CBS Releases Previews for 'Mom', 'Intelligence', 'The Crazy Ones', 'We Are Men', 'Hostages' & 'The Millers'

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May 15th, 2013


CBS has released trailers for:



The Crazy Ones

We Are Men


The Millers

  • KarenM

    Intelligence definitely has the best chance of making it but I’m not impressed with it or Hostages. The comedies? I didn’t even bother to watch.

  • JJF

    I think Intelligence MAY have a chance due to it being early mid-season instead of late midseason like NYC 22 and Golden Boy. Also, it sounds like an all-around better show. Who knows, if Hostages REALLY flops, they might bring it out even earlier.

  • Rick

    The Millers looks the best. I was looking forward to Anna Faris doing a sitcom since I’ve lover her in every movie she’s done, but it looks like they took her best ability and made her just another sitcom woman. She is incredible at slapstick and her delivery and timing are perfect given the right script..unfortunately this doesn’t look like it’s the one.
    Hostages looks like it should just be a miniseries..and Intelligence looks like a not as good “Person of Interest” with a human instead of the machine.

  • JJF

    Intelligence should’ve been paired with POI. It seems like a natural fit. Hopefully they’ll play up JH’s comedic side more because he’s made for sarcasm.

  • Adien

    My top picks based on “previews” and casting

    Mom – This is funny, period. Yes many would say its so typically brainless CBS comedy but that is what alot of people want. Definitely watching!! Teaming with 2 Broke Girls will make it a solid hour

    The Millers – Potentially good, liked what I saw! Good pairing with TBBT

    Intelligence – Intriguing, it should pull in the typical CBS audience on monday night, probably bigger overall audience than H5O but with slightly lower demos

    Now the not so good news for CBS

    The Crazy Ones. – People on this board seem to like it but not so sure, this could be the weak link for Thursday night which can drag down the rest of the night

    We’are Men – Hopeless, expect Mike and Mollie to return for Nov sweeps

    Hostages – 15 episodes seemed too long. This could be a perfect mini series for Nov sweeps, like a 6 hour triller of a “filler” in Dec

  • Andrew

    I’m glad CBS is getting into the single-camera comedy game. Crazy Ones looks pretty good. I definitely think it will beat Sean Saves The World at 9PM. We Are Men looks interesting and I think could fit with HIMYM better than what they had at 8:30 the last couple of years. The Millers looks decent as it doesn’t have too much of a laugh track (like HIMYM) and has Will Arnett. Mom looks okay but we’ll see. I like TBBT and 2 1/2 Men but not M&M so we’ll see how Chuck Lorre does on this one.

    Intelligence looks decent. I like the sci-fi future twist but I’m not really a procedural person, I may sample it though. Hostages looks alright but its probably not for me, I’m not sure if this is a procedural or if its serialized

  • Tabitha

    Hostages seems better fitted for a 2 hour movie then a tv series, but who knows.

    Crazy Ones- I’m checking out just because of Robin Williams.

  • Hubert R.

    quick thoughts:

    – Hostages looks actually AMAZING, never so that coming and am surprised by cold reception made by TVBT commenters;
    – Intelligence looks really boring – it’s gonna be Unforgettable 2 (not ratings wise, just how each episode will probably use exactly the same scheme);
    – We Are Men looks underwhelming, but with so many people saying it will last 6 episodes (my personal feeling, too), it can actually be this season’s The Neighbors – not a giant hit, but decent enough to keep around.

  • SherLOCKED

    WOW….actually really excited about the fall!

    “The Crazy Ones” looks awesome and “We Are Men” looks like it could be worthwhile too(tony is back!) I see the CBS finally decided to give in and get some single cam comedies though…

    The Millers looks like a version of ELR…but not near as good. And “MOM” is just eh..

    “Inteligence” looks stellar, and “Hostages” could be great. But it feels the latter doesn’t have much room to grow past a season or two…

  • Eva_baby

    Oh, Dear. These look….not great. But they are on brand with CBS.

    Intelligence looks good (even if I have to stop thing of it as Chuck minus Funny). The Crazy ones also looks interesting but Robin Williams’ Schtick might get old real fast.

    The rest…bleh.

  • jlopie1

    So, The Crazy Ones looks crazy! I love it. That one’s a yes for me. The Millers, maybe, sometimes, once in awhile – we’ll see. Intelligence, definitely, but was that really Josh Holloway? Wow, he’s changed! The rest? I don’t think so!

  • FabioParme

    Gosh, Robin Williams is incredibly annoying. Over the top at EVERY frame.

  • Marc

    We are Men looks awful. Kal Penn was the worst thing that happened to HIMYM. Incredibly unfunny “trailer” and premise. It will quickly be replaced by Mike and Molly.

    Mom looks compatible with 2 Broke Girls. But it looks like the era of family sitcoms is over.

    Hostages looks good, while Intelligence doesn’t interest me, though it may the CSI crowd.

    Love the parents on The Millers, but Arnett is just awkward in the previews and probably the wrong pick for this role. (Also thought it was a single cam for some reason).

    Bringing us Crazy Ones as the “big get.” It’s probably their only shot at a single cam hit this year, but after 5 episodes it will probably not finish with the numbers that are acceptable for a CBS show or comedy. Modern Family is the only single-cam ever that has numbers good enough for CBS. Odds are not great. And the show felt more like a 30 minute dramedy. Odd to be wedged in between Big Bang and Men

  • Brian

    Biggest bunch of total CRAP i have seen so far..CBS is Horrible!.. won’t be watching any of them!

  • networkman

    The Millers is a mixed bag because the parents seem really funny especially Margo but I do not care for Will Arnett. CBS was smart to put it after Big Bang Theory because in my opinion, it was the best out of the other 3.

    Mom was ok, but I felt as if Anna was not being utilized properly. So this may not be the right vehicle for her.

    I did not laugh at all during The Crazy Ones. I don’t like seeing Robin trying to be funny. I perfer his delivery be more natural. I don’t feel this show should be leading off the 9pm hour on Thursday.

    We Are Men looks horrible and hopefully will be replaced by Mike & Molly asap.

    This should of been the schedule

    8 HIMYM
    8:30 The Crazy Ones
    9pm 2 Broke Girls
    9:30 Mom

    8 Big Bang Theory
    8:30 The Millers
    9pm Two & A Half Men
    9:30 Mike & Molly

  • ToXiX

    But that schedule doesn’t leave cbs room to let we are men flop.

  • KJ Styles

    I like all of these except We Are Men.

  • Jenniser

    Hostage–I almost don’t know about this one. The title along with the trailer makes one believe that it can’t really go any further than the first episode. but dont be fooled here people, just like they said in the behind the scenes trailer ‘people arn’t gonna expect where its gonna go” So I gonna have a little faith in the makers of the show that there’s more to it then the trailer may lead on. So to this one I’d say “Give it a chance”. Might just be a hit after all.

  • Jenniser

    Mom— First thing I noticed was a very familiar face which is Anna Feris, so my first thought is it’s obviously a comedy. And it seems to be just that but I hoping that it doesn’t end up being a lot of that “so stupid it’s funny” type of humor that was the basis of “Scary Movie” which Anna previously starred in. On the flip side it seemed to have a lot of real life story lines. I think a lot of people including myself will love it because it is REAL and they can relate. Not to jump the gun just yet but I smell a hit!!

  • Jenniser

    The Crazy Ones–
    Just like Robin Williams said in the trailer “I’m Back”. It’s just that, he is indeed back, as is Sarah Michele Gellar. I’m excited to see where this ones going for sure. I can admit I never seen it coming, SMG and RW both in the same show. But I really think its gonna work. They’re both great actor’s and from the little I seen it seems they have that father daughter chemistry. This trailer just got me enthused to see more. Sarah Michele Gellar + Robin Williams = A hit!! For this one I’d say “set the DVR.”

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