TNT and TBS to Become First National Entertainment Networks To Offer Live Streaming 24/7

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May 15th, 2013


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TNT and TBS to Become First National Entertainment Networks

To Offer Live Streaming 24/7


Live Stream of TBS and TNT Feeds to Start This Summer


TBS and TNT are about to become the first national entertainment networks in the industry to stream on-air content live across multiple platforms 24/7, including through the networks' websites and a pair of newly created Watch TNT and Watch TBS apps. The announcement was made during TNT and TBS's annual Upfront presentation today in New York. Live streaming is the latest phase in the rollout of TV Everywhere, the industry-wide initiative that gives subscribers to cable, satellite and telco video services access to more of their favorite shows across a wide range of digital platforms.


"Starting this summer, subscribers will be able to watch TBS and TNT live – anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices," Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks, told the Upfront audience. "Tablets and smartphones become television sets, bringing new opportunities for us and for advertisers."


TNT and TBS will begin their live streaming just as both networks are in the midst of the their summer programming, which for TNT includes returning series Rizzoli & Isles, Falling Skies, Major Crimes, Perception, Franklin & Bash and newcomers King & Maxwell, The Hero, 72 Hours and Cold Justice. TBS's summer lineup includes the second season of the hit sitcom Sullivan & Son and the new series Deon Cole's Black Box, and Deal With It. Also available through live streaming will be TNT's award-winning coverage of the NBA, including the regular season, playoffs and All-Star Weekend; TBS's regular-season and playoff coverage of Major League Baseball; and both network's coverage of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship.


The TNT and TBS live streams will be available through and, as well as through the networks' newly created iPhone/iPad apps, with additional platforms added by the end of the year. The free Watch TNT and Watch TBS apps will be made available just prior to the live-streaming launch. To watch the live streams, viewers will be required to log in using their cable/satellite-provider account information.


Complete details about TNT and TBS's live streaming plans, including the launch date, will be announced in the coming weeks.

  • Max Vrany

    Disney will love those names! :wink:

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Aww darn, you have to pay those ridiculous cable/satellite fees in order to be given access, just like ESPN.

    Oh Well, if I want to watch an NBA or Postseason MLB game live, I’ll just find an illegal stream. I don’t feel bad about it b/c I’m too poor to pay for tv anyways & live tv is basically the only way any ads get to me in the first place.

    I really wish that at the very least, we could pay for legal streams. These of course would be a lot more reliable. In fact, even a pay per “event” or if easier per hour, with a lower per hour rate for whole day access, would make a lot of sense.

  • Eeks

    They have had this on the website for a while… cable and satellite is a joke. Most providers are NOT on the list so most people will still be unable to watch- AND I’m willing to bet that all those who DO will not be considered as watchers which in turn will drop their magical Nielson numbers (a crock anyway) and allow TNT to further remove programming from the viewers to allow more timeslots for reality trash. Give it up TNT. You alienate fans and you aren’t getting them back with these double moves. You want your viewers back, you need to actually LISTEN to them and figure out what you have been doing wrong the last few years.

  • Jim

    Right on! This is awesome! Now I can watch TNT anywhere, anytime I want. Oh wait, I don’t subscribe to TNT because there are only two shows on The channel that I actually watch and I can get them from half a dozen other sources. Dam, I also don’t sub to TBS because it sucks for the most part and I can get the shows they re-run just about anywhere.

    So, my choices are pay through the nose for cable just so I can access TNT and TBS online or keep getting the shows I actually watch elsewhere. Tough choice indeed. in simple terms that even an executive can understand, until the entertainment industry wakes up and pulls it’s head out of it’s ass they will continue to loose money through lost ad revenue and I will continue to not care.

    If these channels were available to me online without a cable sub I would happily watch live, commercials and all. Then the industry could pressure the advertisers into counting online viewing because the numbers are real, not fakery cooked up by Nielsen and their shady number crunching game.

    Since they aren’t available to me online though, why would I give up commercial free on demand programming from sources like iTunes, Netflix and DVD purchases so I could pay for time restricted, geo located, ad filled viewing? Wait i know, so I can watch them anywhere anytime I want! Wait, i can already do that. Maybe so i can get a DRM filled DVR from the cable company that doesn’t work right half the time and manages to cut off the beginning or ending of my shows assuming they record at all! Sorry but no. I think I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing until the entertainment industry decides to get it’s act together.

    Nice idea TNT and TBS had though. Horrible implementation, but nice idea.

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