ABC Releases Trailers for 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland', 'Back in the Game', 'Super Fun Night', 'The Goldbergs' & 'Lucky 7'

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May 14th, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Title Card

(Note: these may not play correctly for those outside the US)

ABC has new trailers for:

Once Upon a Time in wonderland:

Back in the Game:

Super Fun Night:

The Goldbergs:

Lucky 7:

  • Colin

    The Goldbergs looks terrible. Back In The Game and Lucky 7 looks OK

  • tim_m

    I’ll check out the OUAT spin off, goldbergs and back in the game. Lucky 7 and super fun night looked dreadful to me.

  • Bryan (Canada)


    OUAT in Wonderland takes place before the curse, from what I have heard. Though one site (can’t remember which) was saying it runs from before the curse to just before the curse, culminating in Cora coming and ousting the Red Queen and becoming the Queen of Hearts.

    And rumor has it they are in negotiations with Barbara Hershey for a multi episode arc.

  • Bookworm

    Back in the Game actually looks really funny. it reminds me of the Bad News Bears (hilarious film by the way). And I just love James Caan.

    OUAT in Wonderland seems to be more interesting that OUAT at this point. I hope we don’t have a million and one fairytale characters but I am going to watch it!

    Super Fun Night looks hilarious! I hate the name of the show but the trailer looks very fun!

    The Goldbergs look very funny also!

    Lucky 7! It looks pretty good and I am from New York so it excites me!
    Overall, this actually look promising! I plan on catching all of these shows!

  • Illinois

    And then what ABC ? Once Upon a Time in the World of Oz ?

  • Kyle R

    @Chris and Rebecca

    I saw Jason Bateman was narrating an NBC show and I think you (Chris) might be getting that mixed up. It totally sounds like Patton narrating that trailer.

  • TV Addict

    I actually liked all of these trailers… I guess they don’t call me TVAddict for nothing

  • Kyle R

    @Chris and @Rebecca

    HuffPo tweeted a few hours ago “Patton Oswalt is narrating ABC’s new 80s comedy The Goldbergs” and Patton retweeted it, so I guess mystery solved.

  • SJ

    Well this is a much, much, MUCH better batch of trailers than the first one! I guess that’s why they’re all premiering in the fall. ;)

    Already commented on Wonderland on the other thread, so…

    Lucky 7 – this is going to be my favorite drama pilot of the season, I can feel it. I think it’s an interesting premise, although I seem to remember there being a similar show a few years back. I think it starred Susan Sullivan (Martha from Castle). Let’s hope this one lasts longer.

    Super Fun Night – I know Rebel Wilson is kind of a love/hate kind of person, but I find her hilarious and I loved the trailer. Let’s hope it does better than the other adult-oriented comedies on ABC lately.

    Back in the Game – did not know what I was watching at first, as I totally missed this one during the development stage. It kind of has the feel of “How to Live with Your Parents” but it’s funnier. I like Maggie Lawson and the kid from Private Practice. This could actually turn into a solid performer following The Middle.

    The Goldbergs – Expected to hate it – LOVED it! This could actually be ABC’s second Modern Family, I can feel it. I think it has the potential to open huge and maybe even give MF a run for its money. It looks like ABC’s
    Tuesdays are the place to be this fall!

    P.S. Deadline reports that Resurrection will replace Betrayal mid-season. Poor Once Upon a Time and Revenge will yet again be leading into dead air at 10pm…

  • Rebecca

    @Kyle R
    Well, there you go. :) I know the sound of Ratatouille’s voice, lol. Yeah, I heard Jason Bateman is narrating something – I just can’t remember what. Patton does a good job with The Goldbergs here.

  • tobes

    even though it says Betrayal and Resurrection are limited series, if Betrayal gets strong enough ratings (which is unlikely) ABC would just expand the season. Like it did with Scandal which was supposed to be a limited series

  • JJF

    I REALLY like The Goldbergs. A- – Looks fun.

    Lucky 7 – This is supposed to be a drama? Pass D

    Super Fun Night – WTH is this? D

    Wonderland (Wouldn’t this be more marketable as JUST ‘Wonderland’?) – B+ Surprisingly good. Could work. But I think tying it to a struggling show with an established fanbase might not be the BEST move. Still think this should’ve timeshared with the parent show but we’ll see what happens.

    Back in the Game – I like it. B- I wish The Goldbergs would on after MF because that would make a solid family block.

  • The End

    @Bryan (Canada)
    @OUAT in Wonderland takes place before the curse, from what I have heard

    It does indeed. Though I prefer just saying it occurs in the past, when compared to present day Once Upon a Time. It covers pretty much anything and everything that could be asked without going into specifics lol

    @culminating in Cora coming and ousting the Red Queen and becoming the Queen of Hearts.

    That’s just speculation I’m afraid. Nothing about the story, outside the pilot has even been revealed even. No kidding they want Cora back though. Same with Jefferson(Mad Hatter). But as this series is now being written, unless someone can go all super spy and listen in on the writers breaking stories for further episodes, the rest is anyones guess ;)

  • Bryan (Canada)

    @The End

    True True, lol. I love Cora’s character, so some of my wishful thinking is leaking in I’m afraid ;)

  • The End

    @Bryan (Canada)

    Lol neat. I do agree with you and think Cora was a fantastic character on Once Upon a Time and it was a shame she was killed off too soon. None the less I have faith they will follow through with their plan to have Cora in this show.

    It’d be nice to see the White Queen in this too.

  • Bran

    A Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (looks amazing.. guess I have something to watch this summer OUAT)
    B- Back In The Game (Seemed pretty funny seems like Kicking and Screaming)
    A Super Fun Night (Love rebel WIlson and her humor)
    B+ The Golbergs (Has a lot potential)
    C Lucky 7 (Has potential trailer showed nothing unexpected)
    I hate you ABC i cant watch this much TV i watch 15 shows already

  • Raul

    Did everyone notice that the ABC look like a mixture of the old logo and the he one together, I really hope they keep it the same!

  • Jay-Z

    Wonderland: A+ LOOKS AMAZING !!!! did anyone else notice a few scenes from the original ONce Upon A Time Aloce in wonderland episode ????? maybe its just me

    Back In The Game: B .. eh it looks good.. i probably wont be watching

    Super Fun Night: A+ yes yes yes ! rebel is hilarious !!!

    The Goldbergs: D… NO

    Lucky 7 C+ .. not seeing the point of this show. Will check out the first few episodes and see where it goes.

  • Kyle W

    Back In The Game looks pretty good, could be tough developing that premise into 20+ episodes, but the cast looks solid and I’ve long thought Maggie Lawson could be a big star if she found the right vehicle.

    The Goldbergs looks good as well, kind of surprised they didn’t pair it with The Middle, they seem like a natural pair.

    Lucky 7 has a lot of potential too.

  • charmedcraft

    Will watch Wonderland
    Will watch Super Fun Night (a little disturbing though)
    Will watch The Goldbergs
    Will wwatch Lucky7
    Not watching Back in The Game

    ABC is going to kick NBCs ass; the only show on NBC that I’m looking forward to is Dracula and that’s on Friday’s.

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