CBS Releases Previews for 'Mom', 'Intelligence', 'The Crazy Ones', 'We Are Men', 'Hostages' & 'The Millers'

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May 15th, 2013


CBS has released trailers for:



The Crazy Ones

We Are Men


The Millers

  • Mr Mumble

    Very underwhelming, Hostages and The Millers look particularly poor. We Are Men and Intelligence have potential but no more than that. I don’t mind Lorre’s comedies but the first 1:45 of the Mom trailer was very much a clone of 2 1/2 men and one of those should be enough for even CBS viewers.

  • SQ

    The behinds the scenes junk makes it a bit hard to get the vibe of the shows.

    But from this Mom doesn’t look good, and something about it seems really familiar. There might of been a show at some point that seemed very similar.

    Intelligence looks ok, it’s another show coming up this fall that has a good premise / new twist, but that I’m worried it will end up being another boring cop show.

    From these videos The crazy Ones and We are Men look ok. Because of the cast I will end up watching and hoping they are better than these videos.

    Hostages looks great.

    I don’t know about the Millers, it might be the worst of the group.

  • JJ

    Looking forward to MOM.

  • cris

    Hostages = The Mob Doctor maybe?

  • Jazz

    Crazy Ones – Because of Robin Williams. NaNu NaNu
    I like the behind the scenes stuff.
    These look, well very CBS to me.

  • ToXiX

    The Millers could really go either way. Looks like it could be a hit, but also looks like it could flop.

    The Crazy Ones is a hit, and I’m sure Mom will be a hit considering the man behind the show is Chuck Lorre.

    We Are Men is going to flop, which is sad, cause I’m looking forward to that one the most after The Crazy Ones.

    They sent We Are Men to the graveyard premiering it in a sea of female comedies

    The Millers was a better fit after How I Met Your Mother, I think.

    These numbers are going to be very interesting this fall, can’t wait.

  • Tony JJ

    I have a feeling they split the comedies on the nights like this:

    each night has a comedy with the most potential to breakout, Crazy Ones (Thurs.) and Mom (Mon.).
    and each night has a comedy that could flop or hit: We Are Men (Mon.) and The Millers (Thurs.).

    Hence why they have Mike and Molly & Friends with Better Lives in the wings.

    And if I believe I’m correct, I think Bad Teacher is still in contention? Can anyone confirm that?

  • forg

    Mom – This matches well with 2 Broke Girl. Allison Janney’s role feels like the older version of Max from 2BG. Anna Farris has screen presence which is enough to carry this series

    We Are Men – feels like the love child of Happy Endings and that failed ABC sitcom Man Up. Off brand on CBS and I see it performing similarly or worse than Partners

    The Millers – Margo and Beau were great in that preview

  • ron

    hostages, the millers looks pomising!

  • Derreck

    Am I the only one that thinks Intelligence is a rip-off of Chuck without the comedy, without the heart, and more or less just a version that is all action all the time? I think I’ll pass….bring back Chuck and I’m all in.

  • POIFanatic

    Intelligence: A-
    Sawyer, The Himalayas, conspiracy, sci-fi. Count me in. Disappointed that this show isn’t on the fall schedule.

    Hostages: B+
    Premise seems very narrow, but there’s something brewing beneath the surface which could lead to all kinds of intriguing, exciting scenarios. Dylan McDermott plays these kinds of roles to perfection.

    Mom: B
    Love Anna Faris. The show has potential. I think it’ll take time to find its groove. I chuckled only twice, but it looks good.

    The Crazy Ones: C+
    It could be heartwarming, but the trailer didn’t convince me that it would be funny which is weird because Robin Williams is usually hilarious. Sarah Gellar looks way too blonde.

    We Are Men: D
    So, four d-bag old guys lusting after girls. Would have been the BEST show ever, if I was thirteen! Love Kal Penn as Kumar, but this trailer was boring. Bet this would be the first show to be yanked off the schedule.

  • POIFanatic

    The Millers: C
    Could be good, but meh. The new CBS comedies are not that appealing.

  • den

    Crazy Ones is the best of the bunch, followed by limited plot Hostages and We Are Men.

  • Samunto

    Firstly i hate these behind the scenes “trailers”.

    The Crazy ones A+. Brilliant and laugh out loud. Will give ‘Sean’ a hard time. Millers too very good. Very strong combo for CBS.

    Intelligence could be good. Hostages is abit bland and will lose to Blacklist. The plot has been done many times.
    MOM is below average despite the likeble Anna Faris.

    We Are Men – F! Atrocious. It won’t last 3 episodes. This is the new Cavemen/Carpoolers. Mike & Molly to the rescue.

    And can CBS release real trailers already.

  • joel

    @Alex, Not that what you said contradicts what I said, but if so then why is the “mid-season” Intelligence’s preview labeled ‘Fall 2013′ and where are the previews for mid-season shows Reckless and Friends With Better Lives?

  • SJ

    Intelligence – Much better than I expected. I wonder why this isn’t premiering in the fall since it’s not a limited-run series. They could have just shoved Hostages in whatever time slot is available mid-season. Given the mid-season start and CBS’s tradition of cancelling anything that begins mid-season, I don’t have high hopes for it ratings-wise. And yes, it does look a little bit like Chuck.

    Hostages – looks good and I give props to CBS for going serialized, but it really should have gone to mid-season. This is the first time where CBS drama trailers awoke more of an interest in me than those from ABC.

    The Crazy Ones – while it’s not a perfect fit for CBS, I can see it doing well. It looks good and I think it has longevity. I think people will tune in for Robin Williams. And if the show delivers the goods it will likely become their next breakout hit.

    Mom – very on-brand for CBS, it looks safe, it has marketable stars, therefore it will definitely succeed. Creatively I don’t expect miracles from the Chuck Lorre crud factory.

    We Are Men – well, I guess we now know where Mike and Molly will be returning to. Absolutely awful! Quite possibly the worst comedy in 2013. Not to mention they completely ripped off the premise of Happy Endings! Why do networks keep trying with these guy comedies? They won’t work. Go to FXX or something.

    The Millers – I could see it going either way. It kind of goes for cheap laughs but hey, this is CBS. Cheap is their brand. However it shakes out, I hope it does at least OK in the ratings so that it doesn’t damage The Crazy Ones.

    Friends with Better Lives could end up being another Friend Me (is that show ever coming out, by the way)? Not even a trailer – not a good sign.

  • John

    Hostages looks amazing… Dylan McDermott & Toni Collette? Awesome. But only problem is, how is this supposed to be 22 eps… and go on more seasons if renewed? This might sadly go the route of The Following, love that show but even the writers don’t know where the hell they’re taking it.

    Mom, The Crazy Ones and The Millers might do well, hopefully more so the first 2.

  • Californiadgd

    Like: Intelligence , The Crazy Ones;
    Not bad: Hostages, We are men;
    Bad:Mom, The Millers (don’t deserve post TBBT slot);

    Intelligence is THE SHOW this (next..) year on CBS!

  • sarah nz

    Don’t like the trailer style of show scenes and interview but anyways… did watch them all to the end if that counts.

    Intelligence – still looking forward to this :)

    Hostages – will maybe check out but was losing more and more interest as the trailer unfolded

    We are Men – not interested at all, this is just bad to me and don’t think this has a future at all.

    Mom – the laugh track was very irritating, didn’t even crack a smile while watching. Not for me but could work for the Chuck Lorre fans.

    The Crazy Ones – No smile while watching and Robin Williams (who I thought I liked) was a bit irritating to me, Buffy really does have blonde blonde hair. I think this could work for CBS quite well.

    The Millers – Think I smiled a couple of times but that was mainly all the Margo M. scenes. Felt it had a Everyone Loves Raymond vibe and should probably be popular. I think Margo M. and the husband/Dad might be the best parts of this thing. The son and daughter were fairly meh to me. Might watch if the tv was on in passing, but don’t think the humor will be that good to watch on a week on week basis.

    I think The Millers and The Crazy Ones are the ones most likely to get a full season. With Mom having an outside chance and We are Men being DOA. Look forward to the Nielson families proving me wrong.

    Still need more information about: Reckless, Friends with Better Lives

    Disappointed with the CBS offerings to be honest, came in with no expectations apart from wanting to see the show Intelligence and now feel the other big 3 network shows have got a much more interesting range of new shows in both comedy and drama (apart from Intelligence).

  • POI

    Everything looks amazing and going to watch them all except for Hostages.

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