ABC Releases Trailers for 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland', 'Back in the Game', 'Super Fun Night', 'The Goldbergs' & 'Lucky 7'

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May 14th, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Title Card

(Note: these may not play correctly for those outside the US)

ABC has new trailers for:

Once Upon a Time in wonderland:

Back in the Game:

Super Fun Night:

The Goldbergs:

Lucky 7:

  • SMG4E

    In Wonderland was a good concept, but ABC totally messed it up by making it a OUAT spinoff and using the same writers and everything. And using all of the effects and over the top costumes. OUAT is a terrible show, a disgrace to television, so making a spinoff was a bad idea. In Wonderland should have been a stand-alone show with more symbolism instead of straightforward cheesy effects and costumes. I will not be watching.

  • KJ Styles

    OUAT is a GREAT show. Anybody who says otherwise has poor taste.

  • SMG4E

    @KJ Styles, just because someone disagrees with your opinion doesn’t mean they have poor taste. I could say you have bad taste for liking such a ridiculous show, it goes both ways.

  • The End


    You do realize Once Upon a Time in Wonderland will have new writers too right? You know, what with both shows being based from Bridge Studios too.

    @And using all of the effects and over the top costumes.

    Hahaha. What.

  • HalCapone

    I get that you’re not a fan of Once Upon A Time or the new Wonderland series but to call it a terrible show and disgrace to television is nothing short of bizarre. Over the top special effects? Huh? That’s a first for a complaint since most complain shows don’t use enough special effects, especially after their pilot debuts. Carry one with your complaining, though.

  • HalCapone

    Furthermore, a fairy tale with over the top costumes? Your comments become curiousier and curiouser.

    Oh, by the way Sarah Michelle Gellar probably won’t last forever but maybe one season tops (I blame David E Kelley and especially Robin Williams). She will always be Buffy to me forever.

  • Rick

    Super Fun Night looks hysterical…hope it lives up to the trailer. :)
    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland…not sure…I tortured myself with one full season of “The Following” so I’ll probably give it a shot…

  • Andrew

    The Goldbergs looks pretty good, I like the premise of it taking place in the 80’s, too bad it is up against New Girl (which I will watch live). Super Fun Night is definitely a chick flick comedy, it looks like it will have some crazy funny moments and I will sample it but I don’t know if I could watch it on a regular basis. Lucky 7 looks interesting, like a one-hour comedy (a dramedy?), and since Parenthood got moved to Thursday I will check this out Tuesday at 10. Trophy Wive looks better than it sounds, kind of reminds of the movie Bad Teacher, if CBS picks up Bad Teacher I imagine it will be pretty similar to Trophy Wife. Back In The Game reminds me of the movie Little Giants which I enjoyed 15 some years ago, but couldn’t watch as a weekly series.

    Once Upon A Time In Wonderland looks interesting, I may check it out. I’ve never seen OUAT before as I watch too many shows on Sunday already. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD I will check out as well to see if I like it.

    ABC did a good job on its trailers, a lot of them look like movie trailers. Overall, I think ABC has a lot more interesting new shows this year. I may watch more than two shows this year on ABC.

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