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May 16th, 2013

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This TV season is all but over now, but next season will be here before you know it.  Here's a look at how each night stacks up based on the fall schedules announced this week.

Grids for all the nights are at the bottom of this post. In the past we've broken them up into separate posts for each day of the week. As we get closer to the fall season, we'' probably do just that. But it's all-in-one post for now.

Even More New Shows Than Last Year

Last year there were 20 new shows debuting in the early fall -- that count excludes "Fox Sports Saturday" and also excludes "Malibu Country" which didn't debut until later in the fall. This year there are more than 25% more new shows for a total of 26 -- that count excludes "Almost Human" and "Enlisted" which won't debut until later in the fall.

What Catches Ratings Watchers Eyes?

There will be no shortage of things to capture a ratings watcher's attention . How will CBS's expanded Thursday comedy block and new Monday comedies fare? How well will The Voice age? What happens to Person of Interest on a new night and later time with a smaller lead in? Revolution at 8pm? How bad is it going to be for Beauty and the Beast on a new day with Hart of Dixie as its lead-in?

But at least at the start of the season I can't imagine anything will capture more attention, even with ratings watchers, than the launch of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.  Maybe I just lack imagination.  Those watching the NBA Finals on ABC in June can get back to me after they've seen the Agents of SHIELD promo for the 10,000th time.



  • Dan S

    My predictions are as follows for new fall shows only: ABC’s biggest hit will be Agents of Shield & it’s biggest loser will be Betrayal. On NBC biggest hit will be The Blacklist & biggest bomb will be Sean Saves The World. On CBS biggest hit will be Mom (not that I’ll be watching) & biggest bomb will be We Are Men. On Fox biggest winner will be Sleepy Hollow & biggest bomb will be Enlisted. On the CW biggest hit will be The Tomorrow People & biggest bomb will be Reign.

  • rob60990

    CBS C: CBS’ schedule is just ok. Let’s start with the comedies. CBS has added a comedy on Thursdays which is good because POI isn’t a strong show and CBS could do better with comedies. However the scheduling of these comedies is just awful. I expect We Are Men to be pulled quickly. Mom after 2 Broke Girls also does not make a lot of sense. It should have launched after TBBT or Two & A Half Men. The Millers after TBBT isn’t bad but putting Crazy Ones Thursday at 9 seems a bit ridiculous. Maybe CBS is trying to counterprogram against NBC’s comedies where NBC has a multi-cam at 9 and a single-cam at 9:30. We’ll see if it works. Moving POI to Tuesdays was smart but how much longer does NCIS LA need to stay after NCIS? Wednesdays will just keep declining. CBS probably wanted some stability though which I understand. Moving Hawaii 5-0 to Fridays was good too. But leaving Sundays alone is just ridiculous. Besides on weeks they have football overruns, it will be a bad night for them. Then again Sundays will pretty much be bad for everyone who doesn’t have football.

    FOX D: I understand what FOX is trying to do. Launch a lot of dramas and cut down a repeats which is a good idea. However, this schedule came across like a thrown together mess. You got shows being thrown all over the place unnecessarily. It’s hard to predict which shows succeed and which don’t. I don’t think Bones will end up moving to Friday for 2 new dramas at least not when FOX expects it to. I could see it moving to Friday in January when The Following returns. I don’t see X Factor or American Idol rebounding at all this year despite whatever changes FOX does this year. FOX should have been better prepared for the fact that American Idol was never going to prop them up forever. The Sunday animation comedies will continue to decline except when football boosts them up in the fall. The Tuesday comedy block will be a disaster again. Mindy Project never should have stayed after New Girl or even be renewed. Dads & Brooklyn Nine-Nine will both likely die. Hell’s Kitchen will be back again sometime during the season here.

    CW C+: CW made a pretty ok schedule. The Originals did not need TVD lead-in. It should be able to self-start and leading into Supernatural should make Tuesdays which have been bad for the CW for years to be a solid night. Arrow into The Tomorrow People is great. Amell night. ;) TVD into a new drama is good but I question why the CW chose Reign. I don’t think it will do any better than previous dramas. Mondays & Fridays will still be weak but may see slight improvement from what the CW has been seeing.

  • Jake

    New Shows with Worst Timeslots (Central Time)

    1) ENLISTED: Premiering on Friday, after soft Raising Hope at 8:30, in late fall after people have already decided what they’ll be watching when.
    2) BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Premiering against NCIS (the top rated drama for three years) and already on fire and young male skewing Agents of SHIELD, after a new and not funny looking show Dads.
    3) WELCOME TO THE FAMILY, SEAN HAYES SAVES THE WORLD, THE MICHAEL JAY FOX SHOW: Family comedies with an incompatible workplace comedy lead in, switching between single and multi-cam, historically these slots haven’t worked well, they’re up against OUATIW, Grey’s Anatomy, CBS comedies (and even the worst tend to have better ratings than NBC’s comedies), X-Factor, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, and Reign.

    I hope the best for Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Enlisted. I hope Brooklyn Nine-Nine moves out of SHIELD’s and NCIS’s way. I hope Enlisted is the Friday comedy that moves to Tuesday; as much as I love Raising Hope, it is already established and this season should get it to 88 episodes for syndication. Most of all I hope NBC’s comedies crash, burn, and explode.

  • Brandy

    ),Runaways, and Cult.Even EO MD getting 0.3-0.4 stayed on to air all it’s 13 episodes.So BatB will at least finish its full second season.

  • David

    Hmmm…noticed something about ABC’s Tuesday comedies. Fox had New Girl at 9 while ABC has The Goldbergs. I think ABC is trying to see if Goldbergs will survive longterm while getting propped up by AoS. As for Trophy Wife, it’s up against TMP which is a lot weaker than New Girl. This might make it easier for Trophy Wife to establish itself.

  • Rook

    Posted May 19, 2013 at 9:00 AM

    NCIS is no monster except in total viewers. Some episodes were in the high 2s. It’s beatable in the demographic. ABC put SHIELD in the best timeslot. Sundays are way too competitive. While it would improve Thursday at 8 timeslot, it wouldn’t benefit ABC there because its audience would not match Grey’s & Scandal. Where would some of you so called geniuses put SHIELD?

    Take a pill…no need for the name calling.

    As for Tuesdays…the biggest problem is that the entire night is new…there isn’t any pre-built audience other than Whedonites and Avengers fans…and we already know the latter can’t keep a show on the air and I doubt the former will make the impact ABC is relying on. As for where else to put it…well on ABC there really isn’t much better of a slot, other than maybe Fridays, but that has its own problems. Ultimately, it’s the same dilemma Last Resort had…it’s a show that’s going to skew male on a network full of shows for women. While it’s true that there may not be much overlap with Grey’s…that’s also true for almost everything else on the Network.

  • Dana

    I enjoyed ABC new comedies the most. Hope they do well.
    The new CBS dramas, Hostages and Intelligence look good, so I can see CBS getting better numbers on Monday . Good thing they dumped the horrible Hawaii 50 on Fridays.
    I like SHIELD too, and it may beat NCIS.
    Fridays are looking good with Grimm and Dracula. I think NBC will win Fridays.

  • Dan S

    For me the most anticipated new show of the fall on ABC is Agents of Shield. On NBC it’s The Blacklist, CBS it’s Hostages, Fox it’s Brooklyn 9-9 & The CW it’s Tomorrow People. I think the most improved network will be NBC where their weakest nights will likely be Wed & Thur. I think they made a good move on Fri by giving Grimm a couple good lead out shows in Dracula & Crossbones. Their strongest night aside from Sunday football will continue to be Mondays. The Blacklist will be their number 1 new show. The least improved network continues to be The CW by introducing only 3 new dramas. 2 of them shoud succeed but Reign has failure written all over it & will be their 1st cancellation.

  • Mi

    Shows I’ll watch next year:

    *Almost Human

    *The Originals
    Pretty Little Liars

    *The Tomorrow People

    *Once in Wonderland



  • Patrick Gillease

    @ Ultima…well your diction is just like Bill’s. Either way, you’re an absolute ass!

  • brian

    Mondays: NBC will stay on top thanks to The Voice and Blacklist, provided they don’t try to give that show a long hiatus. ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and CBS’s comedies will battle for second. ABC wins out though, because Castle will have little to no problem with Hostages. Also, I’m seeing We are Man tank at 7:30. Possible new home for Mike and Molly? Sleepy Hollow will be solid for Fox, Bones less so. Almost Human is questionable, but the high concept sci-fi might have a chance. CW is also rans, as Beauty will struggle to get Carrie Diaries type numbers.

    Tuesday: SHIELD will be a distant but solid #2 for ABC. But they will regret the all new lineup. Lucky 7 may be a pick for the first cancellation (as in lucky to see 7 episodes), or Trophy Wife. The Goldbergs may hang on to enough of the SHIELD’s audience to survive. CBS will thrive as Person of Interest helps them win the night. Not sure why they brought back Biggest Loser to Tuesdays, but NBC should be OK with the Voice and Chicago Fire. Fox’s sitcoms may have to settle for 3rd from 7 PM to 8 PM and 4th from 8 PM to 9 PM. CW will like the reconfigured Tuesday ratings.

    Wednesday: I see a lot of segmentation. CBS could be on the decline as CSI and Criminal Minds age and Survivor could lose some to a weak fall concept. For ABC, The Middle will grow and Super Fun Night will probably be OK. But, not so sure about Back in the Game. Nashville might benefit from NBC’s moving Chicago Fire. NBC will survive with a weakened Revolution and a slowly fading Law and Order SVU. Ironside could siphon off a few viewers from CSI, but will it be enough to survive or will it end up like Prime Suspect? Fox will see continued rejection of X Factor, although American Idol could bounce back some depending on the judges. Arrow should be fine, but The Tomorrow People is a question mark. It will either thrive or collapse.

    Thursday: CBS’s sitcoms will score 2/4 as the Big Bang Theory and Crazy Ones does well. But The Millers will not do well and 2 and a Half Men will decline out of its safety cocoon. Fox: Rinse, repeat. But Glee will continue its decline. At NBC: I think Sean Saves the World will hit for them. And Michael J. Fox’s show will do well as well. But I think Welcome to the Family becomes Rob! and Community will be back in November. Parenthood won’t draw 2s like in Tuesday nights, but it WILL stop the bleeding at 9 PM. ABC will be fine from 8 to 10 PM, but Wonderland might suffer from its spot at 7 PM. For CW, Vampire Diaries will continue to be solid, but Reign could feast or famine on its location.

    Friday: The Neighbors will do better than Malibu Country at 7:30, but the real problem area may be at 9 PM. CBS will do middling with Undercover Boss, and Hawaii 5-0 will suffer due to moving to Fridays. NBC may be looking up: Dracula will fit in well with Grimm and Dateline will have fair numbers at 7 PM. Fox is toast until Bones moves to Fridays; even with that, I think Enlisted will go the way of The Army Show. CW might look up a bit this fall. Carrie Diaries and ANTM will be compatible, but will that be a good thing?

    Sunday: Football will rule for NBC in the fall. CBS’s fall should be fairly similar to past seasons. On ABC, Once Upon a Time might uptick, but I think Revenge’s decline is permanent. And Fox will be Fox on Sundays.

  • brent

    I will be watching
    Almost Human
    Sleepy Hollow

    The Originals
    Agents of SHIELD(DVR)
    Brooklyn 9-9(DVR)

    The Tomorrow People

    The Vampire Diaries
    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland(DVR, I stopped watching OUAT, but i liked the trailer for this one)


    Betrayal (just for townsend though)

  • Ronald

    where is mike and molly¿?

  • Jim

    Where’s Mike & Molly at???

  • DenverDean

    @ Ronald & Jim:

    M&M received a 22-episode order for “mid-season.” (Probably 23 since the finale was bumped because of the tornado.) However, I suspect that it will join the line-up in the fall after one of the four new comedies bombs. M&M is the new ROE. Solid, but not spectacular.

  • One eye

    Nice grids!

  • Rebecca

    I thought I had a lot of shows on my list for the fall (and mid-season) until I saw @Illinois’ list, lol. But I bet I come close or surpass it. There’s no way I get to watch most of these live, of course – and I don’t expect all of them to last, but I won’t attempt to guess yet which ones will fail. I have an idea of what MIGHT fail but I’ll still give them a chance.

    Mon – HIMYM, Sleepy Hollow, Mom, Castle
    Tues – Dads, Brooklyn99, The Goldbergs, NG, SPN, Trophy Wife, Mindy, About a Boy (later), The Family Guide (later)
    Wed – The Middle, RVN, Back in the Game, MF, Super Fun Night
    Thurs – TBBT, OUAT in Neverland, P&R, The Millers, The Crazy Ones, Sean Saves the World, The MJFox Show
    Fri – LMS, The Neighbors, RH (later), Grimm, Enlisted (later), Dracula
    Sat – nothing, yay!
    Sun – AFV, OUAT, Bob’s Burgers

    And that’s just from what airs on broadcast networks. Community will come in somewhere, too. Also SNL and Downton Abbey on PBS. The only shows I DVR are what the spouse also watches, since he prefers to watch on a bigger screen and in more comfortable seating than what’s in the den near the PC: The Middle, MF, TBBT, Grimm and LMS. Of the new shows, I think he’ll only like Sleepy Hollow. The rest I either watch live or stream online later on the PC, Wii or Droid. Airing on cable (which I don’t have), I stream Cougar Town, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Archer…and in other seasons, Psych, Breaking Bad (almost done, I know), Drop Dead Diva, Hot in Cleveland, and The Exes. Also starting to watch The Newsroom (I’ll see if I like it past the pilot, which is all I’ve seen so far, online).

  • Jamie04

    Mon – Castle, Sleepy Hollow
    Tues – Agents of Shield (I’ll try it, but I don’t think I’ll continue to watch) and NCIS
    Wed – Criminal Minds, CSI
    Thurs – Glee
    Fri, Sat & Sun – Nothing looks good at all!

  • Caren

    Person of Interest at 10pm, when there’s no competition on Thursday at 9:00pm? Why do that to this great show!! It pits it against Sons of Anarchy too!

    Glad Grimm is back on Fridays, why they ever did that is stupid!! Been watching it on Demand.

  • Caren

    When will post the cable line up for fall??

    A grid to see it mixed with network tv would be great too!!


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