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May 16th, 2013

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This TV season is all but over now, but next season will be here before you know it.  Here's a look at how each night stacks up based on the fall schedules announced this week.

Grids for all the nights are at the bottom of this post. In the past we've broken them up into separate posts for each day of the week. As we get closer to the fall season, we'' probably do just that. But it's all-in-one post for now.

Even More New Shows Than Last Year

Last year there were 20 new shows debuting in the early fall -- that count excludes "Fox Sports Saturday" and also excludes "Malibu Country" which didn't debut until later in the fall. This year there are more than 25% more new shows for a total of 26 -- that count excludes "Almost Human" and "Enlisted" which won't debut until later in the fall.

What Catches Ratings Watchers Eyes?

There will be no shortage of things to capture a ratings watcher's attention . How will CBS's expanded Thursday comedy block and new Monday comedies fare? How well will The Voice age? What happens to Person of Interest on a new night and later time with a smaller lead in? Revolution at 8pm? How bad is it going to be for Beauty and the Beast on a new day with Hart of Dixie as its lead-in?

But at least at the start of the season I can't imagine anything will capture more attention, even with ratings watchers, than the launch of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.  Maybe I just lack imagination.  Those watching the NBA Finals on ABC in June can get back to me after they've seen the Agents of SHIELD promo for the 10,000th time.



  • Sean

    This is definitely the first time in many years there are more scripted comedies than Reality/Competition shows on network TV. The pendulum swings again.

  • Feedback

    Here are my predictions for ratings every night. Just assume TheCW is 5th place in all of them.

    8pm: 1st- The Voice, 2nd- How I Met Your Mother, 3rd- Dancing with the Stars, 4th- Bones
    9pm: 1st- The Voice, 2nd- Dancing with the Stars, 3rd- 2 Broke Girls, 4th- Sleepy Hollow
    10pm: 1st- Blacklist, 2nd- Hostages, 3rd- Castle

    8pm: 1st- Agents of Shield, 2nd- NCIS, 3rd- The Biggest Loser, 4th- Dads
    9pm: 1st- The Voice, 2nd- NCIS: Los Angeles, 3rd- The Goldbergs, 4th- New Girl
    10pm: 1st- Person of Interest, 2nd- Chicago Fire, 3rd- Lucky 7

    8pm: 1st- The X-Factor, 2nd- Survivor, 3rd- The Middle, 4th- Revolution
    9pm: 1st- Modern Family, 2nd- The X-Factor, 3rd- Criminal Minds, 4th- Law and Order: SVU
    10pm: 1st- CSI, 2nd- Nashville, 3rd- Ironside

    8pm: 1st- Big Bang Theory/Millers, 2nd- The X-Factor, 3rd- Once Upon a Time in WL, 4th- Parks and Rec
    9pm: 1st- Grey’s Anatomy, 2nd- Crazy Ones/Two and a Half, 3rd- Glee, 4th- Sean Saves the World
    10pm: 1st- Elementary, 2nd- Scandal, 3rd- Parenthood

    8pm: 1st- Undercover Boss, 2nd- Dateline, 3rd- Junior Masterchef, 4th- Last Man Standing
    9pm: 1st- Shark Tank, 2nd- Hawaii 5-0, 3rd- Grimm, 4th- Fox’s Encores
    10pm: 1st- Blue Bloods, 2nd- 20/20, 3rd- Dracula

    8pm: 1st- Football, 2nd- The Simpsons, 3rd- Once Upon a Time, 4th- The Amazing Race
    9pm: 1st- Football, 2nd- Family Guy, 3rd- Revenge, 4th- The Good Wife
    10pm: 1st- Football, 2nd- Betrayal, 3rd- The Mentalist

    That is 7 wins for NBC, 6 wins for CBS, 4 wins for ABC, 1 win for FOX.

    I’m also predicting for Revolution to flop and burn, and for NBC to start shuffling a lot of their shows. The big loser here is Fox though, while CBS is definitely going to win by May next year.

  • David

    Super Fun Night will have the same (lack of) success that previous shows had after Modern Family. Just does pair well.

  • Justin121

    What are everyone’s top 3 most intriguing competitive match-ups?

    Hostages vs. Blacklist (was never into Castle vs. Hawaii 5-0)

    New Girl vs The Voice

    Chicago Fire vs Person of Interest

    Revolution vs The Middle

    Grey’s Anatomy vs Two and A Half Men

    Grimm vs Hawaii 5-0

  • Matt


    Agree with most of them… But Castle as 3rd?

  • Hafiz

    I’ll be checking the following shows in Fall:

    Sunday (4): Once Upon a Time, Revenge, The Mentalist, Betrayal
    Monday (5): How I Met Your Mother, Hostages, Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow, Blacklist
    Tuesday (3): Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Person of Interest, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Wednesday (1): Modern Family
    Thursday (5): The Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Scandal, The Millers, Sean Saves the World
    Friday (2): Grimm, Dracula

  • Anthony

    Biggest loser is only an hour this time? Usually it’s two hours lol

  • Other than THAT Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?

    Ironside? They should have an episode where he trashed a car with tire IRON after he finds the car of someone who is not handicapped parking in handicapped space. They should have used Michael IRONside in that role – a real missed oppportunity – loved that actor since I first noticed him in SCANNERS – he is a real ball buster!

  • a p garcia

    Either NBC or CW has the best schedue. Since CW is not an establish (OLD) network, I don’t think their saturation around the country is not as great as the old networks. We had no CW newtwork station here until the last episode of Gilmore Girls.

  • mike.molly fan

    what happened to Mike and Molly?

  • Feedback

    I’m not entirely sure of that Castle prediction, but I don’t think it can keep up good ratings for long. It keeps dropping every season and NBC will promote the hell out of that dumb Blacklist show the same way they did Revolution. If Blacklist retains most of Voice’s viewers, it will probably take away some of Castle’s viewers as well. Plus, we can’t ever rule out CBS. Hostages is a new show and it will definitely pull in some viewers, especially the ones that used to watch Hawaii-5-0 in that timeslot.

    Even though I’m not an avid Castle watcher, I’ve always wanted to catch up because I’m a big Nathan Fillion fan. I’m hoping I’m wrong and Castle stays strong despite the competition. But I just have a hunch that it’s not gonna happen.

  • ToXiX

    If anyone thinks a show from CW is going to take away an audience from a show on another network , you are clearly brain dead.

  • SueP

    Hmmm… My DVR will be working hard on Tuesdays. SHIELD, NCIS, NCIS:LA, SPN, Chicago Fire and POI for the hubby. Then add Justified into the mix come January and I’m not sure how it will all shake out. No idea which ones to watch live. Usually SPN, but after season 8, it’s lost its #1 status for me. As for the new shows, Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow on Fox Mondays look intriguing as does the Tomorrow Ppl on the CW on Wed. And I may check out the new comedies after the TBBT on Thursdays, then Dracula on Fridays. It’s just Tuesdays that are gonna be tough.

  • Feedback

    I’ve been thinking what NBC could have done to dominate this schedule, and although this is some pretty risky stuff, I think this could have been the best bet.


    The Voice is strong so it makes no sense to move it, right? Well, the thing is that Monday is a relatively weaker night than the rest. By having their biggest competitor on Monday, they are guaranteeing the win, but also guaranteeing they will lose the most competitive nights. I think it would be better if they put The Voice up against the NCIS’ and Shield. Follow it up with Dracula at 10pm which could very well win the slot up against POI and Lucky 7.


    NBC should just surrender the night to CBS. It’s a disservice to all their comedies to put them up against CBS’s biggest asset. If they put Parks and Rec, Michael J Fox, Sean and Welcome to the Family on Monday, followed by Parenthood, they can actually compete for the top spot. They might not win, but they will have a better chance than on Thursdays. Plus, everyone who watches The Voice will be looking for some other programming on Mondays. NBC will be in prime position to keep those viewers watching.


    The best way to make sure X-Factor doesn’t take off on Wednesdays is to put it up against the Voice results show. NBC will probably win while giving a great lead-in to Law and Order: SVU and Chicago Fire. They have a good thing on Wednesdays with those two, so moving them would be a big mistake. By having The Voice here, they’ll just strengthen it even more.


    NBC will not win 8pm Thursdays. They should just put Biggest Loser there and hope for the best. Grey’s Anatomy loses traction every year, Glee is going down fast and CBS is risking a new comedy at 9pm. I think that’s the perfect time to test Revolution’s strength and see if it can keep its audience watching. Follow it up with Blacklist at 10pm, which can very well put a dent in Elementary and Scandal’s numbers, especially with Revolution’s lead-in.


    I don’t think Ironside is really going anywhere. I know it’s not a good plan to give up on a show from the beginning, but it’s got Knight Rider written all over it. Their best bet is to check out if it can get decent Friday numbers. Place it after Dateline and Grimm and hope for the best.

    I know a lot of that seems risky, especially putting The Voice against “Shield” and “X-Factor”, but Shield is just debuting. By moving out of the way and surrendering the night, they’re giving Shield a bigger chance at being successful. They should try to dent it as much as possible so it can disappoint. If their plan fails, they can move The Voice back for it’s midseason cycle. It’s important to try and thwart the competition though, and this is the best way to win MOST nights.

    I can see them winning Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It’s Thursdays that will give them the bigger problem, but they will still stay competitive enough to call it a successful lineup.

  • Feedback

    ^^^For the visual folks around here

    8:00- Parks and Recreation (ND)
    8:30- The Michael J. Fox Show (new)
    9:00- Sean Saves the World (new)
    9:30- Welcome to the Family (new)
    10:00- Parenthood

    8:00- The Voice (ND)
    10:00- Dracula (new)

    8:00- The Voice (ND)
    9:00- Law and Order: SVU
    10:00- Chicago Fire

    8:00- The Biggest Loser (ND)
    9:00- Revolution (ND)
    10:00- Blacklist (new)

    8:00- Dateline
    9:00- Grimm
    10:00- Ironside (new)

    7-11: Football!

  • Tom

    @ ap garcia

    Gilmore Girls was a long time ago. The CW affiliate network currently covers 95 percent of television homes in the United States.

  • Burr

    Thank goodness for Cable networks these days. None of the new shows interest me, and a lot of the old one are tired. Network TV is one step closer to irrelevance, no matter how hard they try to convince me that this year the shows will be interesting.

  • PJM

    Person of Interest should do just fine. It’s audience was towards the older end of the demographic anyway, so it should fit in just fine with the NCIS’s. And it won’t have much competition against it unless Chicago Fire catches on…well, you know.

  • Wright

    Tuesdays will be a tough night with The Originals,S.H.I.E.L.D, NCIS and Dads. I guess I will watch The Originals live and DVR S.H.I.L.D.

  • Other than THAT Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?

    Wouldnt write off Ironside just because of Knight Rider since Hawaii Five-O worked out pretty well. Then again we are talking NNC here – Nothing But Crap LOL!

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