CBS Confirms 'NCIS' Spinoff Will Not be Moving Forward

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May 15th, 2013


CBS has confirmed today that the pilot for the NCIS spinoff (NCIS: Red, as it was most recently known) has officially been passed on.

  • American

    Good! Those Red episodes were not the best.

  • Illinois

    The writters and producers need to change some things and maybe it can be a good Spin-off.

  • Kat

    I love the original NCIS so I’m happy that tptb decided to concentrate on the mother ship and its spinoff rather than have another show. I think they learned via the CSI spinoffs that too much of a kind if show can make people bored. I didn’t even want NCIS: LA to happen but oh well. The power of the original is a phenomenon and can’t be duplicated and honestly I’m glad.

  • Paul

    Not upset at all about this decision. I actually thought it was strange that they cast the guy who played DiNozzo’s ex-partner from the PD (who incidentally was killed last year in an NCIS episode) as a main character to an NCIS spinoff. That would make an awkward situation for any crossover episodes, wouldn’t it? And the girl who played the lead roll has been on everything from the old Rescue 77 show to Grey’s Anatomy…really am kind of tired of seeing her pop up on shows.

  • ROLY


  • Psychic

    Oh, no. For goodness’ sake, spew some more bland cop procedurals on us! Heaven knows we need them. Or at least the networks seem to think we do.

  • dottydorothy

    After that super boring showing on NCIS:LA (the only time I couldn’t stand the show), I am so glad they did this and gave the airtime to something else! I don’t know what it is about Kim Raver but having watched her on something like 5 shows(The Nine, Lipstick Jungle, Grey’s, Revolution, NCIS:LA!!), I still find it hard to like her! I’ve hated her character on every single show and I am pretty sure if it was played by someone else I’d have had more sympathy! So glad it didn’t get picked up and we get to have another show which might be so much better! Plus the rest of the cast on NCIS:Red wasn’t anything to write home about either!

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    NBC cancelled JAG and CBS picked it up. Ran it for a long time, spun it off to NCIS and NCIS: LA. This is NBC’s chance to get it back, pick it up!
    (This is not an entirely serious suggestion)

  • Mark

    Maybe Kim Raver can be part of the new 24 now that she’s not tied down with this. She and Kiefer Sutherland had great chemistry.

  • craiguk

    Surely….Surely……Surely….The headline should have been.

    NCIS:Red is Dead!!

    Editors hang your heads in shame!

    Also why the Frack is TVBTN not referenced off either the zap2it main home page or even on the menu list for the blog page? Someone somewhere is taking the p*ss!

  • thesnowleopard

    Can’t say I’m bothered. I don’t have an issue with another spinoff (Those of you complaining about that do remember that NCIS was a spinoff of JAG…right?), but I didn’t care much for the new team. They were cocky and obnoxious. Barring the kind of fortuitous casting that NCIS:LA did with Linda Hunt, I doubt I’d have any interest in watching the new show.

  • jessica

    I am surprised Shane B is surrounded by so many yes-men he never realised how horrible Red is. I am glad it wasn’t picked up. The casting alone screamed gross incompetence! Tony’s dead former partner’s twin separated at birth working for NCIS is just a bit absurd. This press release might as well be a declaration of no confidence in Shane B. It is possible CBS went through with this over-kill because Hannibal’s status remains to be determined.

  • Scrootie

    The reason they didn’t pick it is because of the audience. The show would have garnered 15 million viewers… and 90% of them would be over the age of 60.

  • KJ Styles

    SMH, Save for Intelligence, I believe NCIS Red would have been an improvement over any of the other drama pilots. Ridiculous decision.

  • jlopie1

    I’m not quite 60, but I can guarantee I would NOT have been watching NCIS: Red! I do watch the other NCIS’s, but Red was just completely boring! Hated the actors, hated the backstory between the two main characters, and just totally turned off by the whole idea. This was a smart decision by CBS – it’s got plenty of other good dramas in it’s family to make hits out of.

  • fringewillget5seasons

    Red had identical characters to the CM spinoff. In fact it had no distinction from the CM spinoff at all except they had a truck not plane tickets.

    This was not a creative show looking at the CBS lineup so I can’t say I’m particularly sore about it.

  • Carl

    I imagine bad fan reaction (my parents enjoy both NCIS shows – they actually prefer LA to the original – and they disliked the Red episodes) had an impact here. It’s nice to see a network being smart.

  • JSunkist

    I wasn’t thrilled in the 2-parter of their introduction. I was generally only ‘thrilled’ when the LA team has scenes. This doesn’t disappoint me. Perhaps they can try something else in the future.

  • Tomcatt630

    “NCIS” may still be #1, but it’s numbers are in decline. Glad CBS didn’t bring more ‘fast food franchise’ type shows.

    And John Corbett is a has-been, still clinging to “I was Aiden on Sex & City”. Does too many TV ad voice overs, trying too hard to sound like ’20-something’, and he’s 53. Grow up.

  • Kate

    Well ‘NCIS’ season finale ratings are down from this time last year, boring Season Finale and yawn, like Gibbs is going to kill Fornelle and zzzz, yawn, zzzz. The team is resigning. All will be well by episode 2 or 3 and write this down, the over acting Cote de Pablo will resign. Where else can an actress with her over acting skills and sex kitten poses find another job.

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