CBS Releases Previews for 'Mom', 'Intelligence', 'The Crazy Ones', 'We Are Men', 'Hostages' & 'The Millers'

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May 15th, 2013


CBS has released trailers for:



The Crazy Ones

We Are Men


The Millers

  • Sean

    I can’t wait for The Crazy Ones and Intelligence!

  • Michael

    My grades from what i got from the trailers

    (D) Mom (i expected it to look bad but not horrible) (just not for me)
    (B+) Intelligence (Looks Good)
    (B+) The Crazy Ones (looks real good as expected)
    (A+) We Are Men (looks Amazing: Great Cast) Will be the main comedy i watch come fall
    (B+) Hostages (Looks far better than i thought
    (C+) The Millers (ill give it a chance cause will arnet is in it and the lady from justified whos name i can seem to think of right now)

  • tim_m

    After seeing The Millers preview i’ll give it a shot even though the last two shows with Will Arnett have been terrible.

  • Matt

    Im excited for these shows!

    CBS rarely ever fails me

  • Paulo PT

    Intelligence looks a lot like NBC Chuck, but more serious.
    I like Mom and The Millers.

    But how The Millers fit on thursdays after TBBT? We Are Men will be canceled before November Sweeps. The Millers were the best option to We Are Men spot!
    The Crazy Ones is a comedy!? Not funny!!!

    Monday – Female oriented / Family-friendly comedies.
    Thursday – Male oriented / Family-friendly comedies.

  • JoshuaCanada

    Intelligence A- (Best looking CBS show, too bad we have to wait for midseason)
    The Millers: A- (Will! I’m pretty much game for anything he’s in)
    We Are Men: B (Show sounded dumb, trailer was good. Will check it out)
    Hostages: B- (Interesting premise, but could get really dry really fast)
    The Crazy ones: C+ (Trailer wasn’t really funny but the show interests me)
    Mom: D+ (Same Lore comedy as TBBT & TAAHM, don’t care for those or this)

  • Alex

    The implication is that Intelligence is coming in to the rescue when the worst two of CBS’s four new sitcoms fail.

    Or since Intelligence has been scheduled CBS have put a trailer together to sell the show to advertisers and thus prompt them to buy time during it. That’s what these trailers (and the upfronts as a whole) are for after all.

  • Mark

    The Millers – looks okay! Has potential.
    Mom – Looks surprisingly terrible. Pass.
    The Crazy Ones – Best of the bunch. Has the potential to be a hit.
    We Are Men – Good actors but the material isn’t there. Pass.
    Hostages – Looks really good. Toni is an amazing actress. And clearly the showrunners have enough planned out to last 13 episodes. Quit being dumb

  • SMG4E

    I hope The Crazy Ones gets cancelled quickly so Sarah Michelle Gellar can return to quality television. Her talent shouldn’t be wasted on a boring comedy.

  • Carl

    Clearly Will Arnet wasn’t resting on pins and needles waiting to see if Up All Night was getting renewed!

  • Nick

    CBS’s Behind the Scenes trailers weren’t as obnoxious as last year so I can still get a feel for the shows. Grades:

    Mom: B+
    A little underwhelming, but from personal history it takes a while to get warmed up to Chuck Lorre shows. I’ll check it out.

    Intelligence: A
    Looks good. Can’t wait until February!

    The Crazy Ones: A+
    I thought we were going to have another bad comedy season. Until I saw this. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    We Are Men: D-

    Hostages: B-
    Looks good on paper. I’m just not feeling it…

    The Millers: C
    I’m not sure… I’ll have to see more.

  • Dee

    poor will arenet, two failures in three years D=

  • Percy

    Intelligence looks amazing! Go Josh Holloway!!!

  • zth

    In terms of comedies,


    The Crazy Ones

    It looks brilliant and has so much star power. Casting Robin Williams was one of the best ideas in the last few years for any TV show.



    It doesn’t look bad, has potential, even though the trailer seems a bit underwhelming.


    We Are Men

    Looks pretty bad.


    The Millers

    Wow, I was expecting more from this. Looks horrendous and seems to do not fit at all with TBBT. Will get cancelled by midseason, I assume.

  • Lisa

    Wow, based on these trailers looks like CBS has a bunch of bombs on their hands. Which is sad, because they had so many pilots to pick from. Mom looks the best and the Crazy Ones looks disappointing, the rest will be lucky to last the season. They passed on Super Clyde, Bad Teacher and Beverly Hills Cop for these?

  • tim_m

    @Dee it might be 3 in 4 years. There was that one with Keri Russel on Fox that bombed really fast.

  • Rebecca

    Aw man, that’s Josh Holloway? I didn’t watch the preview. I might have to at least see the Intelligence pilot now. Loved him in LOST.

  • zth

    In terms of dramas,



    Looks pretty interesting, a more gritty version of Chuck.



    Looks good, but in terms of Ratings, I’m afraid is going to get slaughtered by The Blacklist due to The Voice lead-in.

    Overall, decent pilots and good scheduling for CBS, except for The Millers, which looks horrible. Why didn’t they chose the bad Teacher pilot, for example, instead?

  • AO

    Mom D Looks like it could catch on with regular CBS viewers though.
    Intelligence C- I see Holloway’s gimmick getting old quickly.
    The Crazy Ones C+ It does have potential and might turn into something worthwhile.
    We Are Men D+ May not suck completely, though it likely will.
    The Millers C Has some potential and might find inspiration.
    Hostages D- Doctor will be operating on the President the next day and no one will check in advance to see if she hasn’t been compromised? Looks to me like a bad combo of 24 and the Mob Doctor.

  • Joseph A

    My hope would be that a few the shows are sharp out the gate of have the potential needed to reach syndication with some adjustments
    MOM , has potential but not seeing chemistry, but I have that same issue with most of the Monday comedy shows.
    Intellegence , its might work, I do like the cast, needing to see if production can make this work so it can compete with SHIELD when it comes to action.
    The Crazy Ones , HANDS DOWN THE BEST NEW COMEDY FROM ANY NETWORK IN 2013 / 2014. Saw the full trailer and it friggen rock! Love the cast, and the organic natural comedic energy that Robbin Williams brings to the show! He makes the rest of the cast so much better since they can play off of him.
    We Are Men , the show as potential but it needs at least ONE strong female else I see it failing, also nothing against Christopher Nicholas Smith, BUT he should not have been cast he comes off as a poor mans version of James Marsden.
    Hostages , Love the cast , not sure how it will actually play out.
    The Millers , AMAZING CAST , and see the chemistry , not sure I love the script , but would hope that it is given time to develop the characters, and do some re shoots to help tighten the script.

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