CBS Releases Previews for 'Mom', 'Intelligence', 'The Crazy Ones', 'We Are Men', 'Hostages' & 'The Millers'

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May 15th, 2013


CBS has released trailers for:



The Crazy Ones

We Are Men


The Millers

  • Bran

    Mom A (Looks really funny love Chuck Lorre’s shows)
    Intelligence B+ (Looks like a cool show)
    The Crazy Ones B- (Great funny actors but premise seems a little weird)
    We are Men C (Wasnt that funny and seems stupid and it is getting canceled after 6 episodes)
    Hostages B (Seems like it could be good )
    The Millers A (LOLed the whole time funniest of them all)

  • lostboy

    Intelligence looks pretty good. I have a feeling Nathan/Castle the fat man is going to be in trouble. NBC it will still lose the night Especially with that cow James Spader in the time slot. Yep Sawyer is back, I see CBS on top again. Great website I love trolling. NBC can have the Voice Lead in or DWTS over at abc. CBS has a winner.

  • Kavyn

    I’ll be tuning in for Intelligence (bummed it’s midseason) and Crazy Ones.

    The Millers should be paired with TAAHM, doesn’t seem like it makes any sense behind TBBT.

  • stripped

    CBS comedies are usually so predictable and bland, but The crazy ones looks really good! Welcome back SMG !

  • Rebecca

    I missed The Millers’ trailer before, oops. It looks okay. I’m just not used to the audience laughter any more – I was back when I watched Seinfeld, Cosby, Cheers and Raymond….just feels weird now. I do watch HIMYM and TBBT, which have it, but I tend to prefer single cam comedies. If they all eventually die away and everyone goes back to multi-cams, I guess I won’t watch much any more.

  • ToXiX

    The Millers does look the most fit for the Big Bang lead in.

    I think CBS is going to have a hit with Mom & The Millers.

    Crazy Ones looks great as well ,

    And We Are Men even looks good.

    We Are Men will be the first one canned though.

  • TheFrenchGuy

    The Crazy Ones will be a huge hit. Mom looks good but not what I expected. We Are Men is DOA (like every new Comedy airing on Monday at 8:30). No idea about The Millers.

  • joel

    The implication is that Intelligence is coming in to the rescue when the worst two of CBS’s four new sitcoms fail.

  • DW

    we are men will be the first to go and mike and molly can go back to mondays but at 830.

  • Shabbir

    After watching the “trailers”, cancellation bear is already expecting a feast come autumn (fall to US residents)

  • Dax

    A gruff, ex-military type who breaks all the rules and an improbably attractive, by the book female agent. I give Intelligence two weeks before the crazy shippers ruin it for everyone else.

  • edward

    loved Mom and The Crazy Ones, We are men will not last

  • Milo

    Crazy Ones looks pretty terrible and I was looking forward to it. Williams is washed-up and Gellar looks like crap now that she’s older.

    Mom looks like typical Lorre. The behind the scenes trailer here doesn’t do it any favors. Why not just show clips like the other networks? Works better.

  • Matt

    Will probably end up watching all of the them but Mom, The Millers, The Crazy Ones and Hostages look best

  • edward

    totally agree with you DW that show is not gonna work

  • Jelly86

    The Millers – A+ looks the funniest and will be a big hit following BBT. I will definitely watch.
    Mom – B – Looks good, has that CBS comedy look – Anna Farris and Alison Janey work well together. I will definitely watch.
    We Are Men – C+ Wasn’t as bad that I thought it would be but it won’t last and Mike & Molly will be its’ replacement.

    Hostages A+ looks awesome – will watch.
    Intelligence A- looks great – will watch.

  • Tony JJ

    Mom: Looks great and hilarious, and on brand with the rest of CBS comedies. A

    The Crazy Ones: Looks surprisingly good. Could become a real hit for CBS. The cast is there, and the guest appearance by Kelly Clarkson was a surprise. Could be hilarious. A

    Intelligence: Looks decent. B

    We Are Men: Will bomb and be replaced by Mike and Molly. D

    Hostages: Very excited for this show, but was very underwhelmed by this preview. B

    The Millers: Looks surprisingly hilarious! Better than I thought. A

    Will definitely wait for actual “trailers” from CBS to get a clear picture though. I like what I see here though, especially from the comedies.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    I liked them all, but i have my doubts about Hostages, it doesn’t look like the type of show that could go on ( GO ON :( )for several seasons. Looks more like a mini series.

  • Jelly86

    Sorry, forgot about Crazy Ones – I have to watch the pilot episode – the clips didn’t look that great and I think it’s misplaced on CBS Thursday night comedy line-up.

  • PurpleDrazi

    I really hope the Millers bombs for no other reason than I want Margo Martindale back on The Americans.

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