday night, except for SHIELD and Trophy Wife.

  • cid

    They should have put wonderland after Shield. Now that would have been a powerblock.

  • AA

    Im intrigued by Super Fun and Betrayal.

  • Kyle R

    Given that Mind Games is from Kyle Killen, I imagine it’s not the feel-good comedy they make it look like in the trailer. The Goldbergs looks really good (Is that Patton Oswalt narrating?) and I hope Trophy Wife is good because I like the cast. Super Fun Night looks obnoxious and too focused on Rebel Wilson. Shield actually looks really, really good. Back in the Game was meh.

  • Rebecca

    Thanks for answering. I’ll tell my traveling family, then, to wait and see the latest Castle episode on my sister’s cable On Demand when they get back to Texas. They’ve seen all the other episodes. I’m sorry England is so far behind on the show – I won’t give away what happened in the season finale.

  • JR35

    Is OUAT in Wonderland technically a spinoff, if none of the characters/actors appeared on the original show? Or maybe they will… :)

  • JSunkist

    I haven’t watched the original OUAT except for 1 episode, but I liked what I saw from Wonderland’s promo

  • BrieK

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland looks better than OUAT. I might actually watch that.

  • SVU: Hannibal

    I liked Wonderland (wondering what NBC Wonderland will look like)


    Killer Women (looks kind of like Chase and I liked that show)

    Super Fun Night (this would have been a big hit behind Big Bang if CBS whiuld have pikced it up last season)

    and S.H.I.E.L.D. (DUH!)

    and somewhat Lucky 7 (but it looks like a limited series or a nice little feel good movie)

  • Tony JJ


    It will be set in the same universe as Once Upon a Time.

  • Chris

    @Kyle R Actually the narrator in The Goldbergs is Jason Bateman the main character from Arrested Development. The Goldbergs looks really good.

  • Simon

    Someone else might already have pointed it out, but if you can’t watch the trailers on Youtube, check the shows’ Facebook pages. That works for me.

  • JR35

    I should add that I know OUAT ventured to Wonderland, but, still. :)

  • d

    As a person who doesn’t watch Once Upon A Time, I really liked the Wonderland trailer they seem very different and Wonderland seems darker. Lucky 7 looks very interesting and the town they are in Resurrection is driving distance from my house, which is the only reason I’ll be watching the pilot. The only sitcom I liked is Super Fun Night.

  • Tony JJ

    Super Fun Night could actually be a big hit for ABC, whether the pilot is awful or not, it has real potential. It has a marketable star that young viewers know, and that trailer wasn’t bad. CBS should have put it behind the Big Bang theory, I bet they are kicking themselves. It’s wierd to think that a show that should’ve and and could’ve aired out of TVs top comedy will now be aired out of TVs #2 comedy on a rival network. Interesting. I wonder what CBS thinks about this. That was before Rebel’s “true” break out performance in Pitch Perfect. And it’s smart of ABC to talk about Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect in the trailer.

    I’ve yet to watch the full Wonderland trailer, but it looks really good. I wouldn’t be surprised if it premiered bigger than the third season of its mother ship show.

    Will watch all other trailers later (along with the rest of Wonderland) and comment on them later.

  • Rebecca

    @Kyle R and @Chris
    That actually really sounds like Patton Oswald as the narrator….maybe he did it for the pilot but now they have Jason Bateman? Haven’t looked it up on IMdb yet.

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