CBS Releases Previews for 'Mom', 'Intelligence', 'The Crazy Ones', 'We Are Men', 'Hostages' & 'The Millers'

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May 15th, 2013


CBS has released trailers for:



The Crazy Ones

We Are Men


The Millers

  • taylor

    there not trailers thetre behind the scenes :\

  • FringeFan

    Sarah Michelle Gellar and Toni Collette back on TV this fall? Amazing.

  • Eric

    Even though these are only behind the scenes looks, “The Crazy Ones” looks pretty good! Love Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar! And I’m really hoping SMG gets a hit with this! Looks great!

  • Greg

    I hate these pretentious trailers with interviews CBS launches. They suck.

  • Charlie

    MOM looks good so happy Anna Faris is doing tv

    OT: but what time is the cw upfront?

  • Colin

    Hostages looks great!

  • SteveO

    The Crazy Ones will be a hit. I’m def tuning in for that.

  • Petar Ivanov

    that is not trailers. really hate this cbs new show way. Only they do it.

    Anyway, they all sucked for me. May be back to the CSI on CBS.

  • Greg

    These were all awfuls trailers (or whatever the hell they’re supposed to be).

  • rob60990

    Mom: Surprisingly terrible.

    Intelligence: Not interested but didn’t even recognize Josh Holloway.

    Crazy Ones: Not bad, not great. SMG’s hair is really really blonde.

    We Are Men: Not as bad as I was expecting but still not good.

    Hostages: How is this supposed to last?

  • TV Addict

    All good shows imo

  • Ben

    I thought they all looked great. I’m curious to see The Millers trailer now.

  • rob60990

    Ya I’m not a fan of these interviews either but CBS has done this for years if I recall.

    Anna Faris character on Mom is setting a great example for her children that she’s sleeping with her married boss.

  • Dark Yami

    The Crazy ones and We are Men look good; those other ones don’t look good at all.

  • Ian

    Definitely watching Mom and The Crazy Ones!! Really hope both are hits for CBS! Both look amazing! Only new shows I am looking forward to next year!

  • tim_m

    CBS may have struck gold with Crazy Ones. I’ll probably check them all out, but i’m looking forward to Mom, Intelligence, Crazy Ones and We Are Men the most. Love Robin Williams and Tony Shalhoub.

  • David


    Mom: Looks promising….could grow and become sure of itself
    Intelliegence: This show looks kick-ass! Can’t wait!
    The Crazy Ones: Can’t wait for this either! Advertising agency? Robin Wiliiams? Sarah Michelle Gellar? Yes please.
    We Are Men: I’m sorry – terrible.
    Hostages: I’m not sure why Deadline were hyping this pilot up…there’s not much special about it although I will give it a try.

    So I like 4/5.

  • Bran

    Mom A (Looks really funny love Chuck Lorre’s shows)
    Intelligence B+ (Looks like a cool show)
    The Crazy Ones B- (Great funny actors but premise seems a little weird)
    We are Men C (Wasnt that funny and seems stupid and it is getting canceled after 6 episodes)
    Hostages B (Seems like it could be good )

  • Kyle R

    Mom- Looks like typical Chuck Lorre fair- repetitive, but good if you just want to turn your brain off and watch some tv. I like the cast though. (And would it kill them to make a laugh track that doesn’t react like everything is the funniest thing they’ve ever heard?)

    The Crazy Ones- Were there jokes in this video? I seemed to have missed the jokes.

    Hostages- How the heck does this last more than an episode? The premise is also ludicrous.

    No trailer for The Millers? I know they showed one at up fronts. That’s the only CBS show I’m actually interested in.

  • Adir

    We are men looks like Happy Endings..

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