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May 16th, 2013

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This TV season is all but over now, but next season will be here before you know it.  Here's a look at how each night stacks up based on the fall schedules announced this week.

Grids for all the nights are at the bottom of this post. In the past we've broken them up into separate posts for each day of the week. As we get closer to the fall season, we'' probably do just that. But it's all-in-one post for now.

Even More New Shows Than Last Year

Last year there were 20 new shows debuting in the early fall -- that count excludes "Fox Sports Saturday" and also excludes "Malibu Country" which didn't debut until later in the fall. This year there are more than 25% more new shows for a total of 26 -- that count excludes "Almost Human" and "Enlisted" which won't debut until later in the fall.

What Catches Ratings Watchers Eyes?

There will be no shortage of things to capture a ratings watcher's attention . How will CBS's expanded Thursday comedy block and new Monday comedies fare? How well will The Voice age? What happens to Person of Interest on a new night and later time with a smaller lead in? Revolution at 8pm? How bad is it going to be for Beauty and the Beast on a new day with Hart of Dixie as its lead-in?

But at least at the start of the season I can't imagine anything will capture more attention, even with ratings watchers, than the launch of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.  Maybe I just lack imagination.  Those watching the NBA Finals on ABC in June can get back to me after they've seen the Agents of SHIELD promo for the 10,000th time.



  • Peter

    @i like this show, “GREAT JOB ABC…..Put the AOS against NCIS….NO WAY you cancel it for “shockingly” under performing against the #1 show on network TV. Sending it out to die just like you did Last Resort. Your network deserves to be surpassed by NBC.”

    1st off, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has more female appeal than NCIS or Last Resort.
    2nd, NCIS has a much older audience than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    3rd, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will have a built in fan base thanks to Marvel, Joss Whedon and The Avengers vs. Last Resort and Shawn Ryan who has only been successful with FXs The Shield.

    Now, you could make a fair argument about Whedon being a cult tv director. That would be correct once upon a time. But, it’s safe to say that Joss Whedon picked up a much bigger fan base thanks to the success of The Avengers.

  • HV

    Yeah, I actually think that one of BatB and HoD will get canceled and the other moved to friday after the cancelation of TCD. Reign will die and get replaced by The 100. Maybe HoD will get moved to friday and replaced by Star-Crossed. BatB will get canceled maybe later in its season (say, February-March) and get replaced by Nikita. I think that The Tomorow People will get a full season because I don’t think that The CW will want to have too many holes on their schedule, but it won’t get more than one season. I think that 2014-15 we will have Hart of Dixie, The Originals, Supernatural, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries and The 100, plus ANTM in the fall, with HoD and ANTM on Friday.

  • I like this show

    @ Peter

    Responding to your “points”

    1 Really more female appeal? Didn’t know women were so into comic books…

    2 ATM AOS has no audience but i can see where you assume that

    3 AGAIN assumption BUT a fair one

    Regardless of whatever built in fanbase its still going against a power house in NCIS JUST LIKE Last Resort did which is MY POINT. Skewing young i think is the best shot at it surviving against NCIS.

    Im aware of Whedon’s cult following quite frankly i don’t get it I liked Buffy but other than that meh. I want to give this show a chance like I did Last Resort Im just worried for it. Shawn Ryan’s Shield perhaps my favorite show of all time.

  • disney rocks

    POI will be mid-high 2s and 3.0-3.1 on a rare week. and beat CF, which will be low 2s-mid 2 and maybe a 1.9 on a bad week. Both, will be solid and have many more seasons. But, Lucky 7 is dead, ABC’ll be wishing they hadn’t canned BOP.

  • disney rocks

    Gosh, ABC is so stupid. Goldbergs and Super fun night should switch, Sundays are dead, DWTS should be there, OUAT in wonderland’s dead, Beterayal’s dead. Even if its on tuesdays, i think goldbergs and trophy wife could be mild sucesses. AOS tuesdays@8 is not a bad decision though. Plus, Nahsville on Wednesdays? What?

    As for NBC, i see Night Shift airing Wednesdays@8 for 10 episode in january and early march with a chance for a midseason renewal. Chicago Fire will be in SVU’s slot in March, with SVU being sent to Friday to finish out a final season in its old slot. Chicago PD looks good for Wednesdays@10 March-May; Revolution back on Wednesdays@8 from March-may if its not dead by then. NBC’s 2 tuesday sitcoms will be at 8 in midseason. Plus, Believe will air Tuesdays@10. Plus, CA (one-hour) will be with those 2 other shows on Sunday in March.

  • Ultima

    @Patrick Gillease
    Ultima (sock puppet Bill)


    I am not Bill Gorman.

    You’re an idiot.

  • disney rocks

    The Voice will be tuesdays@9 leading in to believe.

  • Peter

    @I like this show “Didn’t know women were so into comic books…”

    According to The Wrap.com 40% of the Avengers movie audience were females.

  • Brandy

    @HV don’t be stupid.Once a show with a full third season ,it almost always gets a fourth for syndication.HoD is also the fourth highest rated show this season.Robert & Bill have said more than once, it’s a short list of shows with full third seasons that get cancelled.
    About BatB , as I said before , it’s Mark s pet project and cheap to produce(films in Canda and is produced with a Candian production company) ,sold for three seasons internationally so don’t be suprised to see it stick around past season two.Plus, it’s tied with HoD for fourth highest rated show in the 2012-203. Season.That said, there is a chance of it being cancelled but I doubt it.But HoD will be renewed for season four.
    I hope youre not too embarresed or disappointed if/when you turn out to be wrong.

  • CeeKay

    Thank god for the PVR. My Thursday just got very busy!

  • HV

    At the end of my comment, I come to the conclusion that HoD will be renewed. As of my first comment I didn’t realize that its next season will be its third and that its first two seasons were both full length. I must disagree with you though about BatB. I’ll give it, say, 16 episodes before it gets pulled and replaced by Nikita. TCD I think will be canceled after its 13 episodes, and I think that HoD will end up on Friday @ 8:00. I think that The CW will go into the 2014-15 season with 6 returning scripted shows, as I said before.

  • Kissan

    This is the stuff I’ll be watching:


    8:00-9:00-DWTS,The Voice
    9:00-10:00-2 Broke Girls,Mom,DWTS,The Voice(DVR)
    10:00-11:00-The Blacklist,Hostages(DVR)


    8:00-9:00-SHIELD,The Originals,Brooklyn 99(DVR)
    9:00-10:00-The Voice,The Goldbergs,Trophy Wife
    10:00-11:00-Person Of Interest


    9:00-10:00-MF,Super Fun Night,The Tomorrow People(DVR)


    8:00-9:00-OUATIW,The Vampire Diaries(DVR),WTTF(On demand)
    9:00-10:00-SSTW,TMJFS,GA(On demand),The Crazy Ones


    8:00-9:00-The Carrie Diaries,The Neighbors(DVR)



  • somestrangeryoudontknow

    It seems like everything got moved to fridays,before i only watched undercover boss and shark tank, but now i have to to watch hawaii 5-0,the neighbors,grimm,undercover boss and shark tank on fridays..

  • Rook

    I haven’t watched TV on Tuesdays for a few years – now there are three shows…definitely changes my schedule up.

    Almost Human
    Sleepy Hollow


    Tomorrow People





    Realistically I expect several of the new shows to get canceled, but that list doesn’t even include Nikita, if it shows up in the fall, Walking Dead or other cable shows (Portal House, if that makes it for the fall, for example)…and never mind mid season shows.

  • Rook

    disney rocks
    Posted May 18, 2013 at 2:01 PM

    POI will be mid-high 2s and 3.0-3.1 on a rare week. and beat CF, which will be low 2s-mid 2 and maybe a 1.9 on a bad week. Both, will be solid and have many more seasons. But, Lucky 7 is dead, ABC’ll be wishing they hadn’t canned BOP.

    I’m gonna call Lucky 7 as the first casualty of the season right now. I just don’t see who this show is going to appeal to…the premise sounds like it might work for a sitcom, but an hour drama? I don’t think so.

  • disney rocks

    I preidct CW will dissolve in May 2016 or become a cable network. BTW: mindy project need to flip with dads-broklyn 9-9.

  • disney rocks

    NBC midseason:


    7- Dateline
    8- Reality Filler/CA (if its not canned)
    9-11- 2 new shows (Im guessing crossbones and Crisis)

    If they promote the 2 new dramas well and also have a solid reality player here, then they will be fine.


    8-The Voice
    10- The Blakclist (Im guessing this’ll be the first long-term hit out of TV)


    8- NBC’s 2 NEW sitcoms
    9- The Voice
    10- Belive (NEW; March-May)


    8- Night Shift(Midseason)/Revolution (spring) (Put revolution on break from January-March; if its not dead it can finish out March-May)
    9- L&O:SVU (January-March)/CF (March-May)
    10- Ironside (18 episodes ending in early march; think it has potential to be next CF)/ Chicago PD (march-may)


    SAME, new comedies filling in for dead ones.


    8-10- SAME
    10-11- L&O:SVU (March-May; final season)

    For 2014-15 season i imagine The Voice airing 9-11 on mondays with sitcoms from 8-9. Sitcoms from 8-9 on tuesdays and believe will stay tuesdays@10. Plus, wednesdays and thursdays flipped-ish with MJF to wednesdays@8. I think they might gamble with The blacklist Thursdays@9 and CF will stay wednesdays@9 with chicago PD at 10. Revoution can be thursdays at 8 or sundays at 8. TBL thursdays at 8 or sundays at 8. One of ironside night shift crisis or crossbones have hope for midseason sunday and one for post-grimm. 2014-15 has potential to be amazing for them.

  • HV

    @disney rocks
    NBC has already announced what they plan to do in the midseason. I imagine there may be some changes once they get there, but nothing this drastic.

  • rob60990

    NCIS is no monster except in total viewers. Some episodes were in the high 2s. It’s beatable in the demographic. ABC put SHIELD in the best timeslot. Sundays are way too competitive. While it would improve Thursday at 8 timeslot, it wouldn’t benefit ABC there because its audience would not match Grey’s & Scandal. Where would some of you so called geniuses put SHIELD?

  • rob60990

    Here’s how I rate each networks schedules:

    NBC B+: NBC has a very solid schedule for the most part. Using The Voice lead-in to launch a new drama on Monday moving Revolution and using The Voice lead-in on Tuesday to strengthen Chicago Fire. Launching 3 new comedies on Thursday and moving Parenthood to Thursday trouble spot. Also moving to Dateline to 8 away from 20/20 and using Grimm to launch Dracula. Midseason Sundays however seem a mess but it probably won’t even last. Wednesdays seem like a disaster. SVU is weak and I don’t see Ironside doing as well as Chicago Fire and with Revolution away from its cushy timeslot, it will likely sink.

    ABC B-: ABC has an ok schedule. Leaving DWTS with Castle is good since DWTS is too weak in the demo to be launching a new show at this point. Also the all new Tuesday lineup starting with very much hyped up SHIELD is aggressive and very necessary. They needed to take a risk and get rid of DWTS Results show. Also The Goldbergs looks excellent so I hope it can dominate New Girl. Launching new comedies on Wednesday after The Middle & Modern Family is good. However while Back in the Game seems like a decent fit for The Middle, Super Fun Night seems like an odd fit though with Rebel Wilson it should definitely get sampled. However, I hope ABC sticks with this comedy block for the year if it works and not air new episodes of comedies after reruns and launch a new comedy at the end of the season. I know a lot of people were shocked when ABC put OUAT spinoff Thursday at 8 but at least it is a show that shares audience with Grey’s. There’s nothing wrong with ABC trying a new drama Thursday at 8. Timeslot is not the problem, it’s the terrible shows that have gone here or just shows that would never work anywhere else on ABC. I am glad ABC left Shark Tank on Fridays because it would not do better during the week. I expect The Neighbors to do worse than Malibu Country and that could have a negative effect on LMS. And we come to dreadful Sundays where ABC leaves OUAT & Revenge while launching a new drama at 10. ABC stated they plan to split the seasons, something they should have considered doing last year but imo it may be too little too late. OUAT may last 5 seasons but Revenge will be gone after 4 seasons.

    Sorry this is much much longer than I anticipated, I’ll do FOX, CBS, & CW separate.

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