ABC Releases Trailers for 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland', 'Back in the Game', 'Super Fun Night', 'The Goldbergs' & 'Lucky 7'

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May 14th, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Title Card

(Note: these may not play correctly for those outside the US)

ABC has new trailers for:

Once Upon a Time in wonderland:

Back in the Game:

Super Fun Night:

The Goldbergs:

Lucky 7:

  • HalCapone

    One of the big media rags has given the ABC upfronts their highest rating of the 3 networks to present. NBC received the lowest. It’s all meaningless as to which show(s) and network(s) prevail next season but it doesn’t stop everyone from adding their “expert” analysis.

  • The End

    @James or anyone in his situation.

    Just go on Youtube, I’ve just checked and there’s dozens of people who have copied the trailers and re uploaded, you can watch anything you want there.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    Back in the Game is the only one that didn’t convince me. Love the 80’s feeling in The Goldbergs

  • jonnyfrag

    ABC really must believe in the Wonderland show putting it up on a hard night. Most of these trailers look really bad and won’t make it through their first season. ABC always ends up dumping the episodes shot somewhere in the line up (like right now in fact for this year’s) Resurrection could be good, high concept with a great cast. The comedies look terrible overall. The SFN one might make some noise since it has a ‘hip’ lead but it does look pretty dumb.

  • POIFanatic

    I’ll watch all the other trailers at a later point but OUAT in Wonderland was one of the best trailers yet! I ditched OUAT halfway through season 1, but this looks brilliant. And SHIELD just keeps getting better and better.

  • KG

    Geez, how am I going to do anything other than watch TV next Fall? NBC’s and ABC’s shows both look really (aggressively) good.

  • POIFanatic

    ABC constantly has the most interesting shows every season. This time also, its no different. They have some very good pilots.

    Agents of SHIELD: A+
    The full trailer convinced me. That chick was hilarious which was quite surprising.

    Wonderland: A
    Quite unexpected. I love Alice.

    Resurrection: B+
    It looks amazing! If its anything like Touch though, I’ll give up soon.

    Mind Games: B
    Cooky plot, but I trust Kyle to come up with an intelligent storyline.

    Betrayal: B-
    It could be good, but I wouldn’t watch it unless it makes it to season 2 which is highly doubtful.

    Lucky Seven: C+
    Could be good, could be bad. Trailer wasn’t convincing.

    Killer Women: C
    Pass. Reminds me of NBC’s Chase.

    Back in the Game: B-
    I had no interest in it before, but now I’ve an open mind. Maggie Lawson’s hotness is very distracting though.

    Mixology: C
    Shallow, stupid characters who look like the idiots from The Hangover. No thanks.

    Super Fun Night: C
    Not the kind of comedy I like. But the trailer did make me chuckle.

    The Goldbergs: B+
    I used to love The Wonder Years. If this is half as good as that, then count me in. Trailer was cheesy. Cheesy, but hilarious.

    Trophy Wife: B
    Malin Ackerman! Sign me up. Looks good.

  • mike

    Is The Goldberg’s suppose to be like The Wonder Years? That’s the vipe I got from that, I’ll definitely check it out. I love Rebel Wilson but Super Fun Night looks terrible as does Mixology, which I think is a good candidate to be cancelled after maybe 3 or 4 episodes. OUTIW looks really good it may make me start watching OUT again. The marvel show is what I’m most looking forward too.

  • Samunto

    So i finally got to watch all the trailers on YouTube. Again ABC has the most interesting shows but going by the record they might only look good for the 2-3mins reviewed.
    Trophy Wife- A. Right up my alley. Goldbergs very fresh. ABC has a solid Tuesdays 8-10. Lucky 7 though really isn’t hot.
    SHIELD – B+ But will do very well.

    Back in the Game could be fun and underrated like The Middle. Jury’s still out on Super Fun Night. Could work.
    Resurrection looks interesting.
    Mind games & Mixology will be DOA

    Betrayal is a hot soap. Should have been shipped to Wed at 10.
    Killer Women is standard procedural.
    OUAT-W will probably do decently for a while.

    All in all the all trailers look better than the series descriptions. Seems family comedies are the in thing now on all networks.

  • Justin121

    Just going by the premises, I like Betryal and Lucky 7.

    I hate -watched Once Upon A Time since the get go (cheap production values, bad acting, non-existing writing in a pathetic attempt to grab the LOST audience), but I have a soft spot for Alice in Wonderland (by the way agree with the poster who suggested Rabbit Whole or Through the Looking Glass as better name alternatives) and fairytales in general, so I’ll have to check it.

    By the same token, I’ll give S.H.I.E.L.D. a try, so ABC is 4 for 4 for me.

    Only comedy I’m interested in is Trophy Wife, mostly because of the name (see: The Good Wife, Desperate Housewives, and Betryal).

  • sarah nz

    The Goldbergs – felt the 80’s vibe, actually enjoyed the trailer. Would probably watch it if the tv was on. Could maybe make it a full season.

    Lucky 7 – ok trailer, there was or is a similar show in Aussie (from memory). Think it will do well and get a full season.

    Once Upon A Time In Wonderland – good trailer, sure to get the OUAT fans and family audience. If they keep up the story quality I think it will be a lock for the season. Sort of makes me wish I could handle watching the blonde chick and the kid enough to watch 1.02 if the rest of the series is like Wonderland.

    Back In The Game – well first thought was what was Charlie from Revolution doing on this trailer, then realized it might look like Charlie but it wasn’t so it could only improve. Could work but fairly meh to me.

    Super Fun Night – stopped trailer at 49 seconds, sorry just no from me. Could be a winner but wow I hope not.

  • forg

    Trailers that got me interested are The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife (this feels so compatible with Suburgatory), Shield, Resurrection and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I think Back in the Game has potential as well and could be a good fit with The Middle. Super Fun Night I’m on the fence about

  • Rebecca

    @The End
    Well, I’ve seen two or three Alice movies (didn’t like the Tim Burton one) but have never read the book. Is there a series of books? I was only ever aware of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” which was free on Kindle so I downloaded it yesterday. I’m not really a C.S. Lewis fan though – I don’t remember the Narnia books very well any more although I liked them as a kid. I’ve never read Alice. I could just watch the show and see if it is self-explanatory enough; otherwise I’ll read the one book. I’ve got all summer, lol. I liked all the Harry Potter books but otherwise I’m not into a lot of “fanciful” reading.

  • Bern

    Only new comedy that looks good is Super Fun Night. The rest SUCKS! Sad part is Happy Endings and Malibu Country got replaced by crappy comedy shows.

  • coolioni

    OUATIW looks awesome !

    looking forward to watching it .

  • Bryan (Canada)

    Some speculation on the timing of OUATIW. The Queen of Hearts (Cora) is the villain of the first Carroll book, Alice in Wonderland where in this show the villain is The Red Queen, the chess piece queen from the sequel novel Through the Looking Glass. Just some food for thought for the fans.

    Could be, due to how time works in some of these worlds, that this takes place after Cora left Wonderland.

  • The End

    @Bryan (Canada)

    It’s interesting the way some people mistake the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts ;)

    @that this takes place after Cora left Wonderland.



    Sounds like you’l be fine.

  • Nicole

    Yay! I can’t wait to watch once upon a time in wonderland. I love watching once upon a time. And watching the preview of this makes me super excited!

  • Gabe

    Once spin off looks awesome. The lead acress is actually likeable. The queen on the other hand seems absolutely terrible…

  • KJ Styles

    It’s crazy that people are saying “This show will fail” just because they don’t like it or they’re Nostradamus or something.

    Granted, I don’t like all of the ABC pilots either (although there are some that I like quite a bit) but until they premiere I’m not going to make any predictions on their fate, and neither should anyone else.

    As for what caught my eye, I really like Shield, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, Resurrection, and Super Fun Night. I thought Back In The Game was decent but it’s not as good as Suburgatory IMO.

    None of these shows look as bad as The Neighbors is, and that got renewed so who knows.

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