CBS Confirms 'NCIS' Spinoff Will Not be Moving Forward

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May 15th, 2013


CBS has confirmed today that the pilot for the NCIS spinoff (NCIS: Red, as it was most recently known) has officially been passed on.

  • Qwerty

    As a fan of NCIs & NCIS:LA(liking la more & more now with ncis becoming bland with its storylines). Red was just too weird of a setting, from seeing how they worked. They worked out of joint trailers moving each week case from case. I dont really see how that was related to the navy, wouldve been better if they made it some navy seals or something working outside the USA. The characters also were honestly a tab boring. The main 2 were ok, seemed like they had something in the past but the rest of the members were horrible. The forensics guy does field work? Why is the british chick part of the team? Whats the use of the computer guy? I mean where would they even set those huge trailers up anyway? Who drives them, connects them & moves all the stuff inside to work there & then pack it up to move to the net case & redo it all over again. It just didnt make sense to me.

  • RonDigi

    I’m a ncis fan and don’t really ncis la as much but I dvr it and watch it when I have nothing else to watch. The red looked interesting but the cast sucked. The kim raver chick put a drag on 24 on her last two seasons.

  • ChuckMe Forever

    NCIS is worn out. I don’t plan to watch it next season…A

  • Brendan

    I hope Kim Raver doesn’t appear in the new 24 mini-series. I prefer Annie Wersching and her character Renee Walker over Raver and that whinny, narcissistic Audrey Raines.

  • TV Viewer

    I am an NCIS fan and I am glad they did not pick up NCIS: Red. Spin-offs from spin-offs tend to water down the brand, as was proven by the endless spin-offs and spin-offs from spin-offs from the original All in the Family program. The further the spin-off is from the original show, the lower in quality it tends to be. CBS cancelled a few good shows (CSI:NY, Golden Boy, Rules of Engagement, and Vegas). They don’t have that much room on the schedule for new programs. They need to have a new show that is going to appeal to the 18 – 49 demo. If they wanted a program that was watched by an older audience, they should have kept one of their cancelled programs.

  • Adam Decker

    I wonder if fan excuse bingo works for passed pilots. Probably not. At least the two NCIS shows are still on the air and I guess there’s no reason for a spin-off’s spin-off to have a spin-off. They might try it again in some other way such as Tony finally getting his own team. It is a bit surprising, but I guess they had other shows they liked better and they know that too much of a good thing is bad.

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