CBS Releases Previews for 'Mom', 'Intelligence', 'The Crazy Ones', 'We Are Men', 'Hostages' & 'The Millers'

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May 15th, 2013


CBS has released trailers for:



The Crazy Ones

We Are Men


The Millers

  • dazza

    they all look good but have to say the crazy ones is going to be the hit that show looks very funny

  • Kyle R

    I take back what I said about the The Crazy Ones trailer. James Wolk and Robin Williams improvising a song for Kelly Clarkson was pretty hilarious.

  • Kyle R


    No. No, it does not.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    CBS doing single cameras comedies?? The olders aren’t gonna get it, they going to change the network thinking they’re watching NBC and CBS isn’t going be number 1 anymore.

  • Simon

    They all look average, the crazy ones definitely has promise but how long can a show be funny in the world of advertising?

  • k:Alex

    I never liked CBS comedy, because they are so bland and predictable, and now again.
    So the CBS public will like it..

  • colt13

    Mom-My type of show, but weird vibe if you know Lorre’s shows. The therapy group is how he launched Mike and Molly, and they dressed Anna like Brett Butler.

    Crazy Ones-Would like this on Saturday, because it doesn’t fit with anything on their schedule, but the critics will love it. A slight Just Shoot Me vibe.

    We are Men-This looks bad. Stark Raving Mad meets The Exes. Don’t know what else is on the bench with Mike and Molly, but this won’t make it to 13 episodes. How to be a Gentleman and Partners were much funnier.

  • Edward

    Wow, these were underwhelming.

    Intelligence – Ridiculous. Holloway is so stiff he should be playing the robot in Almost Human.
    Hostages – Best of the bunch but too heavy and serious.
    Crazy Ones – Was Robin Williams being funny or just annoying
    We Are Men – Jerry O’Connell shirtless isn’t funny nor does it make me want to tune in. The rest is forgettable.
    Mom – Feels like a redux of NBC’s Jesse with less like able characters. Pass.

  • Owen

    Hostages does not look to great, but will check it out.
    Intelligence looks solid.

    Comedies seem ok, but have my doubts about We are Men,

  • Rebecca

    It’s bad enough they put these “behind the scenes” things before movies now in the theaters, now their regular trailers look the same. Too much behind the scenes bragging and not enough show clips. Anyway, of all these I’ll try Mom and The Crazy Ones. No trailer yet for The Millers? Other than those all I watch on CBS is HIMYM and TBBT.

  • rob60990

    MM is hilarious in that trailer for The Millers.

  • Alex


    I’m now even more sure that We Are Men is going to die a painful death. It easily looks like the weakest of the new CBS comedies. I have to say the other three don’t look too bad. Mom doesn’t really appeal to me but it seems very ‘on brand’ for CBS and fits nicely with their existing comedy successes (that the same man produces a number of them helps I suppose). The Millers looks much better than I’d anticipated and again very on brand for CBS. I really quite like the look of Crazy Ones but how it’ll fare on CBS is anyone’s guess.

    The dramas don’t excite me.

    I need to see a proper trailer for Hostages that takes in more than just the pilot because right now I cannot understand how this show sustains more than a couple of episodes. I know CBS are touting it as limited run but it still needs to get to 13…

    Intelligence looks to be trying really hard to hide the fact that its a generic run of the mill procedural with lots of production bells and whistles. Although that’s more or less what I thought about CSI and we all know how that went.

  • alexjones

    to the people asking how the premise of hostages is to last more than an episode? why don’t you tune in and find out?

  • johnhelvete

    Hostages will be 15 episodes

  • Sunny

    I never thought I would say this but The Crazy Ones seems really funny after that preview.

  • Colin

    I’m excited for Mom, The Crazy Ones and Hostages. Intelligence looks ok.

  • frodo

    Not bad but not amazing either.

    I will check out

    Intelligence – Looks like the CBS show with most potential.
    Hostages- Has potential will watch the premiere. Great Actors.
    The Crazy Ones – I love Robin Williams and will be giving this a try.

    Everything else looks like crap. Will wait for the reviews of Mom but it does not look to promising.

  • Kyle R

    I’m pretty psyched for The Millers even though I hate laugh tracks cause I love Margo Martindale and Will Arnett and I love Raising Hope, so I know Greg Garcia can make a show I like.

  • Cloudy

    With Hostages being a “limited series” does that mean it will only have one season?

  • carigis

    well so far CBS wins. with the exception of blacklist, the nbc and fox shows look horrible.

    at least a few of these have decent casts and look like they have potential.

    Im sure abc will be more night time soap opera’s.

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